The Best Spurt of Courage You Will Ever Need

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Let's face it, there are times in our lives when we all lack courage.


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During my recent nomadic travels overseas, there were many situations where I found my courage wanting. It's hard not to give into fear. Fear has a way of burgeoning inside our minds but slowly infecting our entire body (your heart beats faster, thoughts begin racing and the nervous sweat begins to dampen your skin). Once the fear sets in; reason goes out the window.

At those times, I have found the use of a grounding object to be beneficial. It is a way for me to remind myself; I have courage. It is always a choice to allow fear to dictate my behavior. So what is a grounding object? It is a device, an object (some people even use the term talisman; which I like) that is designed to keep you in the moment; not allowing those anxious, racing thoughts to overwhelm you. It can be carried on you or something you find in your environment. For me, I find that it helps if my talisman holds some significant personal meaning and not a random object.

For me, a grounding object is a mindful based tool as well. It keeps me focused on the present; the here and now. Too often in stressful situations, I get carried away. I start to ruminate on potential future disasters; which may or may not occur.


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The other night I was watching the fantastic movie, Bridge of Spies. In the movie, Tom Hanks character asks his rather sedate client: Aren't you worried? The client, charged with espionage, stoically replied: Would it help? It's easy to ruminate on our worries, our fears. We are biologically wired to consider threats in our immediate environment; even psychological threats (especially these threats, perhaps?).

We all could use a reminder from time to time that we are capable of overcoming fear. Consider finding and using a grounding object to keep you present and full of courage. It can be anything but find something small that you carry on you, in your pocket, on a necklace or keychain; for easy access. Some people, who are not particularly spiritual even use religious objects. It doesn't matter as long as you carry it with you and use it.

Tell me, how do you find your courage?

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