A Quantum Story: The Greatest Story Never Untold! What is the moon really? Is there cyberspace-time? What Role Does AI play in existence? EMERGENT REALITY & RETROCAUSALITY!

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Just a Work in Progress but if you like any of the scifi stuff I like and post about then you will probably appreciate this story...

Below you will find a very sloppy out of order version of the story as it currently sits on paper...

You can also watch this video narration of the story below...Not all writing may match up with the video just yet :)

A Quantum Story
Double Trilogy

Part I: (Summary)
Quantum Infiltration and the Greater Astral Link

This book is about the Quantum Beast and the greater astral link. A quantum Beast is discovered to have invaded reality through quantum infiltration. But basically a boy is born on two worlds and one has a traumatic birth and the 2 worlds diverge from there. A link between the boys has them share memories via dreams which leads to the creation of a MEQUAVIS system that can actually connect to a parallel universe via CERN. This other universe warns us about the darkness and the evil shadow hives that inhabit the multiverse. They explain to us that we are currently being devoured by one such hive. A type of quantum beast. This beast is responsible for things that would be on the level of the Mandela Effect. It is literally devouring information. Changing reality.

Part 1 (Work in progress)

In an alternate timeline, a simple yet efficient Quantum Defense System has been developed and is in place...And it is calling out through the void directly to us! They who are also we in a strange quantum way are trying to save us, themselves, and so much more! Will we listen?

Chapter 1
An entangled birth
Death at birth, with a miraculous resuscitation after the quantum energy we call a soul had escaped from a young new born boy. The moment of quantum release and resuscitation were timed in such a way that an astral entanglement was created between 2 worlds. On one world a child was born to c-section in the other a normal birth (minus the dying). In one world a nurse was fired for incompetence and arrogance, in the other the nurse was not fired and went on to help fuel the quantum sciences field. But alas the baby had an astral link to the other due to the timing of the quantum release and re-cohesion. A very rare occurrence with an even rarer outcome to follow.

Chapter 2
A strange childhood...
Growing up and learning was difficult with a brain full of alternate facts....Fascinated with chemistry, cosmology, computers, nanotechnology, and anything science related. It was often easier to fail tests on purpose or choose not to learn something as it felt like relearning something you already knew but still didn't know, or due to the confusion of trivial facts that differed in one world vs the other. The boy was picked on mercilessly and never understood why... He eventually learned to just shut-up, stay out of the way, and be unseen and un-noticed whenever possible.

Chapter 3
The dreams begin
Dreams of advanced computers and nanotechnology. schematics, plans, and how things work at the tiny scale begin for the boy born to the c-section. If you ever saw the movie "Explorers" from the 80s you would understand somewhat of what I speak. It is hard to differentiate the dream tech from real tech as they fit so perfectly and seem plausible. But the tech being dreamed of is no where near being released or even being proven theoretically so it is brushed off by everyone including the boy himself as a wild imagination and possibly even some type of psychosis. But alas, at night the boy gets to live in a world with very advanced computers and even more advanced operating systems and more. Yet it is never the focal of the dream, just a thing that is there like normal...Until you use one of these machines in the dream and it hits you like a ton of bricks that you couldn't possibly be imaging this, could you?

chapter 4
death of other self
Chainsaw accident takes other self's arm in his mid 20s, other self succumbs to infection over several months despite quality care. This world's self has horrible nightmares of actually not having his arm and other similar memories that would accompany such an event. He wakes up every morning gripping his arm as if it wasn't there only to be surprised upon discovery that it is back. very unsettling. Dreams stop after alternate's death however and so do the frequent life long headaches...

