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Congratulations to once more @darthgexe for being our last lucky raffle winner: Steem Basic Income 72h Raffle #48.

Keep resteeming and inviting your friends! Due to lack of liquid funds I need to cap this at 1 share per raffle for the next raffles.


Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

In case you do not know about @steembasicincome already make sure to read Their Complete Overview Post.

You also can join their Discord:
This giveaway will be open for 72 hours.

Basically comment whatever you want just simply tell us an interesting story, a joke, talk about basic income,... What ever you wanna talk about (just keep it civilized)!

What you write does not change in any way your chances to win I just want people to engage, so I will reserve me the right to exclude spam comments from the raffle!
To take part in this giveaway:

  • comment as described above

Resteem or Upvote this post to double or even triple your chance of winning (Not necessary to take part in this raffle though. Each action (Upvote or Resteem) will get you an additional ticket in the raffle)

Also make sure to check out my roommates new project: @lifetimebot - a subscription & share based upvote-bot. It just went live and there are only 11 shares left for purchase. Definitely worth checking out.


All valid entries receive one ticket in the raffle. In case you also resteemed this post you will receive a second ticket in the raffle. In 72 hours two lucky winners will get randomly picked and sponsored one Steem Basic Income Share worth 1 STEEM each (winners will be announced in the next raffle post)!

Good luck to all!



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The most advanced solar panels ever developed are a biochemistry marvel. They use chlorofyl to turn sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into sugary fuel and oxygen! Imagine, absorbing the energy of the sun while also locking in carbon dioxide!

There are many different versions of these solar panels, with different attachments. Some turn the sun's energy into timber, others into food's like fruit, still others into medicinal herbs and or oils. We still have a long way to go to discover, identify and study all the different types of these green solar panels.

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks.


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I'm here

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Something new about the @dclick vote?

Nah not yet. Still need a few clicks and for that I will need to publish a post again through dclick. Still about 10 clicks missing for me to be able to exchange them.

Ah okay, also made a dclick post here, got some clicks, but nothing near those 2 Token mark. Also I can't find a button to trade in those tokens, hope it happens automatically. I think I will make some more posts with Dclick and report back as soon as I get the vote. 👍

Yeah as I understand it the option to trade in into votes appears as soon as you reach the 2 token mark.

Good luck with that.

What kind of a ship is most feared by pirates?

  • The Steady Relationship.

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All I wanted for Christmas was steem back to a dollar but instead if got SBI shares.

Upvoted and Resteemed

Thanks for this

Thanks for the raffle.

Please pray for our First Responders 🙏

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Haha yea I dont think we will be seeing a dollar Steem so some SBI's for Christmas instead would be great.


Thank you for your initiatives, commented, upvote and reesteem

SBI shares can be doubled by just 100% voting to every post of @steembasicincome . :)

Steemmonsters is the game to play
Leveling up is the only way
You can't get Champion league as a newbie
Strategize well, like a director on movie

Thank you, basic income is still great :D

"The Noah's Ark was built by an amateur, and the Titanic by Professionals."


Thank you😊

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Thank you!Good luck comes.. .

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Great post!

This is 2 of 10 upvotes from for 12/18 for being a delegation subscriber.

Thanks you and good luck for me !

What's up, man~☺️

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