Polymer clay🦄 unicorn earrings🦄 DIY

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Aloha and welcome 🌺

As some of you know, I have a great love for #homemade #crafts. Over the last 24 years my skills have involved from #hawaiian #seed #jewelry to #maui #shell jewelry. Ive been doing #polymerclay now for about 5 years and like to use it as a medium in my jewelry, but also love just doing something totally out of my jewelry normal.

If anyone is interested here is my online store link
Not everything i post is in here but im happy to add anything you see me post in the future

In this #diy i will show the pain staking long but fun process that it takes me to just make one pair of earrings. I also want to let you know that because its a time consuming thing i used a few different ones to show the finished and the making part thats why the colors are different, just so i could try and get the post done a little faster.

To do this post it took me extra time (2 hours plus the time to blog, think the writing of the post took longer then the earrings lol) to stop and take pictures of the steps so i hope that its a hit.🤗 this by far is no fast post and well... here it goes 🌺

This is the end result 🦄 two #beautiful earrings💖.






Making the parts for the body. I did two ovals for the body, a smaller oval for the heads, and 4 sets of legs.


Attaching the parts ill just post the pictures and hope they do most of the talking for me lol. Here are some things you will also need to finish them.

Liquid polymer clay


Some head pins in different lengths and jump rings.


And paint to finish the last touches


Start with the back legs


Add the tails head pin


Add the front legs


Add the head


Make small balls and shape into triangles for the ears


Put them on


Add the eyes or you can paint them on as well, i used crystals.


To make the tail roll out some snakes


Twist them together


Cut to size and add head pins.


Doing the mane i used a clay excruciating tool to make it a little faster, but you can make snakes just like the tail.


Cut into small pieces and add to the neck and head.


Bake as the clay instructions say, i do mine at 325°f for about 20 mins.


When its cooled paint the hooves


Add the tail to the body with the jump rings


And all you have left to do is gloss and add the earring hooks 😘. And there you go, a pair of cute little earrings..

Thank you so much for your #support and #upvote

Here some extra pictures of things ive made this week

Angel panda bears


Polar bears



#unicorns #handmade #special #love #thankyou #sliver #ccc #artzone

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COOL! Those are awesome! What cute little unicorns. Thanks for sharing how you made them too. Lots of people don't know just how hard it is to make homemade crafts like this. All those small clay pieces looks like it gets tedious.

These are such tiny and cute creations. You are really honouring your username, @aloha-creations! Well done!

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Wow, that is a lot of work. The end product is really cool. Thanks for taking the time to show all the steps.

This is beautiful. What a creation! I love crafts and diy like this. Thanks for sharing @aloha-creation. I'm gonna stick close to see more of your works #pifc

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Wow this is so amazing!! Ive never seen so many people like my post 😍🤗😮. Thank you all so very much!! I wish i knew what tag or how it got this far💖. Im very greatful!!


When curie upvotes a post, it is followed by the trail of around a thousand people. That's how you got so many likes :D I was also amazed like this, when I got my first curie upvote.

And, No tag is needed for it. They are always out looking for good and exceptional content.

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They are all so adorable! But aren't they a little too heavy for ears? They looks quite big..

I like those unicorns! Actually I love unicorns in general :) The pink one would be my favorite.. oh, and those panda bears! So cute!!

It looks like a time consuming process indeed. All these clay forming looks like a precise work and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to do it ;)

Thank you for putting together a post even though it took you so long :) It was my pleasure to see your creations!

Congratulations on your curie vote and have a lovely weekend!


No not heavy at all, the clay is very lightweight you would be very surprised.

And yes the pink unicorns are my favorite as well, so much so that im keeping them for myself haha..

May i ask how you found my blog? Im just asking because ive never gotten so much aloha and im just shocked.lol


Hahaha, yes, of course. I found you because curie upvoted you but other way I would find you would be through the artzone tag ;)

Try to connect with more people and comment as much as you can on various content and you will see that there will be more and more aloha coming your way ;)

My little pony unicorns ahhhhh so Nice

Beatiful craft. So simple, and yet so charming. My wfe would kill for the panda earings, but I'd kill her then because according to your website's price average, those would be some 4 months of (venezuelan) salary. :)


Aw im sorry ☹ yes the shipping is what cost the most when its international.

This is amazing! I'm blown up by your level of skill and patience to achieve this, I'm too clumsy to do any handmade or delicate craft and that you can do this is so awesome, plus they're so cute, this post is too wholesome! Thanks for sharing!


No thank you for resteeming 🌺

What I liked most about the tutorial was the image of the hair. what a therapeutic thing to see that lol. thanks for sharing. I really liked the final result.


Yes doing the hair is very fun, just takes so much time because the cutting and rolling each like strand 😉

Wooaw..... Come and see how the kids around me are laughing on trying your wonderful work..... Lol
You are really a master at what you do and your skills are awesome. I wait to see what the next artifacts may be in your next post but I will be waiting to try them too.

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You mean you are making things with your kids? I would love to see the pictures of what you guys came up with 🤗. I also just did a few other animals and did a short post . A few elephants and a leopard 💜


Hehe..... I was only trying out and my nieces were all with laughter. Don't worry you will see the pictures soon

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Nice work! I used to make polymer clay jewelry (only for myself, friends and family), but when I moved to Toronto, I left all my supplies behind. So, I turned to creating digital art and/or design instead. Sometime I still miss crafting, tough.


Oh i could never stop doing my crafts. But its good that you are still doing art, just in a different way 😍


Thank you! Yes, it is good to still being creative :)

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Aw thank you! I wish the post had more days left on it but im very greatful 💋🌺

Lovely pieces. I like earrings a lot and therefore often gift them to my friends. So, it was nice to see the process as well. I've saved it to try my hands at it, someday :)

Glad you shared it. Thanks!


I just edited my post and added my online store link if you are interested in buying 💜. Here it is as well http://squareup.com/store/maui-seed-jewelry


Cool. I'll have a look at it.

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