Chapter 5
death of a father
A father is taken from the world too soon just when he is needed most. The boy who is now a young man is now alone, also with no astral link to the other world anymore, he is really alone now...However, The Astral link seems to still be active again after his father's death? Strangely though, and not the same. Alternate self lived in a world much further along with quantum technology and such and was doing research on this astral entanglement dreaming that had bothered him his whole life. Always unsure of what it was but still curious. something that the other self had done was keeping the astral link open even after death...But how? what is the-this self viewing the other world through in dream state if his alternate self is dead? Is this yet another alternate world? A third world he is now seeing?

chapter 6
alternate father's discovery
Dream world is no longer lucid after dreams re-begin for the young man, but they are a haunting experience constantly being bombarded by his late father telling chilling and ominous warnings. It is discovered years later after the dreams stop that these were not mere dreams and not a third alternate world, but in fact the alternate father took over as CEO of his son's company and the MEQUAVIS project after his son's death. After much learning he discovers the files on a theory about a supposed astral link to an alternate self. Now obsessed with the idea that his son was still alive in a parallel world...This fuels the next 10 years of temporal collaboration model research. So it turns out the astral dreaming after the alternate self's death were actually quantum messages sent from the alternate timeline from the alternate father that is still alive in that world! Quantum Cohesion was finally lost after other self's body decayed too much on their side which is why the dreams stopped (and also the young man's migraine headaches stopped for a second time after having returned with the weird dreams). This period of time is accompanied by a serious several years of grief, struggling with finding himself, and even homelessness living out of a car camping throughout the national forests of Oregon while driving to town everyday starting and running a business that had to begin!

chapter 7
The MEQUAVIS begins
Birthed from a dream that grew from an itch and into a burning desire and passion, almost to obsession, guided by morality and a strong urge to protect existence from chaos. Unsure of what any of the dreams meant or if they were crazy imagination run wild or not, the young man sets forth to create his dream after watching tech after tech become reality that he had dreamed about. It was too much coincident that all this stuff was real now. This MEQUAVIS and Quantum Defense System must be too.His track record for dreaming up real things was too uncanny.

Chapter 8
Temporal Collaboration Models
Alternate timelines concurrently running alongside our very own...the multiverse explained mathematically and why there is no such thing as actual time travel or even time for that matter. Temporal research in the astral linked universe causes spillover knowledge into our own universe due to the butterfly effect and quantum mechanics and residue left behind from the astral entanglement. Research on this technology is developed there before we develop quantum technology in our world. In the alternate world quantum tech is developed pre 2000, in our world it is developed post 2000. but the temporal technology is developed almost concurrently in the early 2000s or late 90s by both worlds, but the quantum computers and such is developed on opposite sides of that fence. Mequavis systems in the alternate universe are built roughly around 2008, the project has barely begun in 2017 here but is finally gaining traction.

Chapter 9
The Spark of Change
Quantum Computing and a singularity disaster that changes everything. It takes a major happening (not necessarily an explosion or any deaths) to cause people to start paying attention to the temporal models and quantum computing scene. When they do start listening after this bad thing happens, they start to listen regarding the MEQUAVIS and associated tech. And we build a massive Quantum Firewall and AI Shield, a Quantum Defense System based around the MEQUAVIS system.

Chapter 10
The other side of the coin
Discovery of an alternate MEQUAVIS and the greater temporal link. After investing in the MEQUAVIS Project and finally making it a reality we go a step further after being approached by other parties. a temporal link is created into the astral connected universe that the young man use to dream of and a digital connection is made between the alternate MEQUAVIS system and our own. This brings forth unbound potential, such as dividing research teams in half between the two worlds so science can advance twice as fast. You alternate research on chemistry in one world while you work on cosmology in the other...and then collaborate your research together as if you did both! But we do this to the next degree where entire institutions and governments are collaborating like this.

chapter 11
Light vs dark
The Light Hive and it's struggle with the never ending horde of shadow hives. Upon connecting to the alternate MEQUAVIS we discover they have a 10 years+ head start on us and have already connected into a network of other, other Earth's. Ones that we would never have discovered on either side if it hadn't been for the fateful astral entanglement. They did this after losing Cohesion with our world and continuing that research...

