Project model railway #30 - Phase 1 completed

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After ~2,5 years of work - beginning from the first plan until today - the project reached its first and most important milestone: There are no "white spots" left. Everything is covered with vegetation, roads or buildings. cheer

And as promised, I am going to show you further details:
Complete overview of "Klein Waldberg"

Fresh wood for the saw mill arrived

And if you work hard, it may end up like this

Pack you backpack... we're going on a journey...

Ah, the apples are ripe.

There is always time for beer.

Train is leaving... hurry up!

Is this the end now?

No! It is NOT THE END!
There is still a lot of work to do. For phase two I need to add more vegetation (cut grass everywhere does not seem too realistic, right?) and I want to add street lamps for the night life of our little people.

I already started and planted ~100 little flowers and bushes by hand. I tell you... this is going to be tough :D

If you are interested, you can check out the complete work history starting from the early plans:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments.
And as always, don't forget to follow for more interesting stuff about this project.

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I admire the work you've done. It's just phenomenal.
I believe that You will continue the work and it will go on for a long time.

Looks great! Been interesting following the progress for the past year or so. Thank you for showing it.

What a phenomenal work, @wirago. 2.5 years is quite some time to work on a single project. And the results are on display. 🙌

Incredible little details everywhere. You delivered a wonderful and very charming scene.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Here's a 100% upvote and a resteem. And I did a little bit of promotion on Discord, too. I hope your post get the recognition it deserves. 🙏


Thank you for the kind words and the resteem.
Yeah, a long time has passed, but I am still looking forward on what's comming next :)


You're welcome! 🙌

Ah, the metric system, really have to go back and work on my conversions again!!! Hehehe!!!

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@wirago ! You are AMAZING !!! Every time i see your miniature projects, I am blown away with the amount of detailing, care, and gorgeous personality that you managed to capture and deliver * ___ *

What a gorgeous creation, @wirago <3 I will continue to wait for progress posts

..... 100 little flowers and bushes, painted by hand?????? Dearie me, you are admirably dedicated !!! <3


They are not painted because the flockage I use is already colored. But they still need to be assemled and glued one by one on the ground. The result looks like this:

The more different plant types and color you use the better the result will get. Except you want a filed with red flowers only :D
I need to figure out how to mix the colors and plants in a way that it looks realisitc but not overfilled. We will see :)

Wow thats amazing!!! Little boys heaven!


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Hey, @wirago. You've done an amazing amount of work here. Congratulations on the first phase completion.

What you describe about planting things sounds like a pretty big task, and time consuming, simply because it sounds like it will require a high level of patience and skill.

The fact you already have flowers and bushes planted is amazing.

What gauge is that, HO @wirago?


Yes, H0 (1:87)


It's a beautiful layout;
6 x 6?


Not sure what you mean with 6x6. The size? It's about 4.9m²

I smiled when I saw the little people working with the logs. It warms my heart seeing that kind of story telling. I am impressed with your work @wirago

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That's a really nice layout! The scenery is coming along nicely.
2-1/2 years, just a model railroad layout ever really finished? :-)
All I have right now is display tracks on some shelves.


It will never be really finished. Probably.
But this kind of hobby is always a marathon and not a sprint. Normal people usually don't have the budget to buy everything at once anyways :D