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It’s almost day 4 of week 20 for the Deadpost initiative. We still need some more upvotage in order to maintain the contest at a 10 Steem reward pool. Thanks to @vincentnijman for donating a bit. I want to see more larger accounts support this initiative so minnows don’t have to, but if we have to, we will. Thanks to all you amazing people who keep the initiative going.

For those who don’t know, the Deadpost initiative is a weekly contest to find readers and also payout for old, expired posts which didn’t get much love the first time around.

Week 20 of the Deadpost Initiative


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Lets keep this bouncing along nicely

I love recycling.

Keep it going man! Got my upvotes!

You're welcome buddy!

Until the big boys step up, I will keep donating my pocket money.

Well, my $0.01 wont make anyone ric,h but maybe my resteem will catch a bigger fish?

I upvoted your post, but then I saw I only added $0.01 to the total, so I thought screw it: I've just sent 1 SBD I earned from one of my posts. I know it'll go to a worthy cause.


baller :) I hope you find the deadposts interesting :)

added in my small contribution !! I love the dead post :-D