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First posting of mine to photostreem, special tribe for photography. Unfortunately, I know and read posting from @photo-token yesterday.

Anyway, here some macro photo about Daruet. Hopefully this post usefull for all...

Daruet is my local language in Indonesia for grasshopper. when I was a kid, catching grasshopper a routine before dark, for our family's pet bird food. Such routines are no longer valid in the current era because pet food is widely available in the market.


capturing grasshopper is sweet child of mine, capturing good view with my smartphone is new challenge and Hobby.


Steemians, life is beautifull, have a nice day...

Catagory : macrophography
Captured with : smartphone (Pocophone)
Location : behind of my sweet home (Peudada, Bireuen ACEH - INDONESIA)


judulnya daruet isi postingannya bahasa Inggris... haha.. mantap

just to promoted our local dialect.... lol


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