Crack the Code #1 - Contest with SBD to win!

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Crack the Code is the second series of my contests on Steemit (rebuses being the first - here's the latest rebus puzzle and here's its solution). The goal is to decrypt the message, which can be a word, a phrase or a sentence. The message is hidden behind the instructions and hints on the picture.

There can be some similarities between the puzzles in Crack the Code and rebuses, but I hope you will also get the idea, what the difference between both series is. That pretty much sums it up - let the puzzle speak for itself (with your little help of course 😉).

Get the prize for cracking the code before 24 hours pass! Game rules are detailed below.

EDIT - The code has been cracked - congratulations, @jenkinrocket!


Game rules:

  • The first person to find the official answer is the winner.
  • The winner receives 50% SBD from this post (or 1 SBD if the 50% would be less than that)
  • After 24 hours from the publishing of this post, the game ends and if no one guessed the answer, the prize will be unavailable - you can still guess for fun or click the link that I'll provide to see the answer
  • Resteem this post before the contest ends to receive 0.02 SBD - let me know in the comments that you reposted!
  • Good efforts may be rewarded with a special prize
  • Alternative solutions are appreciated and may be rewarded with a special prize, but the official answer is required to become a winner

EDIT - Some hints to help you going:

  1. 5 words, the fourth is "and" (&).
  2. _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _   AND   _ _ _ _
  3. 2 words left to crack, @jenkinrocket decrypted two words with the reply: "blank, blank, knife & fork".

Have fun! 😃

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Small hint to help you going:
5 words, the fourth is "and" (&).


The second hint is added to the post!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ brave AND free _ _ _
LOl I never was any good at Wheel of Fortune


Unfortunately, the message doesn't contain "brave", nor "fortune".

blank, blank, knife & fork.


Good job! Two words left to crack. 😁

why hi's knees and feet?


Unfortunately, the message doesn't contain any of these words, but @jenkinrocket is onto something. 😎

Hot free knife and fork, resteemed


Unfortunately, "Hot free knife and fork" isn't the official answer.
Thanks for resteeming! Your reward is already sent.


Congrats, you won!!! 😃


The first clue is the flag, which represents USA. The two question marks mean you change one of the letters in 'USA', namely the 'A' to an 'E'.

The second clue turns out to be KN 'if' E, which is a logic statement (only got this because of a discrete mathematics course I took). KNifE, in other words, or KNIFE.

The '& is free, of course.

The last word is 4 K's, or Four K, minus the U as shown under. That means For K, or FORK.


Yes, that's it! I'll quote you in my post explaining the solution, if you don't mind. There's also a word:
_ _ GH _ _ T
which should make sense, when we remove G, H and T - that's how we get YOUR from YOGHURT.
I hope you enjoyed cracking this code! 😆


I did! And yeah, forgot to explain the yoghurt part. That one had me stumped for a while! It's an uncommon spelling :).


Yes, but on the other hand _ _ G _ _ T can have more solutions for sure (like DIES from DIGEST), so I hoped that adding the H could make it easier, not harder. 😝