Meh, while i was talking to some folks at #Steem Artists. I felt like posting

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Ooooooh what could this be?
Screenshot (268).png

After practicing for a week i have transitioned and leveled up! I am now a novice digital-artist striving to defeat @thilah.

After practicing my strokes and curves, i felt ready to start drawing on my blank screen.

I prepared my keys for easy basic functional such as undo or erase.

First day - (schoolday : tuesday)

Screenshot (257).png
Yeah im not done yet, i'll try to finish this as soon as possible but the school assignments and projects has kept me from continuing this because whenever i reach my bed i feel as if im too tired.

Saturday - Sunday

I have finished i think 33% of the sketch, i haven't started coloring yet, but i'll be an epic task.

Also im pretty bad at hands, but i guess i'll rework it until next week.

I guess that's all for today.

Thanks for staying tuned.

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From the torso I'm going to hazard that the hands are a bit small. They are otherwise better than you think XP

And probably better than what I can do now XD

Yup, by the way my original plan was to show a little bit of damn abs, expect the cloths to be swaying and enlarged until then. The feet(shoes) has already been corrected. Just wait and see for the big reveal.

My only concern so far is what armor style to use. Western or Eastern.Screenshot (246).png

LOL this is something different, but overall the top portion is knight like while the bottom will be composed of some samurai like plates.

Hmm, why can't i zoom in the image? (>-<)

Ahah looks like I got myself a rival

Good luck in finishing your sketch and colouring though~



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Hey Takuri! Thanks so much for sharing your works with us. I’m a big fan of Thilah too (through veryspider) so I’m really happy to see you here 🤗 I look forward to seeing the rest of your drawing.

I did want to reach out to just tell you that the downvote from the boosta account was no reflection on you, it unfortunately shows a side of Steem that needs improvement- improper use of downvotes. Due to some support you received the boosta account “downvoted” the post to try to punish the person who upvoted you.. it’s rather childish but hey that’s humans for you sometimes 😉

Anyways I just wanted to be sure you knew it was not directed at you personally, and due to the improper downvoted being communicated, some of the community came together to counter it... which is how the system is supposed to work.

I hope this comment doesn’t confuse you, rather just explains some things and encourages you to keep sharing! ❤️

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