Steem Bot Tracker Logo Contest - 20 STEEM Prize and More!

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When I created the Steem Bot Tracker Website I spent about a whole 10 minutes creating the above logo by finding a free image on and sticking a steem logo on top of it...yes, I have mad photoshop skillz!

But at this point, I think the site deserves something better - so I'm opening it up to the amazing artists of the Steem community to come up with the new, improved, official logo of

In addition to the 20 STEEM prize (which could be worth who knows how much in the not-too-distant future) your work will be prominently featured on the site, you will be given credit in the site footer and in my posts about the bot tracker, and I will personally recommend you if and when anyone I know is looking to hire an awesome artist!

In addition to a large-format image like the one at the top of this post, I'll need a small version to show in the browser tab like so:

Entrants will have 7 days to submit their designs (until this post pays out). You must submit your designs (or a link to a post with your designs) in the comments section of this post since once the contest ends I will look through the comments and pick the winning design.

In order to claim the prize the winner will need to deliver all assets and source files used to create the design and I reserve the rights to use and modify the winning designs in any way that I see fit. As mentioned above the winning artist will receive credit for the logo design wherever it is used.

Although I will be solely responsible for choosing the winning design based on my entirely subjective criteria, I do welcome input from the rest of the community to help influence my decision. So for those of my readers who are not so artistically inclined, I encourage you to participate by upvoting and commenting on the submissions you like the best!

I can't wait to see what the community can produce, and am looking forward to having a new and improved face for the Steem Bot Tracker website!

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Looks perfect to me.

Yes this is the best logo for this steem bot tracker.

Nice contest! I hope it can join.


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FYI! @yabapmatt

That's great news! Let me know if I can help in any way!

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That would be good for helping. Can't wait to follow you

Nice! This one is a strong contender for the winner in my opinion.

I agree. I really like this logo proposal. Thanks for sharing @incrediblesnow

Hi Yab!
Here is an entry for your consideration!

steembot tracker.jpg

Here is my entry for the contest, i hope i'm on time !


Hello! I decided to take part in an interesting and fun contest. Here is my robot)

This robot looks great but make sure it's royalty free since it's not original work.

What a cute bot)

Here is my entry For the steem bot tracker


Head In PNG Format


Here is my post link
Steem bot tracker entry

Is that a Frieza remake? LOL!!!

haha! no man it's just a look alike!

Well looks cool either way :-)


Welcome @yabapmatt

Hi @yabapmatt
Here is my entry for your consideration. Hope you like it!

Hi @yabapmatt. This is my logo. I hope you like it.
It is inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Why? the bot tracker has the mission to investigate, to see what are doing the other bots!! :)
I hope you like it.



source in SVG

This is my favourite so far

Thank you very much

Not an artist but a writer but felt like making somethingStee.png

Hi yabapmatt! Here is my post and entry, please take a look:

I wanted to go for a simple design idea with a cartoon feel. I can easily provide one with the steemit logo on the bot's chest or elsewhere in the design if you'd like.

Steem Bot Tracker logo both eyes open 2 FULL JPG.jpg
One with a winky eye... because.... winky eye.
Steem Bot Tracker logo 3 FULL JPG.jpg
Here are a couple of very simple small icons for use in the browser tab etc. They can be sized down, I have them slightly larger here to show the design:
Steem Bot Tracker small icon 4 JPG.jpg Steem Bot Tracker small icon, simplified- head only- JPG.jpg
Thanks! Whether I win or not, I appreciate what you do and you have my vote. Take care!

This is mad skills, I've been flipping since I saw this!
Super professional man.👌

Thanks bro!

This is what I could cook up, I hope you'll like it.

Hi, here is my proposal

I ain't a professional Photoshopper, but tried something and here's my 2 entries:



Great post! will join this contest soon. Resteemed this post.


HI, here is my entry

Here is my submission.

Here is my take on the Logo.Hope you like it. :D


Hello I share with you my entry to the contest. Successes to all who participate

Here's my entry:

I went with a minimalist aesthetic with only two colors and a simple logo. Hope you like!

Edit: Added one with white background

I really like your minimalist approach @yoghurt. I think it will look great as an icon in the browser as well. Great job!

Here is my entry post:

And final two logos:



I couldn't pick @yabapmatt, but I can give you the assets for any of the two. Good luck to all!

