Bucket list photography - Wild Kingfishers [Original Photography]

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It's fair to say that taking images of kingfishers has been on my "photography bucket list" for many years. A lot of local nature reserves do have resident kingfishers but the reserves are large and the hides can be busy, noisy and not the ideal place to get images. Recently though, I found out about a custom-built hide on a very small lake that has a resident pair of breeding kingfishers. The hide is still pretty unknown so I have been for the last 2 weekends in a row. Last weekend was a no-show for them as I was there in the afternoon and they had finished feeding for the day. This time I was there in the morning and what a show it was.

I've put some pics of the hide and the lake at the end of this post.

All kingfisher images were taken with my now ageing 60D and the MK1 Canon 100-400L. The birds put on quite a show; they were in a tree to our left and then diving into the lake to catch the fish. Often then would enter the water literally a couple of meters from us. No chance of tracking them in flight though so all of these images are from them resting on various branches.

I am totally stoked that in addition to just getting some great shots of the birds, I managed to get shots of them feeding out of the water. It's a once in a lifetime experience.


Look left...


Look up...


Look right..


Here's looking at you..


Ready for lift off...


Into the tree before a dive into the water.


In the mouth...


Round the gums...


Look out stomach...


Here it comes...

This truly was one of the best days of photography of my life and i think I've probably captured a couple of images that I can count as my favourite of all time.

Here are some pics of the hide and lake. The hide itself can comfortably seat 2 people and the hide opening is pretty much at 1ft above water level. Its kitted out with some ball-head rails and a ball head to mount your camera onto. You can tell it's been set up by a photographer!!


Lake with the hide in the bottom left.


View down into the hide


Panoramic from inside the hide

Thanks for looking


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Great shots!
we have the Belted Kingfisher, here, locally, in New England. Still trying to get the classic Diving shot!

Other side of the big Pond!

Yeah, i cant even begin to imagine how hard it is to get that shot. They tend to appear from out of nowhere.

Next time I am in our local blind, I will get a shot of the setup. Couple of photographers have placed some big sticks as perches in pond. It makes for awesome shots.

dude. this is awesome. Highly resteemed. Wow what gorgeous birds - beautiful!!!

Thanks matey, I think they are up there with barn owls as my favourite bird.

Wow, great shots - I haven't even seen a kingfisher in real life, although I know, there are some around, where I live. Beautiful photos, congratulations 😊
PS: That hide is a great way to photograph such shy birds.

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Awesome shots @markangeltrueman :-)
So sad that I missed it, but the next time I'll be prepared :-)

I'm also so sad that i've missed your macro work so i've dropped you a follow. Check out some of mine too :)

Thank you very much :-)
I will do for sure :-)

aaaaaaaaaaah these are so gorgeous, mark! i love the gorgeous crispness of the colours of the kingfisher's blue and orange plumage * ___ * Can even see the individual feathers' stacking on the face <3 So pretty! Great shots and you even got it to look left, up, and right, before it got a noms into its tummy <3333333

Really amazing, Mark! Must have been an incredible experience :D :D :D

Thanks as always VS

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This is simply amazing !! great shots...

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!

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Awesome shots. Loved the commentary as the bird was eating the fish. Bird photography is always a great time because they move so much and they make you work for it.

Yeah. Next challenge for me is birds in flight. Not something i've really tried much of before but ive done a lot of moving animals...


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Beautiful bird, beautiful shots. Once I was on a cruise journey on traditional boat along Sekonyer River in West Kalimantan (Borneo). The local guide told us there was a kingfisher on one of the tree in the jungle in our right side. I took my camera, it was a smart phone. And I couldn't take photo, it was too far. There went my kingfisher photo😰

Stunning pics


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Congratulations @markangeltrueman, Keep up the great work!

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I admire your patience! Your photography is superb, especially the one with the tiny fish.

Bird watching is exciting, and I love seeing these beautiful creatures, but I can never understand bird photographers because it takes up so much time, almost like hunting. Sit. Wait. 😁 Nah, not for me although looking at your shots you almost convinced me!

Yeah, I was in the hide for 4 hours in total. First hour got nothing. Previous week i was in there for 4 hours and not a sighting. Patience is key for sure.

Fantastic pictures and a great contribution you show us here. You need a lot of patience to catch the moment for a good photo. I can well imagine that this photo shooting was really fun.

It was great fun, almost nervewracking at times as i was determined to get a good shot after years of wanting to.

Epic photos, the clarity and colors are incredible - sneaky little hide the built into the edge of the lake too.

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Yeah it's a cracking hide, very cleverly done. He is going to be building one for the local woodpeckers soon.

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Dunno what you are talking about... I didnt promote a thing.

It's hard to capture pictures of Kingfisher but you have done a great job.. Love all pictures...

thankyou very much

Nice capture Mark!

You must have sat motionless for hours, you became the pound.

Inspires me to get into wildlife photography, think my only hold back, the lenses needed are a bit price prohibited at the moment (to get the epic close up shots) . Still, inspired! :)

Going to start and follow your posts to!

Keep posting great things friend. :)

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