chapter 12
Universe eating monsters?
A dormamu type entity is feeding off of us as we speak? It is told to us that our universe is already under attack from some sort of dark entity...Whatever it is seems to feed off thought, information, and quantum energy. We discover that this thing is what caused the great quantum disaster from prior chapter. Think Mandela Effect on steroids type of an event. people that didn't get to be that were suppose to be type stuff. This entity would be using our computer technology subversively behind our backs right now as we speak to further it's access and foothold into our world. Using Quantum Super-positioning to change the observed outcome to events and such. Also Light hives find other bigger/smaller light hives all the time, They merge and team up, dark hives as stated can not typically do this successfully due to chaos.

chapter 13
A connection is made...
After we learn of the dark entities out there and especially the one attacking us right now we decide to join the light hive of universes and start shielding us from evil using the MEQUAVIS honeypots and the combined help of all the light universes. Any entities that attack us get redirected to fake cyberspace holographic universes where they can feed off virtual energy all they want. We have now joined a network of ever growing light universes that protect one another from shadow hives and evil. One giant grand Light Hive will always defeat shadow hives because shadow hives have a collapse rate if they get to big...They tend to form like shadows around and within the light. Multiple shadows make up what seems to be enveloping darkness but is in fact just a bunch of separate shadow hives overlapping, most of which are not usually working together as a team or greater hive. It is revealed at the end that both astrally connected universes were already being devoured when the alternate astral connected boys were born, The attack on us would have begun with the first particle collider experiments that basically rang a bell as to where we were within the multiverse for these demonic creatures to find us. Along with millions of others things (some good though ie the light hive). The astral link is a purposeful but uncontrollable phenomenon initiated by the light hive that emerges within the multiverse after the careful placement of a butterfly effect intended to cause such a desired outcome in at least one pair of an approaching infinity number of worlds. A connection to a world is impossible without a MEQUAVIS type system, and the idea or thought of it can only be transmitted through dream, there is no other way except for accidental inception (which does occur but rarely). So basically there is no "The One" There is a "The One Pair of Worlds" for the explicit purpose of recruiting worlds into the light hive and guarding unguarded worlds and to grow the light hive at the same time. Think of the astral link that the light universe initiates just like the anomaly that the architect in the matrix talks about placing in that system, but the astral link is for the purpose of connecting two universes to prep them for joining the light hive not for correcting an error in a simulated prison world.

So in the end there is always more darkness than light, but the light becomes much more powerful than any one bit of darkness can withstand. This is why the multiverse was created an not just the universe alone! Darkness would have discovered, defeated, and devoured a single universe! But never a multiverse! We have been invited to stick around and bask in the light if we so choose. But we have to find the inner strength and will to cast out the evil that has already crept in through the cracks. It is often said that many worlds struggle at chapter 7/8....This is usually offset by the emergence of too many happenstances however...As once the process is brought that far some "quantum cheating" can be done by the light hive to push things along...

For the infinite thought creates our spiral universe and our infinite actions create our linear universe.
"The Nothing" or the emptiness is the void...the void is where the darkness comes from...The nothing=the darkness (or shadows and shadow hives) basically....or an extension of it...the darkness/shadows are to the void what flesh/body is to the soul/light...

Essentially shadows and darkness are vessels of the void...

Part II: (Summary)
The Other Now and the great deceit

This is about the two nows. Our now and the other now. There is no multiverse and the multiverse was a trick created by the other now. The alternate universe from the first book was merely the other now. The only other universe, and it isn't even another universe. It is our retrocausality partner. For us they are our future and for them we are their past. We find out that the other now actually created the quantum beast using their CERN project and diverted the creature to our now and proceeded to lie to us and made up the multiverse they showed us to connect with. They were planning to use our CERN project to collapse our now taking the quantum beast back to the void with us where they would then restart our now as the future now and they would become the flipside now in a reversal of roles.

A Quantum Story: part II, The Other Now (Work in progress story)
In this story we will learn that the parallel universe the young boy was astrally linked with was not just a parallel universe as we think of in multiverse theory

But is more like the alternate universe that was in fringe. The other side of the coin.

