First Fashion Figure(Croquis) Illusration Attempt- Part2

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So, the final sketch is here which I was trying to complete step by step.

It took me little time to get it in perfect shape but I think, the shape didn’t come the way it should.

This is just a croquis the shape of a model, it is not much important to make real figure but for showing good clothing and accessories the shape of croquis is important.

As a biggner I made the croquis in standing position which is easy to make for me right now. I know for making perfect croquis I need to draw many times and then only I can become good at fashion sketches.


And here is complete sketch with clothing. I try to make her wear off-shoulder long gown.


Face sturcture is important, I’m trying to figure out that also. Making croquis mearsument need to take as @traverleranna suggested.

Going to attempt more sketches soon, as I’m getting friendly with pencil slowly. I hope you guys would like my first sketch and give some tips.

Thank you and have a amazing weekend to everyone.

I’m happy to be part of #ccc family who help newbies to grow on this beautiful platform of steemit. Thank you @freedomshift a man behide the this amazing #ccc service, I’m glad to have support from all the members of #ccc specially @angelro.



You are welcome.
@shanu - I know you can edit and write 200 words in:

2 to three sentences for each photo will do it - they can include questions ...

try: who? what? where? when? why? as it fits

I'll upvote it after you have done so.

All the best!

Thank you @freedomshift for encouraging me to write more on this post, I just updated my post.😊 stay blessed!

You can do this easily ...Hope you will do it @shanu..

Just did @angelro, do visit please!

Ok, will check it

Practices made perfect @shanu, you'll nake it one day. This is nice.. hey, I always wonder why designer make a very slim figure... you know that perfect line 😉, though it's easier to meet a big size women everywhere... and they're more fashion minded then the slim one😊, this is only my opinion... i'm not a fashionble one😂

Hi @cicisaja first of all thank you for suggesting me new tags and second I’m happy to get compliment from you. @cicisaja I also wonder why fashion sketches are always slim and even fashion models should be slim? Why cannt they take average girl for modeling. Everyone have their own fashion sense and they are amzaning in their style. Your point is right and im also agree with it. Take care and stay blessed dear.😊

You are doing great job and really it deserves a thumbs up because unlike other fashion related blogs which simply post some photographs you are trying to be creative with an intention to teach others the trade secret may be...

Really happy to see... Take care

OMG! It’s really a big compliment.. Thank you so much @angelro, your words are really inspiring and motivating. Yeah! I want to do something different in fashion blogging which I’m trying to do. Hopefully I would sketch more designs and share with you. Thanks a lot once again... please do take care😊

I can see you are more energetic now. Keep it up. Whatever problems you have believe in God. He have solution for everything...

Good morning Have a nice day

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