#DoubleDolphin Celebration Giveaway | 10 Steem and 500 SP Delegation

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Celebrating my #DoubleDolphin Status

A few days ago, I became a #DoubleDolphin and to celebrate my Double Dolphin Status, I have decided to organize a steem Giveaway and an SP Delegation of 50SP to five Steemians.
Earlier this year, I had just about 1.5k SP but I pledged and committed myself to grow, and here I am, 10K SP. Only Steemians like @benjamin09, @chiabertrand, @rosita-nkefor, @elian23khan, @b-naj, @saxopedia, @fombae, @chant, and all those who have been doing committed power-ups can explain how I feel because they have have had a taste of this kind of feeling.
It feels good but I will feel really good when I hit 15K SP by December 31, 2021. I know to grab 5k SP in less than 24 days sounds like magic but I believe with passion, hard work, commitment, and financial investment, I will grab 5K SP before the year ends.
BTW, this post wasn’t intended to talk about my plans of grabbing 5k SP. It was meant to call steemians around the globe to join me to celebrate my #DoubleDolphin Status.
To celebrate, I am organizing a Steem giveaway and a 500 SP delegation to 5 steemians.

How to participate

You can participate by doing any of the following;

  1. Comment, upvote, and resteem this post. In your comment, tell us what SP you hope to achieve by the end of the year. The first 20 comments with their SP Pledges will each receive 0.25Steem each.
  2. Power up this week. All power-ups will receive 0.5 steem for powering up while the best five power-ups will receive a 50 SP delegation from @thegreens for a period of 20 days.

It’s thanks to you that I am celebrating 10k SP. I am because you are and you are because I am. Together, we shall continue to support one another to grow and move Steemit to another level.

Congratulations to You and me. We made it!

Next stop, #TrippleDolphin by December 31, 2021.

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Now is the best time to invest in Steem!


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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.


Congratulations sir @thegreens it’s a privilege seeing such achievements on here and I must say this inspires me to move up exponentially. I’ve always admired the big accounts on this platform and I’m working towards getting there someday too.
At first I aimed at getting to 500SP before this year runs out but right now after my today’s power up I’m just lacking less than 5SP to hit that target and so I have taken it upon me to move to 600SP before the year runs out by the grace of God. Below is my present SP after my last power up this evening.
Thanks for the encouragement once again and congratulations for your double dolphin qualification sir🤝
Long live Steemit and the STEEM token


Truth be told, I keep counting the number of passionate and committed Cameroonian Steemians, praying that someday there are 50 to 100 Steemians like you. The day we hit that number, know that we have arrived because it will take just 100 of us to build the most rewarding community on the Steem platform. Keep pushing @acbaby and you have my support.

Excellent and keep pushing up!

Congrats @thegreens... I have had the opportunity to witness your growth on the steem platform all these years... You continue to inspire the lot of us... and I promise you that I'm going to become as active as you always encourage me to be 🤣🤣🤣 I promise... soon

As you already know... I'm a proud #steemiain for the long haul... I'm all about powering up (and delegating my SP to the @steem-cameroon Community).
#steemOn brother

We can't wait to have the active you and thanks for the power-ups and delegation to the @steem-cameroon community.
We #steem-on!

Woow but it will be magic for you to hit 5k SP in less than 24 days sir. So I'm aiming high to witness your magic 🪄✨

As for me, I have pledge to hit from 2.5K SP by end of December 31st

Looking at my wallet above you will realize I already have over 2.3k SP. So I'm aiming to hit a target of 2.5k SP by December 31st. I think I will even past that target and go extra mile depending on how I will be earning because I'm a #club75 member

I am super inspired by your growth. You're an exemplary steemian and I will always quote you anywhere. From nothing you worked hard despite the challenges to become a powerful steemian. I am proud of you Beto!
Let's make magic together before December 31st.

Thank you so much sir

Big congratulations sir, you're doing well. More SP more influence more money 😋 beautiful

Sengse will kee you. Thanks!

Wow, that's how it's done. Congratulations to you boss @thegreens, your achievements are quite intruding.
My pledge to hit 500SP already got achieved, i'm glad to have participated in the pledge which was orchestrated by you.

