Tangles. Original Film Photography. Makers Place Contest.

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Of bubbles:
Glisten and glow:
Illuminating the dark.

My life may still be in tangles:
But I see the beauty in their depths.
As the story unravels: The journey begins:
Once again.



I've always been fascinated in matted and knarled, tangled and twisted overgrowth in our Australian bushland and how the weavings of these features can create beautiful depth in a visual interpretation.

This original film and hand-developed photograph was taken with my pre-digital Nikon at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show several years ago.

The proteas were submerged in water in a glass tank that had been very cleverly built into a temporary wall. It was so discreet that many visitors to the show walked by it without even noticing.

I always loved how the tiny little air bubbles clung to the stems of the submerged proteas: Making these wayward tangles even more alluring.



Makers Place.

'Tangles' is the first image for my digital art Triptych: Designed to be the first panel of three for the latest Makers Place Contest: Triptych Collective.

An outline of the contest, as well as the themes that one can select from, can be seen HERE.

My submission can be seen HERE.

The image was required to be in a 9x16 portrait format.

Instead of taking a vertical 'slice' of the landscape format photograph, I decided to rotate it into vertical alignment.

The image was then slightly edited in LightRoom, in order to give more contrast to the dark and light areas: Enhancing the lightness and jewel like quality of the air bubbles and dulling the green stems and tendrils. The original proteas were brighter and more yellowish. I gave them a more salmon pink hue and added a touch of indigo/cyan to the background to give the final image an 'old-worldly' charm.



What Next?

This week, artists are asked to select one of the images, produced by another of the participating artists, and create an adjoining panel for it.

Just about always, whenever I want to do something but have absolutely no idea what I will do, I experience a very 'unsettled' feeling. Which I'm feeling right now in relation to producing this second image for Makers Place.

I should know by now that I just have to relax, not think about it too much ~ And something will come to me as to how to start.

This week I've been particularly interested in the 'Closure of Uluru' and seeing how people have responded to this highly significant event. I've been working on a drawing with this in mind for Inktober: Ghost and Ancient. Not sure if I'll finish it/them ~ Let alone publish it/them.

However, if any of the images for the first panel of the Makers Place Triptych Collective have a hint of the sacredness of our earth and its landmarks and our need to honor the ways of our indigenous peoples ~ I'll have my starting point.

A heart that is holding infinite possibilities.
A creative who is learning to trust the mystery of what will be.
A spirit that is willing to fly into new creative realms and share the journey.

Photography: ©Alison Lee Cousland.
SONY Mark2 A7.

makers place gallery.png


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Dear Ally,
Love your submission! Tangles, bubbles, nature, all very beautifully true to wise and perfect observation.

You worry like a true artist about "anything coming to mind in time!"

I was sadly respectful to hear of the closure of Uluru. It made for a strike-through one of my items on my bucket list. But my heart was at peace with this decision which for now feels right in the theme of reparation.
Your theme for the second part of the triptych is perfect for you: an artistic response to this event hallows it.

Thanks so very much Sukhasanasister.

Nothing worthwhile ever comes out of concern. But it seems to be part of the journey ~ Learning to see it and then somehow 'Letting it go.' Preparing before I begin to work really helps. Sometimes it's just preparing my materials ~ Or preparing the space I'm about to work in.

I haven't been to Central Australia but hope to in the not too distant future. I've always been drawn more to the spirit of Kata Tjuta than Uluru. But all the same, I'd really love to have the opportunity to walk around the outskirts of Uluru.

I know the image I'll be working with as the second part of the triptych now:
Nicolás Leas-Celyn's Everything is Connected. Preparing for it now. Will share the process. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Pretty! What Nikon film camera did you use? My first SLR was a Nikon FM-10, all-manual camera.

It's funny how people walk past fascinating things so often.

It was a Nikon FG and I loved it. Paid far more than I could sell it for now, just to have it serviced about a year ago but still haven't used it. Intend to keep and use it for B&W photography. Love the 'real' grainy look you can get with an SLR camera. After digital, it will be quite a 'challenging' to make every shot count.

YES. Photographers and artists seem to develop a different eye for beauty and the unusual ~ That can fascinate us but leave others scratching their heads a little.

Thanks so much for your visit @fotodenada. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


such beautiful words and imagery, the photographs have such a magical quality to them.
Curated for CreativeCoin

The glistening bubbles in the subdued light was truly magical to see and experience. Just one of the many tangles of beauty that have inspired me to work with water and ice arrangements/compositions as well as layering/transparencies in my image making.

I'm absolutely delighted that you've curated this piece for CreativeCoin ~ Thanks ever so much @trucklifeccc. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎



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Thanks so much @helpiecake and @helpie and @veryspider. I haven't had breakfast yet and your cake looks so delicous. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


All the tangles are what makes life interesting - and meaningful <3

So true Joey. And so colourful. The tangles have so much to teach us. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


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Beautiful photograph @allyinspirit, the flowers submerged into the dark waters have an unworldly quality to them.

I'm so pleased you like it Ophelia. That was the feeling I was aiming for in slightly changing the hues and tones of the original image.

The current Triptych Connection project is similar to DADA in that one artist selects the theme and image for the first panel and then a second artist adds the second panel and a third artist, the third panel. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Those are absolutely brilliant photos. Very surreal how the bubbles cling to the proteas like that. Certainly gives the image an interesting texture!

Thanks so much @wwwiebe. The concept was amazing. There were three 'tanks' in the wall ~ Each with a different floral arrangement. This one was by far the most magical ~ With all the bubbles glistening. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


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