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Welcome to Season 3 of Cook with Us!

Welcome to Season Three of Cook with Us. We are excited to welcome new people into our community this season, as well as catch up with our much-loved regular contributors. This season will last until early December. We will be on holiday for the rest of the month of December and then Season Four will start in January 2019.

A huge thanks to @curie and @sneaky-ninja's sponsorship which made Season Three possible!

This week’s challenge at CwU is to create a dish using root vegetables. The root vegetable should be the star or main item of your dish. There are so many root vegetables that you will have many options to work with. If you are unfamiliar with root vegetables here is a short list.

  1. Carrots
  2. Potatoes
  3. Onions
  4. Taro
  5. Beets
  6. Daikon
  7. Jicama
  8. Garlic
  9. Wasabi
  10. Sweet Potato
  11. Yucca
  12. Ginger
  13. Turnips
  14. Rutabagas
  15. Cassava
  16. Salsify
  17. Celery Root
  18. Sunchokes

For an even larger list, Click Here for a comprehensive list of root vegetables.

You can make any kind of dish that you want with your root vegetables from sweet to savory. You may also use one root vegetable or as many varieties as you wish.

Don’t forget too that a great entry also includes a personal story about the dish or main ingredient. Background stories about a dish really bring it to life. It helps people to understand the dish from your point of view. When you get to learn about food in this way it becomes much more than just a dish and a list of ingredients.

Good luck this week! We look forward to reading your entries and learning a bit about food from you!

The Cook with Us Season 3 Calendar

Check out the calendar and plan ahead. We will be updating it with additional themes in the near future.

The Cook with Us Contest

The Cook with Us team is very excited to welcome you and look forward to getting to know you as we cook or create dishes together. It is our intention to build a community of people that enjoy cooking and sharing with each other.

The contest is divided into two groups. The first group is the General Pool and the second is the Winners' Circle. Each group will have three winners ranking from 1st place to 3rd place. Every contestant starts in the General Pool. The 1st place winner in the General Pool advances to the Winners' Circle in the next round.
We are pleased to announce the following prizes for each group:

  • First place - 5 STEEM
  • Second place - 3 STEEM
  • Third place - 1 STEEM

Winners' Circle
The following, if participating in Cook with Us #26, will be competing in the Winners' Circle.

  • ground2feet
  • loveself
  • foodforsoul
  • whattheduck
  • deimus
  • blackberryskunk
  • cooknbake
  • dianadee
  • alansthoughs
  • lizelle
  • gladysstillwagon
  • carolynstahl
  • plantstoplanks
  • pusteblume
  • birdsinparadise
  • foodflaneur
  • rawadventuress
  • saimondonato
  • alansthoughs
  • leelektrik
  • yesslife
  • slowcookingchef
  • atmemestable

and soon we'll be introducing a third tier - SUPER COOK - Watch this space for news on that

Cook with Us Official Contest Rules

Please take some time to review the contest rules below. We understand that a lot of work is put into every post and we do not want to disqualify anyone for not following the rules. If you are unsure about any of them, just ask us for some clarification. We will be happy to help you.

Contest Entry Rules

The title of your post should look like this: Cook with Us #26 – Name of Dish. For example, Cook with Us #26 - Sweet Potato Pie.

  • The first tag on your entry must be: cookwithus.
  • Upvote and resteem this @cookwithus post that you are submitting an entry for.
  • The first time you enter this competition, submit a proof photo. This can be in the form of a handwritten note with your Steemit name, the name of the dish, and the date with your entry - or it can be a photograph of yourself with your dish. Thereafter, you will not need a proof photograph going forward as we will know who you are. Please do not use Photoshop for the proof photo.
  • Include a description of the dish. Some examples are the taste of the dish, its origin, or the story behind it.
  • Describe why your dish works. Give a brief description about why you put these ingredients together.
  • Post a link to your entry in the comments section of the weekly challenge. This is the post that announces the start of the week's contest.
  • You can only enter one dish per entry (a dish means a single version. Not one dish two or three ways). You may only enter one entry per week.

General Contest Rules

  • Contest ends every Monday 12:00 UTC.
  • Results will be published no later than Thursday 12:00 UTC, three days after the contest is closed.
  • Entries do not have to be original. However, if not original, please provide the source.
  • While the calendar may be showing future themes, entries can only be submitted for the current week's contest and only after the official post for the contest is made. Entries submitted before the official start date or after the deadline will not be considered valid entries.
  • The Cook with Us contest will cover many topics and disciplines. Make sure you check for weekly contest rules that may change due to the nature of the challenge.
  • By entering @cookwithus, the contestant agrees to their material being used by the organizers for any purposes and will not be compensated should the material be published. But you, the author/photographer, will be given written credit.

