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I'm happy to announce the seventh edition of #SBDforever contest!

But before I introduce the theme, it is time to reveal the winners for the sixth one! I was happy to receive the entries of @sparkesy, @mafaldation, @kennethicenergy, @heyimsnuffles, @jacobite, @mumma-monza, @jeffandhisguitar, @myfreebtc, @father2b, @finite-clothings and @starfinger13!

I need to apologize for the delay announcing the winners. I went on a small trip and I left steemauto take care of the posts I had already wrote. But this one needs to be done on the same day since I need to judge and decide on the winners...

To compensate for this delay, and since the payout for my last post for edition #6 was a little bit higher than usual, there will be TWO WINNERS, meaning TWO SBI shares instead of one! And from now on, that'll be the rule: the bigger the payout, the more chances you'll have to win!

Now for the prize!

I read some great posts from you. Really! I'm also a bit sad that some of them didn't have a huge payout but hey, just keep on it! You're doing a great job and you're adding real value to the platform... And it will pay out. Trust me.

So I had some problems to choose the winners since there were a lot of good entries. But I'm sure that if you didn't win this time, you'll keep on trying! Remember that even if you won already, you'll absolutely eligible to win again. That happened already (with @mafaldation, I guess).

The winners for this week's contest are...

....@mumma-monza and @finite-clothings!

You'll will receive the SBI share in a few days. Just check this spreadsheet if you're wondering if everything is alright.

Didn't win? No problem, just try again! Because here is...

...SBD Forever Round #5!

Here's this week's question:

Tell me a great book you read!

One of the best books I read is "The History of the Siege of Lisbon" from portuguese author José Saramago. As usual in Saramago's writing, the book follows a simple event: Raimundo Silva, a humble proofreader assigned to work on the book "The History of the Siege of Lisbon", decides to add the word "not" before a crucial sentence, so the book now states that the crusaders did not help the portuguese king in retaking Lisbon from the muslims.

The book then proceeds with a double plot following that "mistake". The first plot features the personal and professional modern life of Raimundo Silva, that could be damaged because he added that word to the text. The second plot is a medieval recounting of the "History of the Siege of Lisbon", if the crusaders didn't help the portuguese King.


Best comment will win 1 Steem Basic Income share (worth 1 Steem), which means SBD FOREVER! That's right, no jokes:

You get a weekly income FOREVER. You just need to keep posting and you'll get the same amount in upvotes regardless of how many posts you make per week. The system just looks for your posting frequency and adjusts the income automatically. Seems impossible to maintain? Do you want to look at their maths? Here they are!

Some rules

  1. Upvote this post with 100%. The payout will help me with the cost of the share.
  2. Resteem this post, for the same reasons!
  3. Follow me if you enjoy my posts.
  4. Post ONE comment below with your entry
  5. Feel free to write in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French.
  6. If you already have a SBI share feel free to participate as well, since you can have many shares and get double income.
  7. The deadline for submissions is next Monday, 7 May, at 11am UTC. I'll announce the winners, if possible, that same day.
  8. If the payout reaches more than 1$, I'll round up the prize to the nearest whole number and attribute more than one winner!

Ready... Set... Go!


I chose to write about Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson.

Although saying that you read this book is a bit of a misnomer, since the book is more of an interactive experience. It is a journey into your own mind and soul, and if you allow it, and do the exercises in the book, it will open you up to your own shortcomings, and the way to overcome them.

It is one of the few books I have ever read more than once, and every time I discover something new.

"How to make friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie!
I have to admit the title isn't the best, but the content of this book is pure gold! I'm not a fan of self helping books but seeing everyone talking about this book I had to read it.

Best Investment of my time ever, Dale teaches about being a master of communication giving real life examples for each of his theories and advises. This book changed my perception of humans.


Great book. Together with Rich Dad Poor dad and the four hour workweek, some of the best self help books ive seen.


I LOVE Saramego... have you read Blindness? He blew me away when I discovered him.

I have! It's a great book as well :) I love his fiction skills... The book really makes you feel "blind"! Great book

O melhor livro que li foi "Frágil" de Jodi Picoult. É sobre a história de uma menina que nasceu com osteogénese imperfeita - uma forma grave de fragilidade óssea. A mãe dessa menina fica tentada a processar a obstetra por negligência, uma vez que não diagnosticou a doença da filha numa fase inicial da gravidez, quando ainda era possível abortar. A indemnização concebida podia assegurar o futuro da filha. A questão é que teria de processar a sua melhor amiga (obstetra) e declarar perante o tribunal que preferia que a filha não tivesse nascido.

É um daqueles dilemas que não tem resposta...

Thinking fast and slow. A book written by an Economics Nobel Prize winner about the 2 decision making systems everyone has. The quick, instintive and emotional one. And the slow, logical, deliberate one. It is amazing how much we can learn about economics, politics, etc... just by studying behavior and peoples minds.

Man... Couldn't agree more! Specially in economics, where emotion comes in frequently and you need to know how to deal with it!

