A Family Ripped Apart: Medical Kidnapping by a Child Abuse Pediatrician

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Are all child injuries the result of child abuse? Of course not. But in the course of being examined by an elite class of child abuse "specialist" pediatricians, they can conclude that child abuse was the only way for the injuries to occur. No doubt about it. But, there is doubt, and from other doctors who say that the injuries can have happened from an accident, or even from pre-existing medical conditions like "metabolic disorder, nutritional deficiency, infection, or other non-abusive mechanism."

When a parent has no history of violence or abuse, and no one witnessed abuse, is there really abuse going on? What about real evidence instead of just one doctor's opinion about an injury?

Across America (and other parts of the globe), parents are losing their children to the authoritarian class of doctors who lay false claims of abuse. Child Procurement Services get called in, who then break families apart. Sometimes parents or relatives even go to jail for having done nothing wrong, all because one doctor said they did something wrong.

A recent case in North Carolina shows how this keeps happening, as a child abuse pediatrician concluded injuries to twins were from child abuse. But when there is no evidence of child abuse, that so-called "diagnosis" really needs to be questioned.

These child abuse pediatricians (CAPs) are the court-trusted "Experts" on all matters of child abuse, but other doctors give rational and evidence based explanations that counter their twisted narratives. If these other experts dare to question the elite CAPs, they often get vilified and reputations or careers ruined in the process.

When does a person's character come into play to exonerate them from false charges? Friends and family know them well, and see them around their child. They never harm the child. But the word of one "expert" puts that to shame, as they become cast as child abusers in the eyes of the courts and public.

In the case of the ray family, those closest to them know them well, and have written letters attesting to the fact of their incapability of hurting their own beloved twins. Plus, there is a documented family history of medical conditions relating to fragile bones. Yes, one class of doctors hold all the power, as the legal system is turned against these parents who rip their family apart.

Jennifer Ray had a great pregnancy, but the babies growth rate slowed down int he weeks leading up to birth. She developed pre-eclampsia, with the doctors decided for a premature birth at 36.5 weeks. The twins were pulled out of the womb by their ankles. Both were jaundices and spent 6 hours in the NICU, and were sent homes shortly after with bili lights to bring down bilirubin levels. Blood was taken from their heels 20 times in the next weeks.

Then came the routine vaccines at 2-weeks old. At 2.5 weeks, they were celebrating a Memorial Day weekend with family, and the daughter Evren was fussier. on the following Tuesday morning, Evren's ankle looked swollen. There was bruising. She called her husband, mother and next the pediatrician who told her to come in at 4:30pm.

At the hospital, Evren was given x-rays, as is the specialty for the child abuse pediatricians to look into. The x-ray revealed that Evren's ankle was fractured, and the nightmare horror story for the Rays began. Parents were stunned to find that out, but child abuse pediatrician Dr. Susan Lamb decided it was child abuse.

When parents have no clue how an injury occurs, the American Academy of Pediatrics protocols says that should "raise a concern for abusive trauma". Lamd said that "brute force was needed in a pull and twist manner." it was no accident in her "expert" opinion. The South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) was called in like a gestapo to rip the family apart, all from these false conclusions from Dr. lamb.

The 3-week old twins were medically kidnapped as parents were escorted away. At first the babies were placed with total strangers in foster care, where often actual real abuse takes place. Luckily, the family attorney was able to get the children placed with their aunt while the parents embarked on their torturous trip through the legal system.

Meanwhile, other doctors were consulted. One said the fracture was a hairline and would heal in a few weeks. Another said the fracture wasn't even on the x-ray. Jennifer asked DSS to test for Vitamin D levels. DSS ask Dr. Lamb about the test, and rather than allow the test, Lamb said there was not way the baby had rickets. No way? It's impossible? Really?

Jennifer requested the follow up doctor, Dr. Whitakerto consider Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and have Vitamin D levels checked. Again, Dr. Lamb was consulted, and again, she refused to acknowledge the possibility of anything other than child abuse.

This is another case where these fraudulent "experts" refuse to look at real medical evidence of other explanations like infantile rickets or bone fragility as a valid reason for a child's injuries. Child abuse isn't a medical condition, yet they treat it as such. Child abuse pediatrician "experts" have routinely done this to non-abuse injuries of children, and parents are still blamed, with families remain torn apart and parents possibly facing jail time.

An expert in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Vit. D deficiency, Dr. Michael Holick, published a paper titled Multiple fractures in infants who have Ehlers-Danlos/hypermobility syndrome and or vitamin D deficiency: A case series of 72 infants whose parents were accused of child abuse and neglect. before him, a 2015 Italian study titled High Prevalence of Vertebral Fractures in Patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome also points at fractures from this same cause.

