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When I first joined steemit, I was so eager. I tried to do everything and even some things that I didn't understand, I gave attention. Those were the plankton days; the frustration and desperation for attention whipping one from one contest to another, one whale post to another, one discord server to another.

It was a rollercoaster ride and some of the choices I made in that time paid off and today I am pushing forward with the support of communities, friends, beautiful souls and other wildlings like me.

I did a challenge in my first two weeks on the platform. It failed woefully. I knew nothing about discord, communities, Resteems, etc. I was still thinking facebook then. I have learnt my lesson and I like to believe that I have come a long way from that naive young man.

I am not where I want to be, I hope to get to a place where I can never beg for a job again, where I can be able to impact the lives of the people around me and the community that suckled and catered for me; I mean my hometown, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. I hope to be free to be whoever I want to be.

In 4 months and some weeks, I have managed to gather 500sp. It is not much compared to the sp of whales, orcas and dolphins out there but it is mine, I sweated for it and I love seeing it each time I open my wallet. I love that feeling of euphoria that comes when I upvote a post and see it rise from 0.001 to 0.090. It gives me so much joy to so effect change on someone's post.

Yet I want to give it all away. Yes, you heard me. I am giving away my sp for a month to some special steemian.

Presently I have delegated 150sp out. 100sp will be returned by Thursday next week but I will still delegate that one to a project I am setting up. What is remaining is approximately 350sp. Not much I know but for a steemian with sp below 100, it would make some difference.

I will therefore be delegating a total of 300sp out to 3 lucky steemians for one month. Why am I doing this? Well those with the sp to make a difference have decided that delegating to bidbots is a loftier goal and good business sense. It is now left for the little guys to take care of themselves. So this is this little guy helping you along.

To qualify to get this small token from me, there are certain things we must do;


  • Write in not more than 180 words, a piece of flash fiction using this picture by @adam.tran as the prompt. If the words go beyond 180, your piece will be disqualified.

Photo by @adam.tran

  • Drop the story in the comment section below. Do not drop links. If you want, you can make your story into a post so you can get some upvotes too.
  • Resteem this post for visibility.
  • Read, upvote and comment on one comment/story you find interesting among the ones dropped.
  • Only contestants upvotes will count.
  • Do not upvote you own comment.
  • The contest will end when the post payout day reaches.

PS: Upvotes will not affect the judges' decision. I want you to interact among yourselves; simple.


Only those with sp below 100 are eligible to participate in this contest. If you have sp, both delegated and undelegated above 100sp, you do not qualify to participate.
If you have been powering down your sp so you can sell and despite months or years of using the platform, your sp is below 100, you do not qualify to participate either.


  • First place: 100 sp
  • Second place: 100sp
  • Third place: 100 sp
  • Comment/story with highest upvote: 2sbd


The contest will be judged by myself, @warpedpoetic and @djoi.

Once again, I apologize for the little quantity of steem power in this contest. I can only hope that those who win, find some use for it which will grow their accounts, no matter how small the growth is.

May the muses gift you with inspiration.

©warpedpoetic, 2018.

We can get together at any of the servers below, just by clicking on the banners.




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     After the holy matrimony has been done in the church, we all left for the venue of the reception, for this is a time I have been waiting for. I and my friend moved as fast as possible, in other to get a good sitting position. After some minutes of our arrival, the reception began. I could not resist the presence of the fuji artist but shake my head to his melodious songs despite the fact that I was eating. All of a sudden, the sky began to change, the sun began to lose its power to the cloud and the wind began to blow. Everybody began to run ether skeeter looking for save place to hide. The most annoying part was how I lose my brand new cap to the wind. The rain begin with a very heavy wind, the canopies could not withstand the force of the wind but surrendered to it. By then, the rain had full access to us

I will get a new cap for you, don't worry about the one you lost to the wind.

This is why you are on my list of favorite steemians! Such a great act of kindness!!! Much love! Good luck to all who enter! So far there are some creative minds brewing up some nice little stories!!! Again good luck to everyone who enters this contest!!!

@warpedpoetic has been great, awesome since I met him.

Thank you @charisma777, I am just trying to give back.

The sky rumbled severely momentarily leaving behind heart sickening flashes....
DQmaU1Cs4YJJtPT9R7wVmSzdfU6z2PM6bAvodu1LCu6zc46 (1).jpeg
I darted up the stairs like lightening with ears like that of a rabbit; sure i heard a scream! Couldn't be mistaken whatsoever!....
Help, she cried!!!
Oh no! "Fred" i gasped.... Not her!
It was a familiar figure; freckled but firm
"get the hell off my sister; you old hag"
"shut the hell up" he barked
Bang! came the thud that had him sprawled across the floor...
Arrrhh!!! he groaned; there, i clutched the knife intensely and dang!!! buried it deep in his abdomen.....
A sharp cry emerged; lasted just a second then "thump" came the sound, everything went numb.
Liquid wasn't omitted or would i rather call it blood? It splattered as i dipped a foot to get across.
There she sat trembling from fear, her garment adorned in shreds.... She smelled sour.
"it's gone" she mumbled in tears
I slid a finger between; and off it came with some stain....