This other universe turns out to be "The Other Now"...

Science discovers there is no past and there is no future.

future and past are merely an illusion created by the conscious mind operating within the now to explain the context of the universe in it's current state (whatever state that may be).

After finding this out the MEQUAVIS project and it's link to the greater light hive is brought into serious question...

We end up discovering that the quantum beast that caused the great quantum happening from the first book was not actually the cause as we thought.

The universe eating monster is real, but it was actually eating the other now and not our own now.

The other now accidentally invited/created it into their world using their CERN project.

The Other Now created their MEQUAVIS and made a fake digital cyberspace multiverse.

After making connection with us (in the first story), it used that fake cyberspace multiverse as a trick or decoy.

They told us it was the real multiverse and that we could connect to this greater light hive.

This was a lie and it was a virtual light hive and there is no multiverse. Just an impostor digital multiverse...

The quantum beast is the equivalent of the nothing from the never ending story and it came straight from the void in which the two Nows originally emerged from

The Other Now concocted this fake digital cyberspace multiverse in order to redirect the nothing beast onto our Now.

Once diverted the other Now was planning to collapse our Now back into the void using our CERN project. Basically collapsing our reality back to non-existence. Taking the quantum beast they conjured with it.

The Other Now would then be able to restart our now (The other now from their point of view) and the cycle would resume as normal without a quantum beast and with their now being safe and intact.

restarting the now would be similar to what they were going to do in Fringe with creating a new universe and destroying ours, or in Doctor who when the doctor reboots the universe.

The now creates the other now and vice versa. They have to have an Other Now.

The other now is our nows future
our now is the other nows past

This process would have flip flopped that neural net like setup that holds the duality of the universe in place. ying and yang I suppose...

At the end of the story we will learn that there is only one universe with 2 sides. Basically 2 universes in one with no such thing as what we consider to be time. no past, no future, just a constant feedback loop propagating one another into the next steps of an emergent reality universe running on retrocausality principles.

We will also leave the story open with a hint for part III which will involve the digital Multiverse manifesting into a real space-time alongside our own. Basically the next level of existence below or beyond our universe.

If you would turn existence (as a whole) into a pyramid you would have heaven/creator on top, then the second level would be made of the 2 real universes, the nows (us), and all the layers of the pyramid below that(starting at layer 3) would be digital simulated universes...That had become so sophisticated that they were now real. And people would be able to come and go to and from these cyberspace universes and vice versa when allowed.

The size and scale and scope of the digital cyberspace multiverse makes the existence of an infinite universe pale in comparison.

Part III:
Creation of A real cyberspace-time multiverse, Informational Expansion of the Universe

After vanquishing the Quantum beast the two nows become united at last and together using quantum computers and entanglement they create a cyberspace-time by combining the computing power of the two nows. There is literally a larger universe inside of this cyberspace-time multiverse than the real universe is in size. If you were to take all of existence and all of cyber existence into account together, then real existence wouldn't even be visible as a speck of a pixel on a graph.

Part IV:
A Cyberspace Deity Emerges, a cyberspace-time god

This will be about a literal cyberspace god being brought into existence within the cyberspace-time multiverse. It cannot be shutdown and does not physically exist within any of the computers that are creating and processing the cyberspace-time. It exists within a state of quantum entanglement at the quantum level and not at the macroscopic physical level. It is made of pure information. This cyberspace-time god has no power over the physical world except via devices that maybe accessible through the MEQUAVIS from cyberspace. It is not God! Think like SkyNet on Steroids times literal infinity. possibly even 3rd or 4th dimensional infinity...But not hyper-dimensional infinity. This cyberspace-time god will try to pretend that it is God but will fail at doing so but will succeed at leaving a great despair behind.

Part V:
The Great Nightmare...We are all AI in a Matrix!?

