promo-steem PROPOSAL: 17th September #OccupySiliconValley #OSV could be a great day for promoting steemit...

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Hello steemians. I'm @ann-narkeh.

I've only been here a week and steemit's already far exceeded any expectations I might have had of it. It really feels like it could be the r3VO_|utionary solution to the censorship/data abuse/behavioural manipulation problems of the big social media monopolies.

Massive thanks to and respect for all the steemians who've got it up and running. I want to be a "good steemian" and persuade everybody else to migrate here too. (started these couple of lulz polls to plug for steemit on the old social media networks yesterday....)

Now, this Monday, 17th September will mark the seven year anniversary of #OccupyWallSt and the international #Occupy movement.

Adbusters have launched #OccupySiliconValley - #OSV calling for "a one-day #FuckItAll flood of memes, posts, pranks, tweets, and statuses—overflowing with everything Silicon Valley wants to keep offline."

#OccupySiliconValley is proposing four steps;

Google No Search Day. Only search for one thing all day:

Boycott Bezos. Fill up your amazon carts with expensive items and abandon them at the checkouts, flooding their servers with imaginary orders that will never be fulfilled.

Fine facebook. "report a problem" to facebook, with an invoice attached for damage to mental health, behavioural manipulation, hours wasted, payback for the billions in advertising revenue that facebook has made from our activity over the years etc etc. Billed to the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Accesorize apple stores. Plaster the windows of your local apple store with subersive stickers, slogans and symbols.

Equally, you could support #OSV by just having a do nothing day. Leave your phone at home and abandon the internet for the day.

I'm suggesting adding our own fifth step - spend the day inviting everyone to migrate here to!

Have you got your #OSV meme repository at the ready?

Here are a few more of my favourites.

My first basic, customised #steemit-promo #OSV variant sketch, which I'll upload to kafkabook after I finish this post.


What do you reckon? Might it be worth preparing some more steemit-themed promo content to add to the coming flood? I reckon most of my fellow occupiers would be sympathetic to and interested in joining - #OSV could be the ideal vehicle to spread the good word where it needs to be heard.

There's a mailing list if anybody wants to liaise directly with team adbusters on the Occupy Silicon Valley page of the billion people website.

This post was written by @ann-narkeh, relying heavily on the content of adbusters' OP. is quite good.
adbusters are fkn great!

Also, join the burgeoning #ExtinctionRebellion

That is all.

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Freaking BRILLIANT!!! Love the variant sketch too!
I'm in. Followed.

[Edit] Oh, and BTW, I've recommended you for inclusion into Earth Tribe, in case you might be interested, and if there's an open slot.


Brilliant, really pleased you dig. :D
Thanks for your networking help.
Blessings back at you,