From photographer to illustrators: learning to draw in a graphic editor

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Hello friends!

Every 5 years I have a transitional period, when I cease to understand who I am and what I want. Then I begin to think in what areas I have not tried yet, where I could apply my skills and what I would be interested in now. In this period I set myself several large-scale goals, which I really want to achieve. And one of them - drawing in a graphic editor.


I always, from early childhood, loved to draw. I did it all the time, even in many school lessons. Sometimes the teachers themselves said to me - Draw, but do not riot. And I tried myself in many directions, comics, manga, canvas, abstractions and more. And I also tried a graphic drawing, but it was never given to me, and I forgot about it for many years. At the same time, I took up photography, and sometimes it reminded me of drawing.

Again try your hand in this direction, I was motivated by the competition, where I had to draw an avatar for a browser game, which I sometimes play. I was very inspired and got to work. The deadlines were short, and I did it quite seriously for the first time. Therefore, I took as a basis the image of my favorite model, whose face I so often photographed and processed, and therefore knew every inch of it. Having got stuck on my face, I spent almost all the time on it and therefore did not have time to work out the other details. But I still liked my work. She also stood out among other participants and really looked like the canons of game characters.


But when the results came ... I was so upset. My work was not appreciated. I was very upset, I did not believe that this could be so. But I never give up. Any failure on the contrary makes me move forward. And then I decided that I would train and at the next contest, they simply could not fail to appreciate me. True to begin with, I decided to do something in my style, closer to what I draw on paper. At first it was difficult, because I do not have a special tablet and I do everything with the mouse. But then I trained and I started to get. After this picture, I try other works, and they are much better right away, without deformations.

This is a short video about my first full-scale drawing experience from scratch:

P.S. In fact, I do not think that the drawing is finished. I want to give her a body and beautiful clothes. But most of all I want to draw a her hands, I love to draw them ❤

Thank you for attention!



You are multi talented:) I really enjoyed the process and i am looking forward to see more of your artworks:)


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Good luck🍀

Thanks! :)

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