DIY polymer clay🦇 bat earrings 🦇

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Aloha 🌺

Since everyone loved my last #diy so much i thought that i would do another one for you all.💖 today im doing a pair of #925 #sterlingsliver #polymerclay #bat #earrings. This is also the first time ive ever made them so here we go 🦇🦇.

A link to my online store i also dont always add what i post but can if requested 💖


Things that you will need.

  1. Liquid polymer clay
  2. Paint and brushes
  3. Head pins
  4. Sculpting tools
  5. A clay roller






I will first show how i made all the body parts then how to put them together.

For the heads I started with rolling out two medium black balls of clay like this.


Then worked on the body. Again rolling out two cylinders of black clay like this.


Cut the top off the cylinder ( the body)


Making the ears i made two sets of triangles like this.


For the feet just make a few small black balls like this.


And the nose will be small oval balls.


For the #wings i had to do two parts for this step. Here is where you will need your roller or pasta machine.

I rolled out some clay on my numbet 5 setting, then cut it into triangles for the wings like this. Make sure you make 4 pairs. I over lapped them to make sure i did all the same size😉



Then rolled out a few snakes for the bone parts of the wings.


Now to start putting it all together 🤗🤗🦇💕

I started with adding the ears on the head. Make sure you blend them on or and add Liquid clay


Then the body. Again blend it to the head. I also added a drop of liquid clay and blended.


Finishing the head i added the nose, and put the nostrils in.


Then add the feet on.


Now to the wings🦇🦇🤗 wrap one of the triangles on one side and finish them up.


Then add the snakes for the bones.


Add the other wing over the bones and blend wing in place.


Add your head pin.


Now bake them. I also added texture to the head before baking but you dont have to. Then once cooled down i painted on the pink for the ears👂 and the eyes👀. Gloss them and your done🤗.

I hope everyone liked my post🌺. #aloha and thank you for your #support.


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Very good work :) ... I try come soon more here and see what you more make it :)

This is very cool and creative, @aloha-creations!

I'll check out your website, maybe I can find something cool for my little cousin's birthday. 😎


If you have a idea for something just shoot me it and ill see what i can come up with 😉.


Alright, I'll try to make some detective work...

Your creative ornaments are always beautiful and lively to see, great work again.

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Beautiful and very sweet. I really like them, you are so tallented for this and I see you did it with lot of love. :)

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This is such an original idea? I think people would usually create domesticated animals while you go for bats! Cool! I still prefer the unicorn from the last time I must say. Why? Well, because they are UNICORNS :D But these bats are pretty cool too!

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend!


Well my coworker loves bats so im giving them as a gift for her 🦇💖 .

I just offered a polymer clay rose-making class at the library. Past jewelry projects have been popular, too, so I may try a clay jewelry class in the future. Halloween could be a good time for something like bats and cats.

The only real suggestion I would make is to have the bats hang upside-down by inserting the pin into the body between the feet instead.

Lovely and cute earings:) You are very creative and i really enjoyed the post with the process, it was so detailed:) I am looking forward for more creations in the future:)


I will try my best to keep doing more diys 💜. They just take so much time lol but if thats what the people want then im happy to do my best to show🌺