The Rays even went to Boston to see Dr. Holick and tested positive for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, hypermobility type 3. The twins have symptoms of EDS as well, like gastroparesis, which if often misdiagnosed for "reflux, transparent mottled skin, profuse sweating, joint clicking, and skin flushing." These findings were never brought up in court to explain the injuries.

There are many studies that lay out the non-abuse case for fractures and child injuries. yet, these child abuse pediatrician "experts" don't seem to know about it. Is it that they don't know, or they don't care? Maybe their status and employment, and the power and authority derived from it, makes them feel important and needed. And to bring doubt into their field would discredit their authority and diminish their importance and need in society.

In the end, a doctor named Dr. Christopher Hydorn said the injuries could be from the many blood draws from the heels. The guardian ad-litem for the twins also told parents she believed the hell sticks for the blood samples likely caused the injuries.

After a trial, the parents passed the DSS-approved counselor test for the risk of abusing children. They had developed Acute Stress Disorder though from having their child kidnapped, but the test was a pass and they were granted their children once again.

The children were then 8 months old. That's over 7 months of two newborns being separated from their parents after birth on bullshit charges of child abuse. These parents were robbed of the early infant bonding times with their children, all because of some crank "expert".

But it wasn't over yet. Father Robbie was feeing Elijah one morning, while Evren was in a Snugapuppy swing, but forgot to buckle her. he then heard a thud and saw Evren lying on the carpet, face down. Evren was unresponsive. 911 was called, and the ambulance showed up with Evren crying. All three went to the hospital, with Jennifer and extended family later joining them.

Evren's right eye was swollen, with a red line on her nose, intubated, and x-rays showed a broken right femur along with subdural hemorrhaging in the brain.

In came Dr. Lamb again, to accuse them of child abuse. As usual, whatever the parents say for how an accident happening, are "not consistent" with the injury. Lamb filed a complaint to remvoe teh children gain:

"determined that Evren suffered from bilateral [on both sides of the head] subdural hemorrhaging…. [She] determined that these injuries were indicative of physical abuse, due to blunt force trauma to both sides of her head."

Brain bleeding is automatically associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome as an answer-all for the injury. These medical frauds conclude that falls can never account for these injuries, and therefore the parents are abusers. Other doctors and law enforcement gobbled up the abuse narrative, rather than recognize the fall injured the child who is prone to fractures. Three days later, Robbie was arrested, with the police report saying:

Medical professionals [i.e. Dr. Susan Lamb – Child Abuse Pediatrician] said the child’s injuries are consistent with abuse, and inconsistent with the account provided by Ray.

CPS took custody of both children again, and placed them into foster care, and both were separated for a time. Social workers didn't want the parents to have any contact with the children, and refused to place them with relatives. Even though Robbie is charged, they want to terminate parental rights for the mother as well. The goal of DSS is now to adopt them out, and rob the children of being with any of the family. A complete severing of their blood relatives.

This case is horrible, and it's one of many. Parents are losing their children when accidents happen, and often go to prison for false child abuse charges. In our hyper-authoritarian society, apparently no accidents can be made as parents. The only "evidence" of child abuse, if you even want to call it that, is of an interpretation by a so-called "expert".

Dr. Lamb even stated her job in a video once:

We just provide medical information, medical diagnoses, and help them understand.

We don’t work for DSS. We don’t work for law enforcement. We’re just medical interpreters. We kind of stand at that gap between the medical world and the investigative world, and we interpret for them.

It’s collecting the medical pieces and putting them together and trying to help the investigators figure out what could or could not have happened to this child.

It's just an opinion of interpreting injuries, and multiple testimonies of the parents' character matters not in the face of a tyrannical medical establishment which has undue and unjust powers to condemn parents and sign a families "death warrant", forever ripping them apart. This is a travesty.


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so many strange things happening in CPS. I dont know much about the US, but in germany there are some major flaws. They can take your children by their own assessment and the only thing you can do is go to court. But that takes 3 years on average .... By that time your child will already be deeply traumatised.

Political decisions are influenced by the providers of foster homes. Number of children taken into care is rising since years even though all scientific studies show that separating children from their family is expensive and the results are bad. Ambulant help is by far more efficient while also cheaper. Right now the place for one child in a home can be as large as 5000 euro a month! That money goes somewhere...

The number of children taken are crazy! Currently about 1% of all children per year!. A lot of them return to their parents after a few weeks, but a fair amount is permanently separated form their parents often with severe restrictions for the parent to visit the child.

Something needs to happen.


Just like charities, the money is being sucked up for the bureaucracy in the systems. Welfare mindset is out of control and bleeding everyone dry as they state-payed employees and corrupt system keeps sucking the blood. It's a corrupt system brought on by motivations to do good, but an inability to do good in many cases. It's out of control.


Holy crap. There needs to be a review board for people like doctor lambs. I wonder what kind of history she has

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Contraculations thanjs fo sharing , I really loved it


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