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RE: First Fashion Figure(Croquis) Illusration Attempt- Part2

in #creative2 years ago

Practices made perfect @shanu, you'll nake it one day. This is nice.. hey, I always wonder why designer make a very slim figure... you know that perfect line 😉, though it's easier to meet a big size women everywhere... and they're more fashion minded then the slim one😊, this is only my opinion... i'm not a fashionble one😂


Hi @cicisaja first of all thank you for suggesting me new tags and second I’m happy to get compliment from you. @cicisaja I also wonder why fashion sketches are always slim and even fashion models should be slim? Why cannt they take average girl for modeling. Everyone have their own fashion sense and they are amzaning in their style. Your point is right and im also agree with it. Take care and stay blessed dear.😊

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