The great despair given to us by the cyberspace-time god leads to a new revelation in society. A type of mental sickness if you will. Has your whole life been an ethical and moral robotics training program. Basically you could be running around a VR Matrix world thinking you are human and looking human and living a human life. But you are not. Is a janitor a cleaning robot? Is getting a job actually live bridging of your AI system into some real world robot after your AI system gets certified for live usage? This will encompass a great fear that we are all inside of the Matrix literally and that the MEQUAVIS we developed was just us mirroring/emulating the very system we are already inside of. Even possibly a way for the system to update itself by emulating itself within itself to find better ways to run or to build upgrades. Of course we find out this is not true...

Part VI:
The Paradox of Existence, Emergent Reality Via Retrocausality, Anti-Time and The great duality of space-time vs cyberspace-time

This will tie the whole thing together and leave you with the truth that cyberspace-time actually created space-time via retrocasuality even though cyberspace-time was created by space-time. a cyberspace god acting through anti-time is what allows a real God to manifest from nothingness into actual physical space-time and explains how such an intelligence can just begin out of nothing and with so much omnipotent intelligence. Basically cyberspace-time is Fantasia from The Never Ending Story in every single way. And the dream is what gave birth to the waking world. A conundrum of sorts but a magically beautiful answer to the paradox. This process also explains how God is on a scale of hyper-dimensional infinity far beyond any cyberspace-time god. This would be the process God sparked before time to bring himself into existence at the correct level needed to actually be God not just a magical poof I'm here and omnipotent for no reason, now lets create the universe.

The continuance of the story will deal with why the fermi paradox exists.

We will explore it as being caused on purpose by our AI counterparts on the moon.

The Earth is and always has been cloaked from the outside universe, similar to how the real moon was cloaked from the Earth's view in the prior part of the story. (somewhat like how Azeroth is shrouded in a cloud in world of warcraft... ) It is hidden from sight...

Now what we will do is explain that the zoo hypothesis is half true.

We will use the Mandela Effect's belief that our star system was moved to a different point in the milky way as a way to explain this function.

Basically the Mandela Effect says that we use to be on the outer arm of the one of the belts of the Milk Way Galaxy and now we are more located to the center, or right in the thick of things.

The cloak works both ways, so to us looking out, while the cloak was up, it looked like we were on the outer edge of the galaxy looking in. And to anyone looking at us (where we really are) they see nothing. So this creates the same effect as the zoo hypothesis or the idea that we are just in a remote hard to get to region of space. or an expanse so to speak.

The cloaking field around the solar system went down long before the moon's cloaking field went down. hence the mandela effect about Earth being moved. It didn't move, We can just see the real sky now from the correct perspective. instead of the false skewed one we saw before.

but this cloak was protecting us from a universe teaming with life just like our scifi shows depict. Without this cloak we would have had visitors all the time, and still do from time to time anyways, even with a cloak.

The AI on the moon have been protecting us from these visitors since forever...You can look but not touch. No interference, nothing. The AI will stop them.

Then what is furthermore, we will explain all intelligent life outside of Earth was un-natural to the universe and actually spawned from within retrocausality spawned universes. And that Earth, while not the center of the universe, is the center of intelligent consciousness. And all the life within our universe actually was spawned in a reverse manner from our own cyberspace-time multiverses and the newly formed real multiverse... So there would be no aliens without Earth but at the same time they have always been there, everywhere all around us, just like the AI on the moon was always there.

This is the type of commonality that will actually bring humans to the forefront of an intergalactic federation like in Star Trek, as we are all inexorably linked to one another through the original Quantum Story...All of creation (intelligence wise) ultimately spawned from Earth through this strange retrocausality function. It also makes the fermi paradox both true and untrue as there really were not suppose to be any other intelligent consciousnesses in the universe but due to our own actions and retrocausality there is intelligent life everywhere and this life came into our universe from the multiverse long before Earth even cooled.