One of my favorite fiction reads in recent years was Zorro by Isabel Allende. As Wikipedia mentions, it is an origin story of Don Diego de la Vega - showing a lot of how he became Zorro in later years. I enjoyed the cultural aspects of the novel. I really need to find another copy and read it again because my memories are too fuzzy now, but I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who loves Zorro.


Wise was kind enough to discuss the book with me and why it's an important read for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there.
Starting a business is easy today, right?
For much of my life, I've expected things to be easier than they were in reality. I think a lot of us do this to ourselves. So, it's no surprise that we think the same thing when starting a business.
While we all know starting a business is never easy and many fail, there are plenty of things we can learn to undertake this endeavor more intelligently. "Learn from the two decades of startup founders that came before," explains
Wise. " Leverage [your] learnings.
Entrepreneurship has never been more
accessible, so now the onus is on you. "
From what I've gathered in studying
entrepreneurs for over a decade, success in business largely comes down to solving an unmet need out there in the real world. Maybe it's something you notice at work or after a chat with a good friend. Startup ideas are all around us, but the opportunity lies in the ability of the
person who takes action and executes on that idea.

I guess we could apply those strategies to education as well!

I'm not as much of an avid reader as I used to be. At least not for books that aren't children's books being read to my daughter.

This is a book that sticks with me as a surprisingly interesting read. I picked it up in a secondhand shop just figuring it would be a bit of fodder to read while I was travelling and spending time on trains and buses, but it grabbed me and gave some really great insight into the whole "Pro Wrestling" industry, how it's evolved and how the new "Superstars" aren't as well respected by the older generation who had to climb their way through the ranks to make it to the big time.

Wow, never thought there were such problems in pro wrestling (which I honestly don't enjoy)

It was certainly a bit of an eye opener for me too. I have never been what you would call an avid follower of professional wrestling, just watch a little bit occasionally for some entertainment that doesn't require too much brain activity. I did offer some interesting insight though.


shane 2.jpg

Le livre "irresistible révolution" en anglais qui s'appelle "Vivre comme un simple radical" en français est un livre auto-biographique de Shane Claiborne, qui raconte aussi la naissance du mouvement "The Simple Way". Cet ouvrage ma permis de me rendre compte que je ne suis pas la seule à vouloir aimer les autres pour ce qu'ils sont et que la meilleure des richesses est " la valeur humaine" et non pas ce qu'ils ont ou peuvent vous rapporter.Aimer c'est aimer l'autre sans rien attendre en retour.
Qu'est ce qu'il y a de spécial à donner à quelqu'un qui peut te rendre la pareil?Alors qu'une foi authentique motiver par l'amour agape permet de faire des actions concrètes afin d'apporter sa pierre à l'édifice et de contribuer à son niveau à un monde de paix, d'amour abondante et de respect. Il n'hésite pas à être un hors la loi en récupérant des maisons abandonnées, en les rénovant pour qu'ils soient aux services des pauvres. Honnête, sincère, radicale à contre culture de la société Shane Claiborne montre à travers ce livre que la vrai richesse se trouve dans le don de sois et hors des sentiers battus( au delà du mainstream).

C'est une très bonne suggestion :) Merci!

Merci à toi de me permettre de parler de ce livre. Et merci pour ton initiative :)

Hola! Muy buen concurso, es bueno poder comentar en español xD

Este sera mi libro favorito por siempre: "Viaje al centro de la tierra" de Julio Verne. Fue publicado en 1864.

Es la mejor obra de ciencia ficción que he leído, ya lo he leído un montón de veces, desde muy pequeño. Puedo decir que este libro me cambio la vida, desde que lo leí, me enamore de la geografía y la geología, y desde ese momento mi sueño fue ser geografo, y en eso estoy, soy estudiante de geografía y estoy próximo a graduarme.

La trama consiste en un viaje realizado por un reconocido profesor alemán de mineralogía y su sobrino a Islandia, siguiendo los pasos escritos muchos años antes por un alquimista Islandés. Juntos con la ayuda de un guía Islandés, descenderán por el cráter de un volcán, para hallar el centro de la tierra. Una gran aventura de ciencia ficción y con una base científica impresionante para la época, Verne era todo un revolucionario. Es increíble sus descripciones geográficas y geológicas a lo largo del libro. Te lo recomiendo!


Gracias! Leí este libro cuando era niño, pero es una verdadera obra maestra de la literatura! Ya leste otros libros de Julio Verne?

Sí amigo es mi escritor favorito, y siendo Venezolano! fue un placer que él hiciera una de sus obras basada en el río Orinoco, se llama "el soberbio Orinoco". También he leídos "los hijos del capitán Grant", "El faro del fin del mundo" y pronto comprare otros más. Te en cuenta, casi todos los libros de él, se basan en ciencia ficción y son geográficamente muy ricos, mucha aventura.

Saludos amigo!