I am not professional but I really like to play with Photoshop or Illustrator.
Hope you will enjoy it too. HEHE


i can make more
but first let me know you opinion!


I edited my bot so i edited the comment changing the pictures to right ones


Want a punched in the eye bot?

Good point :D

i changed my bot, thanks for the feedback

BWAsset 1.png

The logo that I made was inspired by character Eve from movie Wall-E and when it come to designing a robot logo, I always tent to imagine the robot as it is when I was a little kid, the fun and childish robot that i usually see in 16bit video games back then.

Check out the full presentation here

wow! that's a tracker!

Thanks. Inspired by Pluto. :)

Logo using adobe Illustrator
Hope you enjoy thissteembot.jpg

I hope some talented people show up, but for now you'll just have to deal with this: (-:

Ha I like that catch phrase!

NOOOO! This reminds me of that crazy "Bet Bot" scam.

I think the logo you have created is great. Don't need a update. Oldschool is trueschool ;)

a perfect conversation

When sit to create design it looks like 5 minute work but took more than it. Sure I will try to make one.

Hello!! Is this tool open source?Is it on github?

Promoted the post in Estonian Steemit Community! Such a fun contest and I hope there will be a lot of participants. Maybe I'll even think of something myself. :)

Theres an estonian steemit community?

Yes! I know it's not right to advertise under someone's post, so sorry for that, but if you are an estonian or just want to join us for discussion, check out my post about TEAM EST. You can find the links in there.

this logo is perfect .by which we will understand all thing at glance ..just awesome

Hi there! I have sent you 4 sbd, but no upvote so far... It seems your bot is down. I would like to have a refund pls!

Sure there are plenty of creative talent guy in our community. :-)

I spent about a whole 10 minutes creating the above logo by finding a free image on and sticking a steem logo on top of it

Lol, truly a mad skill of you @yabapmatt! Your name is actually synonymous to yodaman! You look like Matt Cutts BTW.

Kidding aside, your free tool has been useful for us. It provides transparency for all who wanted to utilize its benefits. Magnificent work!

You're one of the witnesses whom I needed to type-in the username because I couldn't find it in the top-50 list back then, but now you're occupying the 37th spot. The tool you provided for free was so helpful after all.

I'd like to participate in this contest but alas, my Photoshop skill is also mad as hell! Lmao

Wish there is a way to renew my Canva premium subscription for free again. Great work!

This is very interesting project sir @yabapmatt

I might know the right guy for the job.
@mro show us what you can do!! :)

I will be really glad to join the [email protected] yabapmatt
i will also Vote for you as witness, i like your projects

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Hey, fun! I may just have to give this a go!

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Yo, Yab. Just noticed your steembot keeps popping up a message to turn on my notifications. I have them turned off for a reason. Maybe it is a glitch?
Thanks, my friend!

Keep it as it is. There is something really cool about being slightly amature and retro!

However some very interesting bids here. A lot of talent. I don't envy your task. Good luck everyone involved

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I will have my digitizer to do some work from today probably is there a deadline for your logo mate?

I would like to participate.

Yes, 7 days or till the end of the post about three more days.
Hope this helps!

I want to support your project, but I can not enter, you can see it yourself

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there is good page. using it. But send bit is not work well.

Is this still going on,can i post my robot?

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That a great talented

helpful site! thanks for sharing. @yabapmatt

Great contest! So much fun to see what people come up with! I look forward to designing my contribution. :) Helen

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I am amazed with your post, I want to join the competition ..
thanks for sharing

Nice initiative @yabapmatt

Voted for you as witness because I love your site! Incredibly useful!

very amazing model..hemm

I'm following you

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Steem bot. Great project. I like your job. Thanks

Hi your post so nice

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I'm happy to love your contest @ yabapmatt, give me time to create a quality logo and interesting as you mean

Yeah I supported you @yabapmatt!

And the logo you are using is best, we don't want any other logo!

I see you boss always call on me any time

so wonderful art, nice post, thanks for sharing

Am really impressed...

Wish you lots of success. So much to learn. I really want to learn more about steem and how Ron fully utilize it.

friend @yabapmatt when is the minimum that I have to transfer you and how long do you vote?

My account is not a voting bot. I run the @postpromoter voting bot and that has a minimum of 2 SBD or STEEM and it votes approximately every 2.4 hours.

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where should I send the logo file

This contest is close?

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