The Kitchen Table Edition 20: Recipes, Cooking & Food Curation Day- CELEBRATING @cookwithus

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Bagde By @facelessmyth

Saturday- Cooking & Recipes

Cooking and baking have always been a favorite past time of mine and I am always in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, meal plans and different things.

So I want to not only share my love for cooking and baking with you all, but I want to share other steemians posting some delicious looking recipes. I have come across so many great members and their posts; which I must say, rarely get noticed. So every Saturday I will be dedicating an entire post to the chefs in all of us. From fabulous meals, delicious sounding recipes to satisfy every craving and even some how-to instructions for unusual recipes.

Two weeks ago I delegated to the wonderful cooking page, @cookwithus, and today I am celebrating the page's success and sharing some UNBELIEVABLE ice cream and refreshing summertime recipes.

Recipe & Food: ICE CREAM

Cook With Us Week #18 | Ice Cream! Lemon Date Tuile Cups | Vegan by @birdsinparadise

I had a little time to make fresh Tuile cups to serve with our Ice Cream. Tuile is a baked wafer, French in origin often rolled or cup shaped. They’re wafer thin, crispy and slightly sweet. Today I made cups but you can also make cones as well

NOTE Posted just two days ago this recipe has 23 UPvotes and only 5 comments.

Recipe & Food: ICE CREAM

Cook With Us Week#18- Vegan Coconut Cashew Sundae by @loveself

Thinking of ice cream always brings a smile to my face. There are so many different flavors from simple vanilla to creative ones with mix ins. The new craze right now is non-dairy ice creams. I really like non-dairy ice creams but I find that many commercial ones are too sugary and lack flavor

NOTE Posted two days ago, this recipe has 21 UPvotes and 9 comments.

Recipe & Food: GELATI

Cook with Us #18 – Watermelon and Vanilla Gelati by @slowcookingchef

When I was growing up a little Italian Ice/ Ice cream shop opened up about 5 minutes from my house. Jerimiah's Italian Ice has grown into a Florida institution. Their main dish is the gelati, a layered parfait of Italian ice and ice cream. I'm going to recreate this delicious parfait and even try to improve it a little. Watermelon Italian ice with vanilla ice cream and I'm gonna add some chocolate chips to the ice

NOTE This post is one day old with 12 UPvotes and 1 comment.

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Thanks for featuring our Cook with Us contest as well as our wonderful contestants. They always bring forth delicious dishes!

Thanks for your delegation and all-around support as well. Your contribution is a huge help to our community.


You're very welcome!!!
I have to admit.. ice cream being the main ingredient or result did sway me to drool a little!

Let me add my thanks @goldendawne for featuring our competitors. They just get better and better every week and we love them - and thanks again for the delegation - means a lot to us


You so very welcome!!!
Every day I see some awesome posts from steemians with the cookwithus tag... LOVE all that you're doing for the platform.

There are so many amazing entries and I am humbled to be featured. Thank you @goldendawne.


You're very welcome!
And yes they are!! Such amazing culinary talents!

I want some of that delicious ice cream now! All my favourite cooks featured here, well done ladies👌


I know, right?! When I saw the main ingredient.. I was like... hold me back!

howdy and wonderful weekend @goldendawne! you always find such great posts to highlight, thanks for all your hard work and the time put in! God bless you!


Thank you for always stopping by and chatting! I look forward to seeing you around!


likewise goldendawne, you have such a sweet spirit!

Excellent selections! I have been drooling over my screen this week seeing all of the ice cream recipes popping up! 🤤


OMGosh!!! I know! They are so great too! It was hard to just pick 3!

Thank you so much @goldendawne, so honored to be featured! Love that ice cream!! :) So many great entries in this contest!


You're very welcome!!!
I'm really curious about trying to make the tuile cups.. They look so flaky and delicious!

This is unstoppable!!! My favourite!!!! Yummm yummmm
Now...I can't eat too much cold foods.. as i tends to have blocked milk ducts if i eat it...
Got to be patient... yummm yummm


Oh ice cream head-rush!!! Yeah I can see that happening with these recipes! I'd be gobbling them up way too fast!

I needed some ice cream even just the pictures will do, it is soooo hot over here right now!! Hahaha

Looking pretty tasty! I've been feasting on IceCream over the last couple of weeks in our current Heatwave. (I promised myself to work harder in the gym as a result lol (well, it made me feel better lol)).
Not a real fan of Vanilla, i'm a chockolate fan...
Those recipes look pretty nice and very creative.

Such delicious summer recipes! And so colourful. Will be saving these for once winter is over

@slowcookingchef i would maybe not found your recipe if not @goldendawne - thank you !

your recipe is very interesting. is it italian recipe?
I only did smoothie bowls out of watermelon once, so i could say this is some type of ice cream, but not 'a proper ice cream'. after reading your post i'd like to try watermelon ice cream too :)

I wonder what do you think of my ice cream, it is strawberry - rhubarb one :)


Oh I am THRILLED to have introduced you to a new steemian!!
That makes my day!


you're doing a great job here for the community. and I have opinion that if somebody does a good job, deserves to know about this / receive a compliment :)


Thank you for these curation posts! I have definitely picked up some subscribers from these!


That is GREAT news!!! I love knowing my curation posts bring others a new audience!


I actually don't know if you would say its Italian. The dish originates in Italy but it's pretty prevalent in the states. I wouldn't say its ice cream closer to granita or sorbet. I left you a comment on your post but I'll tell you again that this is a great entry! I really like the flavors you have got going on here!


Sorbet is wonderful! It wasn't until I married my husband in 2012, that I ever sampled Gelato- which is delicious!