Cook with Us is on Discord

To join, please follow the steps below.

  • Create a Discord account if first time on Discord. It's best to use your Steemit username.
  • Download the Discord app which can be found here.
  • Click on this link to join the Cook with Us channel.


Thank you to @curie for voting for our wonderful contestants. This is a great privilege for us to see their posts being acknowledged. Please show your support for @curie and vote as witness.

Thank you @sneaky-ninja for your ongoing generous support.

Thanks for the delegation from @goldendawne who runs a weekly curation program and has acknowledged several of our contestants already. This is a very much appreciated delegation.

@zord189 gave an interesting sponsorship called Steem Basic Income, to @cookwithus winner @birdsinparadise. @birdsinparadise has a lifetime vote from Steem Basic Income to encourage her to keep posting. This generous sponsorship was in addition to SBD sent from time to time. Thank you @zord189!

Please show your support for @aggroed by voting for him as a witness.

Thanks to @docsmith for the generous donation of a beautiful custom-made knife specifically crafted for Cook with Us.

We are delighted with the caricatures made for us by @bazbiscuit. Thank you Barry!
@jacklimberis made our banner and gif for us. Thank you Jack - we really appreciate all the hard and beautiful work!
Thank you @edenmichelle for making the youtube video for us. A huge thanks as well to @leelektrik for creating our logo.

Thank you VIEWLY for the View Token prizes that we will give to our contestants who make a little video of their recipes.
Please follow@curie @randomwanderings @goldendawne,@DocSmith, @jedau, @zord189, @jznsamuel, @sneaky-ninja, @jacklimberis, @bazbiscuit, @edenmichelle, @theywillkillyou, @world5list, @world-travel-pro @leelektrik @hendrikdegrote and @heyitshaas. We hope to add to this list of supporters of our competition. If you would like to be a supporter of @cookwithus, please contact us. We would love to hear from you. @organduo please can you have a look at our competition - any support and comments will be gratefully received.


All four main topics/food subjects look GREAT!!
I'm especially waiting for the fourth week- a budget meal!!!

Thanks @goldendawne! We are excited to be starting season three and to get to see some wonderful foods and stories shared in our community.

Thank you @goldendawne! Looking forward to Season 3! Yes, that 4th week will be interesting ... can't wait.

Happy to see everyone back in action! Already drooling at the few entries popping up of course!

Yum, so hearty and the turmeric really adds a beautiful hue to the soup.

You're back, we're back! Woohoo!

I like the whole layout. If one takes a good look, there is a lot more going on there than initially appears. And enough greens to fully complement a stew.

I appreciate the nice feedback! The fennel fronds were pretty mild, so I wanted to make sure to add enough to actually taste them and enjoy the flavor.

How's everybody? I was a little absent with all these changes besides the crisis in my country

I hope to activate and to present my entry for this week I like the topic so I must think of a vegetable dish

Hi @yesslife! Welcome back for season three. I look forward to having you participate in the contest again. I am very sorry to read about the crisis in Venezuela. I hope the situation improves for you.

Sorry about the crisis you're experiencing @yesslife! It's a challenging time but hoping things will get better soon.

Hope to see some entries from you in Season 3!

Welcome to CwU @gardeningchef! Yay! Thanks for your beautiful entry. Looks delicious!

Thank you! I'm glad you think so. I'm very happy to be a part of this quality contest :D

Welcome back! Hope you had a nice break.

Hi everyone, so nice to be back, some absolutely divine dishes this week!
Good luck:)
Here is my entry - Sweet Potato & Butternut Fritters with Salted Caramel Popcorn

Yay, welcome back @lizelle! Season 3, here we come! =D

We are thrilled too! Glad to see you're back @loveself. Hope you enjoyed the break.

Hello everyone,
Please find my entry for the first week of season#3. I've made a Layered Root Vegetables Gratin. I hope you enjoy it.
Good luck everyone!

Welcome to Season 3! Hope you had a nice break @foodforsoul! Thanks for your entry and good luck!

They are back with this season number 3 is good to have them back but no contest I like to see the excellent entries that have the contests do a great job and congratulations for what they are achieving

Thank you for your support @andrina. I hope you can join Cook with Us during season three.

Thank you I hope to do it soon I cook little but when I do they tell me what I do well so I should try

We're excited about Season 3! Hope you can join us.

If there is a lot of joy and I like that I think it will be very good this season

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