My new Favorite Coffee is Indian Tea! I adore cream so this was a perfect match!

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Absolutely amazing Indian tea! I found something similar by Tazo with these same spices ( I had the waitress write down the ingredients because it was so good!) but I wanted to make it myself, as I knew I had all of these organic spices at home, as I cook many Indian dishes.

I like many teas and usually drink them for medicinal or therapeutic reasons not really for taste as I prefer coffee. But this one knocked my socks off!
So here it is!
IMG_3201 spices for tea.jpg
Wagh Bakri (special international blend tea)
Cardamom Brown
All mixed together, steeped, and strained.
Then add your heated cream to taste.

The restaurant we enjoyed so much while on vacation was in Georgia. It was called Curry Mantra and was located at the Warner Robins exit off of I-75, a couple of miles east after you exit. They had great food!
So give it a try, You may enjoy it as much as I!

All original work by Melissa@ joearnold


That looks delicious! I'll have to remember if I ever end up in Georgia...

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My wife love it so much. Thanks a lot for remaining...

Thank you for dropping by!

It looks really good but to be honest I have never been one for hot drinks
I really am the odd one out just about everyone else I know drinks tea or coffee

I actually drink it cold most of the time but no sugar only cream....I make it ahead and put it in the frig...I like it strong and cold with raw cream...I had to give up ice cream so this is my sub...i guess. I only drink coffee hot in winter..which is kind-of non existent here in South Central Florida. :) Funny my husband does not like hot drinks either.
Thanks for checking in!

I never got the taste for coffee in fact I cannot stand the smell of it
Nor tea for that matter

So now it's almost all plain water

Cool to know there is at least one other who doesn't like hot drinks

You are probably better off ...natures drink...
Have a great night!

True far better than all the soda I was drinking

You to have a good night

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Nice blend of spices. I may have to experiment a bit...

Cinnamon is always great in coffee or tea. 👍

Well definitely looks to die for. 😍

great post!

than you sir! hope you are well!

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