Amazing post! I love it. Checkout my new post: and let me know if you like it :)

Um grande livro que li foi **Walden ou A Vida nos Bosques** de **Henry David Thoreau**. Li-o numa época de transformaçõpes interiores em minha vida. No fim da adolescência, vinha encontrando respostas na busca pela natureza e pela introspecção. Ansiava pela simplicidade, pelo silêncio e pelo meditar. A essas buscas, o livro em questão deu as melhores respostas. A sua história, apresentada na forma de diário, conta do próprio Thoreau e do tempo que ele passou isolado dos grandes centros, vivendo em uma pequena cabana à margem do lago Walden. No livro, o autor conta como fazia suas atividades, que materiais eram necessários para cada coisa, mas, mais importante que isso, ele se devotava com frequência a largas meditações sobre a vida. Ele refletia sobre a sociedade, o homem, a solidão e a natureza. Nessa obra formidável e transformadora, Walden apresenta outra visão de mundo diferente daquela com a qual somos criados. Ele fala da importância da vida e do perigo que as expectativas da sociedade projetam sobre nós. Diz: *A vida que os homens louvam e consideram bem sucedida é apenas um tipo de vida. Por que havemos de exaltar só um tipo de vida em detrimento dos demais?* Ler Walden transformou minha vida num momento muito oportuno. Até hoje, muito do que carrego na forma de sonhos e projetos vem das palavras de Thoreau nesse livro. Por muito tempo, sonhei com minha própria cabana à beira do lago, onde poderia me dedicar à vida como ela é e às meditações solitárias. Certas visões mudaram com o tempo, ou se transformaram, alcançando um equilíbrio com as possibilidades práticas, mas a essência a mim transmitida por **Walden** permanece lá, sempre esperando o momento correto de introspecção para cintilar. *Só quando nos perdemos, em outras palavras, só quando perdemos o mundo, é que começamos a nos encontrar, entendemos onde estamos e compreendemos a infinita extensão de nossas relações.*

Já ouvi falar bastante deste livro... Mas ainda não tomei a decisão de o comprar e ler. Em breve! Obrigado!

The book I just finished reading is The Bad War and to be sincere with you this is one book that's crazy to read.

The book details the agenda of the NWO, Zionist ,Rothschild family and how they've been manipulating world politics from time immemorial, and it shed light on how the First World War happen who actually is to be blame and who really is the culprit, and all Mike King claims were supported with news paper edit of the day all detailing how it goes.

If you're blaming Germany for the horrible incidence in the Second World War then you have better think twice because this book will break your ignorance into pieces and unsettle you.

My last advice, Don't believe all what the media tells you.

I hope to win this contest.

This is really good thing you share for winner. I am happy to help as much as i can @zpedro. regards

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I have had a crappy week in the hospital with my husband and haven't had the opportunity to log on. This made a crap week bloody awesome. Thank you!!!!

Follow me and I will auto upvote and resteem your last post to my 36,000+ followers whenever you reply to any of my comments on any post. @a-0-0

Another wonderful history!


The book is a 40 day devotional that teaches steps on how to discover our purpose in life
It is divided into five chapters
Which includes
What on Earth Am I Here For?
Purpose 1: You Were Planned for God's Pleasure (Worship)
Purpose 2: You Were Formed for God's Family (Fellowship)
Purpose 3: You Were Created to Become Like Christ (Discipleship)
Purpose 4: You Were Shaped for Serving God (Ministry)
Purpose 5: You Were Made for a Mission (Mission)

The book I choose is "The Golem and the Jinni" By Helene Wecker. This is a very interesting and well written novel. It is about two supernatural beings; A golem named Chava (a golem is a being made of dirt and clay brought to life by a practitioner of the mystical Jewish Kabbala magic), and an supernatural Arabic Jinni named Ahmad that was trapped centuries ago and is released by a tinsmith in turn of the century New York City (1899). The story takes you through their experiences trying to fit in and hide their true selves from the humans in their respective immigrant neighborhoods. As they both wander the streets of NYC trying to find meaning in their current existence, they meet and help each other learn and find reason to continue on, through the friendship between them. I really enjoyed reading this. It was very well researched and I learned a lot about Jewish and Arabic cultures in the city during that time period. I would highly recommend reading this book!!

I am a christian i read the bible today and it is such a great book to read. Even though written years ago, its advice is real and practical today. What i read about managing human relationships in Romans chapter 12 verse 17 to 19 struck me. Some of the advice in that passage can be surmarized as follows:

  1. Do not avenge evil or hold a grudge.
  2. Forgive people
  3. Help your enemy
  4. God almighty repays our good deeds.
  5. We can win evil with good.

I wondered how nice the world would be if all of us live by such noble ideals. It was such a great read for me.

Whenever someone asks me for a book recommendation Foundation series by Isaac Asimov always pops up in my mind.

It's a 7 book Sci-Fi series placed in far future where people developed psychohistory, the ability to mathematically predict future. I strongly recommend it :)

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