Chicago sights

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Magdalene by artist Dessa Kirk


Dessa Kirk’s Magdalene is located at the intersection of Congress Parkway and Michigan Avenue. In the springtime, there are tulips at her feet feet, and in the summertime vines and flowers fill up her skirt.


She is not far from this famous sign...


Street Letter signature by @otage

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banners by @shasta

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Wow what a fab piece and I bet it looks amazing with flowers and such.

My time on Route 66 was a great trip.


Thanks, luv! What section of Route 66 did you see?

Grabs your attention...

I read that the artist is from Alaska and she learned to weld in the remote Village that she and her grandfather lived in.

It is interesting to see her skirt green from flowers.
And this is not a penitent Magdalene :)))

She is so tall and is quite wonderful!

Yes, it has lightness and flight :)

I love that statue it is quite unique

I thought she was lovely, too!

Wow! She is gorgeous 💖

She is so lovely and so tall!

What a beauty, I hope one day to see this up close

I hope so, too. You would love Chicago.

If for all the photos you've uploaded, Chicago is beautiful

Magdalene is beautifully feminine and graceful.

We really enjoyed seeing her.

that statue is huge, by the way is there some meaning why this magdalene built there?

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Chicago has many wonderful public art works... Maybe she is meant to welcome people into Grant Park, as she is at one of the entrances.

What a brilliant idea with a skirt! Amazing art!

She comes to life with all the the vines!

Do you mean Mary Magdalene?

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I saw no references to Mary, only that the statues name is Magdalene.

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Howdy Melinda! That is quite impressive! And she looks big. Hey I didn't know Route 66 started in Chicago!

It does start in Chicago, at Michigan Ave very close to Lake Michigan. It crosses Illinois and Missouri before heading your way!

I've read that many people used to travel the entire distance just for the fun of it, where does it end at, CA? Did you ever drive it, that sounds like something you'd do! lol.

I've only driven sections... IL, MO, NM,and AZ of the old Rt. 66. I40 has replaced much of the road, I think.

Well that's pretty dang good. I just looked it up and what I found on a couple of sites said that 85% of the route is still intact and driveable. So it would still be a fun road trip! I think there are still tons of original diners and restaurants and sights to visit.

85%! I had no idea! I know @molometer has done the trip and @pipurilla has traveled the whole route a couple of times.

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Oh really!? Very interesting..a couple of times, must be a die hard fan!
Ha, I just looked at his site, pipurilla, and that was the last thing he posted about. I don't recall seeing that username until now.

He is a dear friend and hasn't been nearly active enough lately. I think of him everytime I make Bouneschlupp which is the green bean soup that he taught me to make.