Where to find my work: Just a general post about my other web resources~

in creative •  4 months ago

Hello folks, I got some people asking on my intro thread about where I dump all of my work/art, so here is a quick dump of links to all of my work online

General - https://www.instagram.com/wylsononline/




Youtube (in development):

Tumblr (Virtual Vision Board):

Website(in development):


Patreon (WIP):

I am hoping to have a lot of these significantly developed over time and everyone will have something different on them I hope you find something that peaks your interest (I really update these mostly seasonally as I have a social media flavors of the month haha), if you find anything you particularly like leave a comment! This all really helps me!

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It's excellent not just revolutionary!


thank you!

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Hey @wylson - I added you up on twatter and kafkabook - the link to your website didn't seem to be working though?


That is a nomain I've parked I'll do a post when it's finally up just doing some deep work into the branding of it so far.


Sweet, will check it out when it's live.
If you're looking for inspiration, #OccupySiliconValley ( #OSV) is this Monday coming (17th)
I wrote this thing earlier today, suggesting it might be a good opportunity to invite more peeps to join steemit.
Hope you dig?