Knock! Knock! Knock!
Guess that's the "law"
Where were you when the devil lurked around?

😥😥 Why? Why?

"It's gone." she mumbled in tears

Life's been so unfair to a lot of people @lightoj

I know! There's just too many struggles in the world today.

Most definitely; we tend to have more increase on a daily basis

We need to help ourselves! Be aware of people around us! Most people hides their imperfections, because of shame!

Truth is 85% of people barely have the opportunity to voice out their pain......... They end up being trampled upon continuosly; but then there's a limit to what they can take because they finally get to loose "tolerance" and just then, you will realize the law exists...... It will come knocking; demanding to know the reason behind the chaos 😢

One thing about abuse is, the victims hardly open up for fear of shame. But the abuser screams at the slightest opposition.

The old hag got what he deserved

Sure he did, though he pushed the innocent girl into the hands of the law

Oooh! What an experience

Stories like this are one of reasons I do say 'men are scum'

I loved what he did to the hag..
He sure deserves it..

Mainwhile I love the story @joyart.
I even wished it was longer.l, because I would like to know what happened next, if the victim got healed by moving on or she became reticent after that situation. And did she hated men after that?

Thanks dear for showing your appreciation...... I might not be opportuned to complete the story, however let's hope they'll be some other contest, where I'll get to finish up.

Put you can make it a post on your blog..
It's allowed, and we would love to read that.

Uhmmm.... I'll look out for that

If only he arrived on time😥...

There's always an if😢

We've been running from the guards for hours , my feet were already sore from the unforgiving blisters that remind me that my footwear is way past undergoing countless repairs. A raid of one the dwellings of the affluent will be sure to fix that situation.
I'm so caught up in my anger infested melodrama raging a war inside me that I almost bump into some of my fellow running mates who had taken a break from our race for life to examine the grandeur before us. 'Well, well, what have we here?' I think triumphantly.
I had always heard tales about affluent estates, never really laid eyes on one before. But here it is before me, in all its finery, the barricades were of the intricate gold plated designs, it's tents were of the finest tent material, the grasses here looks greener and even the heavens shines down on them in seeming approval. We're going to wipe that hypocritically pious smirk off all their faces. 'Let's find a way in!' I called.

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But, the reputation issue though.

It has been removed. Thanks @afolwalex

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Suddenly, the car swerved into a very big camp. The stout man on the wheel drove in, passing through many checkpoints, all I saw were nothing but strange happenings, the clouds became so bright, my vision was beclouded by the men on black.

How fast we scaled through all those checkpoints back there, still marvel my feeble heart. At this point, my blood pressure can pass for a cardiac arrest patient. I began to wonder where we are headed to?

Meanwhile, amidst this trembling feelings, we arrived a magnificent bungalow, and the car came to a halt. I knew that was our terminus ad quem (final destination), I was too scared to ask what I was doing there? But for the innate courage that advised me couple of times to RUN! but, couple of times did I fail to heed.

My gaze caught the awesomeness of its natural environs. In my admiration I received a thunderous slap, lying helplessly on the floor, I was dragged into a camp tent. Then and there, I realized: I should have RUN.

This is lovely man, as I read through fear gripped me too, the fear could pass for a cardiac arrest patient.

Thanks man, you are very funny, better run for your life now, before you receive a Thunderous slap.

You should have run for your life.

I would have run for my life, yes, but I didn't know where to run to, and I didn't know why I was abducted too, running wasn't a bad idea at all, but it could have been dangerous, owing to the fact that I was in great doubt. I held on to this Latin dictum when I am in doubt, "in dubio non agere", which means "In doubt do not act".

I think the thunderous slap was your reward for not running.

I was like a little lamb being led to the slaughter house to be killed, there was no escape root.

Ohh I see..

But don't you think miracles do happens?

I believe in miracles bro, as a matter of fact, there was a part of the story I scraped out, due to the rule of not writing more than 180 words. A great miracle happened towards the tail end of the story that emancipated me.

Ohh okay, you right. I get.
But you can still make it a fiction on your blog too.

I was like a little lamb being led to the slaughter house to be killed, there was no escape root.

Wow! I love the story. You had my full attention still the end. Didn't see this earlier... I tempted to ask some questions though...

Thanks for reading, you are free to ask questions please.

Reading through you story and comments , running wasn't an option for he had no idea where he was at that moment. Your story sound like a sci-fi movie or war- like movies. How did he get to the camp sef? Was he kidnapped?

Yes, I was kidnapped. I got into the camp in a tinted SUV jeep.

You was? Lol
The story is not about you, is it?

Yes, is about me, read again and you will realize that I was reporting the ordeal I went through in the hands of my abductors.

Wow.... Ever shared the story?

