Birthday Card For "Babo" and Painted Seashell Necklace

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Happy Monday everyone:) A rainy afternoon here, we stayed inside and kept warm. This morning was sunny and the skies were blue. But suddenly it rained. We were planning to return the books to the library and have a walk. Hopefully tomorrow is dry.

We decided to make a birthday card for "Babo", grandma is going to be 79 years old next month. She already sent a card for Rimbie. I don't see much birthday cards in the stores, so we made our own. But my son was more excited about making necklaces from seashells to give to grandma. Last week we collected a lot of seashells and brought it home. He chose the shells that he wanted to paint and I chose mine. 

Coloring, painting, drawing and all kind of handcrafts are very therapeutic to anybody. It makes you calm and creative as well. So here are the materials that we used for grandma's card and necklaces. I'm sure anybody can do it, especially children, give them something to color or paint and they won't stop until the paint is gone lols

Materials that we used:
Colored paper
Nail polish (any color)

My son used nail polish, it is easy and doesn't make so much mess. He puts glitters after that. I made holes in the seashells and I used yarn to tie them together. Our card is done, a simple one. Rimbie was so focused on the seashells, he painted a lot of shells. We will send 2 necklaces and the rest is to give away to his friends.

The next card that we're planning to make is for KAITLIN

How's your Monday? Hope you had a lovely day too.

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  ·  last year (edited)

It's really amazing and enchanting .. Have you done this?


my son did a lot of them. I only made one shell and the hole lols:)

This is so creative and unique! I'm sure she's going to love it! :)


thank you my friend:)
YEs, I'm sure Mamo would love it:)
she is an amazing Babo.

I don’t think I really experienced rain until I moved to the Philippines! Wow it comes down hard! Good to have something productive to do on a rainy day! God bless Langaa!


whooaa yeah it is:)
salamat po! god bless:)

Ganda sis very creative!🤗😍


thanks sis, sensya na busy lang nde na maka commnt sau sis.

You are very creative :) its nice to know that you are doing this for your grandma :) May she have many long years to come :) Advance Happy Birthday :)


thank you my friend:)
have a lovely day.

Galing naman, hirap magbutas nyan. :)


sis madali lang nde ganon kahirap
thnx sis.
happy monday

ang galing naman sis. Very creative :)


thanks lence,
busy an lola mo waaaa nde maka comment sau huhu

nice shell necklace.



You are very creative @sunnylife, hopefully your grandmother is happy with this gift.


thank you my friend:)