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One of my inspirations is the beauty of rainbows and the metaphysical meanings they have for me. In the 1970's in California I was deeply involved in the human potential movement for many years. At one of the schools I attended we were taught that consciousness was literally light and the different color frequencies represented qualities of thought - with both positive and negative aspects. Both the visible spectrum of the rainbow and invisible frequencies are processed through the chakras. The way we process these frequencies of light compose our consciousness and personality types. That rather blew my mind all those years ago. Forty five years later I am still learning about consciousness and light and expect this to continue forever... But now I also study neuroscience and the hemispheres of the brain - especially how they influence creativity.

When I walked outside a few days ago this rainbow captivated me and once again reminded me of the exquisite beauty of nature and the mystery of consciousness.
In my forthcoming book Create Naturally I don't do a deep dive into neuroscience, but I do provide some tips on what to do to enhance the interaction and connectivity of the brain hemispheres as ways to boost creative thinking and expression.

As I walked toward the rainbow I tried to get an uncluttered image but there are just too many obstacles where I live, but I think you will enjoy the next images and remember that life is quite the beautiful mystery.
I encourage you to study nature and consciousness - this is a sure strategy for an interesting and fulfilling life.
Stay Creative Steemers...and as aware as you can on the journey of life - it can be such an unfolding mystery and rather tantalizing!
All writing by Daniel Hime copyright 2018


superb atmosphere and rainbows are very rare scene after rain

Nice rainbow!

It was an enjoyable sight and a nice reminder of teachings a long time ago.

yea according 2 beings like ra most beings remain in 4th density before further graudation by around 1 million years max or harvest as hey says in our language in the law of one channelings.. funny thing is anyone can channel him .....

There seems to be many beings in the 4th dimension - isn't life utterly amazing?

Totally agree! It's true that there is a 'general agreement' about a rainbow-colored representation of the chakra system... And that our creativity depends on a number of things... Will your book be about it? I'm looking forward :) Go ahead with the investigation!

The book looks at many aspects of creativity with goals being to improve personal creativity as well as for all of us to consider what we are creating as a species on Earth. There are many insights and imagination exercises on the journey the book (and online course) will take people on.

Looking forward to your next posts and challenges!

yea you can create rainbows by various means including holograms i believe ive actually started meeting a interstellar society ship with some really amasing tech.. they even told me how the cloaking technology worked on it.....

Yes, rainbows are very beautiful. In my last gallery there is also rainbow :)

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