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RE: The flu renamed every two years is still the flu

I appreciate your skepticism, but cannot support what I believe is factually incorrect regarding the existence of viruses and the diseases they cause. Smallpox, measles and mumps weren't inconsequential in history, but killed millions, tens, maybe hundreds of millions of people, in the Americas alone.

I reckon your lack of education in the biological sciences may explain your failure to understand viruses, and how they impact us. Please do undertake the necessary research to learn relevant facts regarding the reality of viruses, and the very real danger the diseases they cause is.

Sorry, but I do not agree with this post, and cannot support it. I hope your nescience regarding biology does not compromise your safety - or anyone elses should you fail to take necessary steps to prevent becoming infected or infecting others.


We'll just have to agree to disagree on that. I'd say biological sciences are no more factual than any other branches of the sickness industry - indoctrination is not education, and profits are not science based.


I also post quite similar charts to the above, as I also point out by the time vaccines were introduced for most diseases they were almost completely controlled. The Scarlet Fever chart is perhaps most revealing, as there is still no vaccine for it, yet it's control was concurrent with those diseases that do have vaccines.

It shows that the control was not established by vaccine, but improved medical care, hygiene, and epidemiology, for all the diseases shown.

None of that remotely matters regarding the existence of virii.

Edit: my work for a state agency as a biologist had nothing to do with the sickness industry, any more than carpentry does. I realize you may not grasp the difference in subjects, but just because the fields involve living things does not equate them.

The medical field depends on biology, not the other way around. Big Pharma didn't fund my population dynamics research on Sebastes sp. They could care less about rockfish. I don't tout AGW alarmism either.

I wouldn't ever get too far into an online word exchange with you - you could tie me in knots and rip my head off!

To be honest, I think vaccines, virus theory, and big pharma are all just different branches of the NWO/illuminati/rotchild/eugenics/one world government agenda and this another variation of the usual pattern.

But I have put a decent pile of evidence in this post, and so far you haven't posted any yourself.

This reminds me a bit of the time I did a post saying nuclear bombs are a complete fiction - people got all spazzed out, but I still stand by that 100% and nobody has ever proven anything I said was wrong.

Here is a short version of that post:

(I'm changing the subject here in an attempt to show how society has been programmed to believe utter crap from the top levels down)


My friend, the evidence that virii exist is extremely extensive, but requires prior knowledge to grasp it's relevance. Interestingly, a similar dynamic is involved in nuclear physics. You might give that thought.

If you want to know what evidence there is for either, start at the beginning and work your way up. That's what I did. I don't have a degree, or more than an occasional college class here and there.

You're intelligent enough to understand the content of biology texts, and the DNA and RNA mechanisms that are relevant to living things and virii make sense in context.

I can't post biology texts here, but you can read them if you want to understand the supporting evidence for the existence of viruses. I have done a lot of reading, and backed that up by conducting experiments that showed that reading wasn't just a bunch of lies.

Doing that yourself is convincing. Listening to me, or reading what I write, is far less so.

" a similar dynamic is involved in nuclear physics. You might give that thought"

YES - that is my point - they are both bullshit backed up with an illusion of "science" - but no worries, I'm too busy selling supplements at the moment to do posts or read stuff, but I have a post in mind for later.



I do not think my comment means what you think it means.

Be well and prosper my friend.

Well feel free to clarify it!


Go read up on all this stuff before you declare any of it false. There's a great book that details this fraud of 'isolation' called Fear of the Invisible. There's numerous microbiologists and doctors who blew the whistle on this, and more will continue to do so no doubt. I wonder what you think about the Perth Group research.

Sounds like we are on the same page on this - I vaguely remember having some big trolling comment match with you over something I can't remember now, but sorry if I said your mother was a sheep.


If it was a trolling match I'm sure I reigned supreme, so I'm not worried if you resorted to calling my mother a sheep, I'd do the same thing if I was losing.

Bring it on punk - just kidding I have gone soft...


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