My only Nation is ImagiNation...

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Thought has intransic forms, colours and sounds, deliminated by the brain and by all the information retained. With creative power you can assemble images to obtain a kind of delirious assemblage, a kind of nausea of images.
A whirlwind between the irony and satire of our self-consuming society that cannot keep us from dreaming when nothing seems to make us dream.

"If it ain't broken, don't fix it"
art & motion by Werner Hornung copie.gif

portrait (419px, 14fps)-1 (glissées) (220px, 25fps).gif
The better you look the more you see

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This artwork looks fantastic!


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Hola @whornung
Lograste una imagen grandiosa, atrayente y muy misteriosa.
El infinito, lo inconsciente, el retorno al útero lograste conectarme con tu interpretación gif.

Que me desencuadró en tu composición el tamaño de las flamas... pero es cuestión de interpretación.

Gracias por compartir

Thanks for stepping by...

i like this very much, the moving parts stir the imagination, and the historic feel, the other worldliness..

Thanks for your feedback...

You're very welcome...