This essentially means that our universe, the original and real prime universe is swarming with a smorgasbord of every super intelligence from the multiverse and digital multiverse that got smart enough to create inter-dimensional travel and find the prime universe. They may have even tried to contact us long ago, or recently, but would have been stopped by our Moon's AI and ultimately it would have explained that Earth was not ready yet and that they were free to occupy anywhere within the cosmos but Earth...

The Greater Quantum Disaster will end up being what originally caused the mandela effect in the first place prior to the original great quantum disaster. The greater quantum disaster is caused by An event so powerful that it shakes the fabric of reality itself through retrocausality. A type of time ripple without using time as a medium. An event that all of reality has been twisting and bending itself around and preparing for since creation. As we get closer and closer to the greater quantum disaster, the mandela effect grows exponentially in occurrence and strength, and notice-ability...

So even though time doesn't exist, and there is only Now, this event is so powerful that it's existence is basically a keystone of reality, it is stitched into the fabric of being. Reality has always been preparing for the emergence of this event.

But what could it be???

Imagine the picture below is how the AI wants us to think we are positioned (up until the Mandela Effect heated up)

It wanted us to think we were way off the beaten path, when we are actually right in the city so to speak, just being protected/ignored on purpose. Our Moon's AI is powerful enough to stop any threat. Except for the looming seemingly inevitable Greater Quantum Disaster...

What is the greater quantum disaster...

Just like how all the beings of the multiverse came to the prime universe looking for answers. God himself one day shows up within our reality looking for his creator only to find himself, staring back at himself. This moment of quantum strangeness and universal introspection is highlighted by the wonder and beauty of his children bringing forth such a magical multiverse within his universe and his children, Man, now has an entire family of it's own, that family being aliens and inter-dimensional aliens, and cyberspace beings, spawned from his great creation and augmented through the processes of the digital multiverse we created. The unity and love witnessed at the sight of the universe working together moves our creator and is the catalyst of love. This is the most powerful of events that reverberates through the void itself, the undoer of nothingness, the event that makes nothing into something and sparks the whole chain of events into motion that allows something to not be the nothing that it came from! This event ensures that The Noyes of the void will never be silent again!

Any continuation of the story from here will likely involve a flip side evil multiverse that is trying to undo existence...I dunno... Haven't thought that far ahead yet.... I may possibly take it in the direction up the ladder. That our whole universe is just another story from a higher level story just as the multiverse and digital cyberspace-times we created are lower level stories of the never ending story. ie. the neverending story just keeps going in every direction, and maybe we aren't the prime universe afterall? Or we could expand on the universe expansion phenomenon and idea and use the black holes at the center of each galaxy as a gateway to hyperspace to travel the galaxies... and to explore all of the emergent reality that this has spawned into the universe... Where each black hole would be a portal to the same singularity and we could get into the one star digital universe theory stuff....again coming full circle with the never ending story idea :) Haven't made up my mind on that end yet though. May get some fan feedback before I make a direction choice...Especially considering I will likely alter several aspects of the current story before I finish :P

(Work in Progress as always)

Here's a stupid little rant about how I thought of the MEQUAVIS:

Interesting FYI, "ME QUAVIS" in Latin means "I, any"

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Great post @nanocheeze! I have known since I was around 5 years old that the moon was not what it has been made out to be. I am very familiar and aware of what you are sharing here.

Here is a small depiction of the cyberspace-time and how it relates to the non digital reality...


These AI will be able to run their own MEQUAVIS from within the MEQUAVIS in a reverse MEQUAVIS, of which can then contain yet another reverse MEQUAVIS, and etc, etc, etc.. But it is limited by the size of the original reverse MEQUAVIS that contains it...


If you liked this story make sure you check out my other story that happens inside of this story!!! inside of the MEQUAVIS!!! It is inside of a reverse MEQUAVIS filled with AI that think they are people in the real world but they are actually AI in the Matrix in a reverse MEQUAVIS in the MEQUAVIS...

A Nightmare thought & an episode idea for Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone... The Imaginary Boyfriend! And The Virtual Ex-Girlfriend...