Inktober Day 3, Bait

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I had my Cartoon and Comics students participate in Inktober today
They were absolutely thrilled
They are young, between 7 and 12


Some of them have been coming for a while now
Like this one
She asked for advice on the overlapping action
For the lure
Do bubbles and not too many tendrils
Keep your hatching organized too
So the eye knows where to look


This is my entry for the challenge
I used a mix of India ink, Faber Castel grey brush tip markers
And of course fine liners
The wolf is inspired by Frank, author of Broussaille
Published by Dupuis

You will find some of my favorite characters
A team of bounty hunters
Left is Dhairia, the elf is Brittania and the team leader Sawako
She was born with the rare gift of flight
To the front is Claire and Ulico
Claire is holding the orb which the wolf, lets call him Jeronimo
Wants desperately


Fish person was in luck with bait as theme of the day
She also caught up on the challenge in one day
When you look at the ring of flame
You can tell she’s experienced what with the perspective


I love this one, it’s obvious but effortless
Very well cropped


Emma is the cutest
What can I say?
I wonder if color markers are allowed
Whatever, so long as she had fun
Can you guess my tip to her?
Look at the end of this post for the answer


The photo of this pencil is pas terrible


Do we need to do a wash?
No but it helps!
Loose control and then hone it in
Don’t overwork the ink, you will loose your pencil


It takes a long time to plan for how much the ink will lighten
The fine liner provides a lot of structure


This is the photo I used for the header before the filter
The filter can not help you
If your contrast is off


I told Emma to outline her penguin!

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sounds like some have enjoyed creative time here ...😊



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These are wonderful. I would pay money for Dhairia and the Wolf.

You have my attention :)

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