For this week's power up, i'll put up as link about it once i have done for this week.

You're a steemian with a difference and your growth within this short period of time is super impressive and inspiring. If we had 50 Cameroonian steemians like you, @steem-cameroon will hit 200K SP in 1 year.
You have my continuous support as you keep powering up and supporting our community.

hope for successful and safe future

congratulation sir more grace ,your hard work and passion for steem Cameroon has been an interesting inspiration to many I as one since the day I registered in this platform my target was to be like you one day which am behind you no matter what it takes I will submit to you so as to reach at the top to ,my target to achieve this aspirations is to be able to comment,upvote and total commitment , posting, and paticipate in all the contest, power up every week to achieve 150sp and delegate 50sp steem Cameroon before the 31 December 2021 @nuahfabian

I can't wait to see us all grow and you have my continuous support as we continue to empower ourselves and build our community.

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

This giveaway has been included in the daily Active Contest List

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 08th Nov 2021 – Win 2950+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

Congratulations @thegreens your hardwork, determination and commitment has paid off. Hoping to reach your level one day.

I already did my pledge to power up 150SP by the end of this month, that is 31st December.
Right now I am at 72.5 SP and I am doin everything I can to reach my pledged SP and more.

I will continue posting, commenting, upvoting and resteeming so as to reach my target and even after.
I am also entering as many contests as I can.

As a newbie people like you are really an inspiration. So I will pledge again to continue being persistent and consistent and also power up my desired 150+ SP .

Very beautiful words and you have my support to hit your pledge goal by the end of the year. Tag me each time you power-up over 25 Steem for a surprise.

Wow! Really grateful Sir… Thank you so much

Big ups to @thegreens. Truly, this big achievement of yours lit a fire in me to become more consistent with steemit like never before. Immediately after going through this post, I went to power up my steem token 100%.


Although it may seem small but like everyone, I also want to start somewhere.

My SP aim before the year runs out is to hit 100SP because I want to get the feel of getting rewarded for being diligent. As I work hard with you @thegreens as a mentor, I aim to hit the SP marks I have set.

Once more, congratulations boss.
More longitivity to #steemit. Peace ✌

This is amazing. A special surprise awaits you when you hit 100SP

Hats off to @thegreens for their dedication and efforts. I've got the privilege to see each and everyone perform in this lovely platform. On the other hand, I do get motivated eventually by these contests and contents. Currently I'm at 76SP , but I'd love to increase my SP to 125 by this 31st.
Congratulations and Good Luck to each and every participant. ❤️

A Christmas 🎄 surprise awaits you when you hit 125SP

Well indeed❤️

Muchos cariños para toda la familia Stemit, el mejor de los deseos para los organizadores de los concursos que nos brindan la esperanza de crecer aquí. Suerte para todos y muchas bendiciones.
Realmente no tengo expectativas pero lo que pueda lograr sera grandioso o quizás puedo decir que deseo 100SP pero confiemos en la buena suerte.

Gracias and I look forward to seeing you at 100 SP

Congratulations Boss, you are such an inspiration to me in particular. I already achieved my targeted pledge for Dec. 31, which was to Power Up 750 SP. And my hope is that by 31/12/2022 I should be celebrating with an SP capacity like yours. But for now, I pledge to reach a new target of 1000 SP by 31/12/2021. I'm a club100 member, and I don't think to stop so soon. Thank you for setting the pace Sir. Ride on, I in person I am right in your steps

Newbie with a difference. A source of inspiration to many. Keep pushing coz I am very proud of you 👏🏽

Thank you Boss
It's because of your coaching and examplarily leadership that I am going this far

I hope to achieve 100 steem power before this year ends. I am currently on 38 steem and I have been making more posts than I am known for.. i want to also start doing more contests too

That’s a big move and hit me when you hit 100

I am almost at 100. currently at 94. will hit you up leta today

I am new to steem, and learn about this platform.

Thank you and goodluck @thegreens

Congratulations @thegreens for your achievement, this encourages us to move forward, for my part I want to achieve by the end of the year 1000 SP so I'm working, this week I turned on some Steem to accumulate and achieve the goal.


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