What Type of Creative Content Does the Creative Coin Community Accept???

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Short answer:

Creative Coin Accepts ALL Creative Content!

We've had quite a few questions asking what type of content we will be accepting.

If it is in any way, shape, or form creative then it will be accepted in the community!

However, I will now attempt to be as specific as possible in listing everything I can think of that I would consider creative in order to answer any potential questions.

Here I go......

The Creative Coin Community will accept the following forms of creativity:

Original Music Recordings, Music Performance (Covers or Originals), Written Compositions in Sheet Music Form, Musical Instrument creation or repair, Music Theory, Music Journalism, Art, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Digital Art, Photography, Visual Arts, Creative Videos, Film, Motion Pictures, Claymation, Creative Writing, Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories, 50 Word Stories, Creative Non-Fiction, Crafting, Jewelry Making, Home Improvement Projects, Gardening, Sustainability Projects, Off-grid Projects, Cooking, Theatre, Acting, Dancing, Architecture, Graphic Design, Performance art, Costume and Fashion design , Makeup tutorials, comedy sketches, etc.

Ok.....I can't think of anything else, but if you can then please let me know in the comments and I will add it to the list!

Please remember:
We are open to ALL forms of creativity, but it is up to curator’s discretion whether or not they want to vote a particular post.
Curators are not required to vote on any post that they do not wish to vote on.

We have specifically chosen curators that have a wide variety of interests for this reason!

I will expand further upon our curators in another post.

Also, the airdrop function of Steem Engine is still broken.
We will make a post when the airdrop has finally been completed.
Thank you for your patience!


Oh the air drop is still broken? Can you give us some more information about it?

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Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

yes it's broke.. not working

I will check the tribe out

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This is really exciting news
I have been going back and forth with my son's account as he likes dancing and cooking mostly.... and I wasn't sure if anyone really cared for a 11 year old after @SpunkeeMonkee (which I am sure is done with as @dreemsteem makes her exit though I am still keeping my fingers and toes crossed)
This gives me hope that maybe someone would appreciate his swag (apart from his mother) ;p

@mariannewest did you know about this? :D
I am excited for the FreeWriters woooohoooooo

Spunkee Monkee is NOT done.... Spunkee Monkee is just done on Steemit ;)

Aye Aye Captain <33


Awesome...looking forward to seeing dancing and cooking posts!

Gardening? You'll take gardening posts for the creative tag? OMGOMGOMG!
I get to use the creative tag more often! :-)

Got a little nervous seeing the title, worried I was about to read a list of restrictions, and then I felt a "phew" type feeling spotting the "Creative Coin Accepts ALL Creative Content!" short answer.
Good to see the encouraging atmosphere.
Power to the growth.

I posted photography content on my blog but sadly no curators came into my post. lol

I will come to you.:D

Haha! Thanks :P

Well I have time doing Short Stories and my goal is to reach 50 words Stories, so thanks for the information @isaria #creativecoin

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I do some digital painting @isaria :D

I look forward to seeing it!

Thanks for making this so open to all types of artists!

You're welcome!

Sometimes I'm not sure whether my contents can be considered as creative.

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I'm so happy with CCC Tribe and I have bought CCC and will manually curate post, hope it will increase positive vibe on Steem Blockchain.

Thank, Let us carry on your advising of Creative Content...

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Such varieties of topics to dive in as creative posts. Even the 50word stories, simple amazing. Thank God for creativecoin, there's no limit to what steemians can explore!!

Yay thank you!

I've been spreading the word about CC every time I find a new creative post on steem hope they do join your tribe

That's awesome thank you!

Am I on the list of the accounts for CCC airdrop?

Thank you , miss lady !

Hi, I see you've included crafting, costume and fashion design ... I'd like to add the @needleworkmonday community which includes knitting, sewing, crochet and many other crafts using a needle. Members post each Monday using the #needleworkmonday tag, and use #needlework for other days. Here are the FAQs for the community. Many thanks and best wishes for success!

Sounds good. All they need to do is add creativecoin as one of the tags on their posts

Hola @isaria. Fuera ideal unas goticas, pero eso no priva que ya estemos participando. Gracias.

I suppose just "creating" a post doesn't qualify. 😀

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Full support from me for this project. I will definitely join this creative tribe. A great place to get inspired. ...I read about this terrible Kitty's sabotage on the airdrop. Hopefully me too will find a stacke in my wallet after the Kitty's move on ;)

We were able to fix the kitty's sabotage ....yay!

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If you make videos on health, specifically physical therapy, creative new ways to learn anatomy, or how to take care of your body, exercises that benefit health? Would count as creative content? Thank you! Very grateful with you, your projects and your contribution. You have helped the Venezuelan community!

Wow! this is going to be awesome! So glad to see cooking and photography on your super large list which is fantastic, I will definitely be using this Creativecoin Tag on a daily basis, its going to be EPIC!! 👍❤🎨 #palnet @neoxian
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Awesome Karen!

Hope my project (#mytunes) of making a weekly list of music built by people fits this evironment.
Anyways I wish Creative Coin a bright and 'creative' future!
Much love and hugs :)

Thank you!
Just be sure to use the tag creativecoin on your posts :)

Travel posts? :D

Yes....travel posts :)

Oh wow OK, I'll start using it then! That's my 5 tags sorted! Thanks @isaria! 😁

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Nice community.

Thank you much much and much! @isaria I have the positive result of your Creative Coin, my experienced last nights, I will be blogging it.

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Time to be creative this time I guess for me. :P

That's nice, been in my pet photography.

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Hi isaria, Creative Coin is a great project! I have a question. Is there any restriction regarding to language? I'm happy to introduce it to Japanese community.

Thanks for creating this amazing tribe. Hope we get support for our videos and photographs posts

Hola Querida Amiga! ¿Que les parece los temas sobre amar minitecas equipos de sonido o como crear cornetas, contenido culturales de costumbres de otros países, información sobre biología y métodos de estudio en biología, matemática y física? Yo En realidad soy artísta amo hacer poemas, retratos y dibujos. Adémas esto es lo que más publico en este tipo de redes sociales, pero en mi área profesional me especializo en ciencias. ¿Esto sería considerado en Creaticecoin como creativo? Bless

I hope people could try posting here in Creative Coin just I did.
I am still trying to be creative to fit in here, though. :D

What about tutorials ?

This is a great project, Today I am share Macro-Photography post

Photography post

This is an amazing project, I do some flowers photography @isaria

Animals and flowers photography post @isaria