We set out for our mission with the hope to be back as million-naira, life has been so unfortunate for me and my friend, so we decided to take a step to riches and a stop to poverty.
We had set a plan to rub one of the richest man In our community, just waiting for the arrival of my friend to get to my house, just then I heard the horn of my friend bike, in no time I jumped on the bike then we set off, reaching the man house, we followed our plan map, then we got to the seating room, in no time everyone lied on the ground a big bag is set in our front, just then one of his son tried playing smart by calling the cops, seeing him I tried to pull the trigger, I heard a knock on the door of my tent it my same friend in my dream, wake up sleepy head it already morning.

Hahaha! 😂😂 You truly need to wake up before you commit a murder

Yes bro, my friend help me

Smiles.... Wake up bro

Already wake bro, thanks to my friend

lol... Nice one.. Your friend saved you

True man, thanks to my friend, if not for him I would have been a murderer by now, having a heavy heart all the days of my life

I love reading your story everyday

It's worth everyday reading, cos I also read it everyday too

I wished you didn't wake up.
I would loved to know what happened, if you went on with the robbery and were you caught ?

The story is hilarious..

Thanks for reading, I would have love to continue but it only beyond 180 words

Yeah, I get.
Can't go beyond 180words..

It a suspense story

Good one nice story

Thanks bro, glad you liked the story

Na wa .. You should come tell me moonlight tales story.. The story was sweet and real

Thanks love

They tied her unto the Crux as she struggled. She tried mumbling behind the cloth which was wrapped over her mouth. She wanted to let him know the truth. She stared at him hoping he could read the message in her eyes, but Mark did not seem to understand, he didn't care.
It was time. They had searched, slaughtered and waited for the purest of all to lift the curse that was on Krypton till that day.
The sky as bright as the sun itself,could not be looked upon. The Sun was breaking through the atmosphere, and time here seemed to be in it's final moments.
Every other procedure was successfully carried out but one more thing was to be done.
Mark was summoned, though he had dwelled with them all his life he believed this was just a Myth. Stripped naked with detailed instructions, he approached the crux with a dagger in his hands.
Darkness flashed,blood on the crux.
Mark was on his knees,he was part of the key.
The fire that consumed them finally brought balance to Krypton.

What's the source of the fire 🔥? Is it a mysterious fire?

I might have to give you a brief summary of the story... Ermmm it's not a mysterious fire actually. You can say dark magic was involved too. For the record, the characters in this story are not earthly beings.


This is our new home. Our camp... believed to be fortified with the spell of a supposed thousand years old witch, Gwen, who lives amongst us now. My father, the king found her when we went into the woods to hunt one faithful afternoon, how she did it no one could tell but she ensured my father became restless with the help of her magic till we found her lying in the pool of her own blood. When we brought her home, many wondered what vicious animal could have attacked a human like this...while the physician attended to her wounds. News of death awakes us in the middle of the night and before morning hundreds of our people had died. With similar marks, a bite in the neck. What kind of creature could have done this? The King asked... Gwen, who has just regained her consciousness answered "Vampires".. She told us what to do and casted her spell to surround us.. Now, as the clouds began to form and sun about to set, The night awaits!! Will her magic work????

Interesting story

😂 Do you think it will work?

😁😁 That's a good guess

Lol.... You'd all have to become magicians if her spell doesn't work

We don't know magic?? 😂😂😂

Eyaaa.... Den get prepared to perish 😂😂😂

We have woods, we will stake them and fight till our last drop of blood! 💪💪

Wood - magic =?
Haha😂😂😂 just rest in peace bro

It will work, I believe

You have faith, Wow! Such bravery is awesome! But don't you think there should be another alternative

good one, it will probably work

The magic will definitely work.

This story reminds me of a movie... Well written... Shall we get the remaining part later?

Maybe, If motivated! 😂😂

Hello, everyone. I won!!! 👏👏👏 Thanks to all of you. I'm grateful to @warpedpoetic I've received the 100SP and 2SBD price. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! Thanks everyone I'm grateful..


we were not well to do. But at least, we were satisfied and happy. We had a comfortable place of refuge as you can see over there.. Yes, call it a tent or any name, but it was better than a furnished house with no peace.. it was all going well till that faithful day.. Nature visited us unkindly.
it was looking glummy and the clouds were suddenly overtaking the radiance of the sun. "this is a bad sign" my mother said. Immediately, i heard some chaotic sounds outside.. I rushed to see what was happening.. and behold, i saw a lifeless body covered on a plank. Papa is gone! My brother shouted.

Lot of laughs...

lol... yh.. thanks

Interesting but sad... Nice write up

awwn... thanks, it was actually a sad fiction that came to my mind immediately i saw the contest thats why



Photo by @adam.tran

It was a kind of radiation that has never been experienced in Birmingham. The inhabitants ran out to see what was really happening and pondered in their in minds the cause of such.

While gazing sternly at the sky, something very big was forcing its way down to the ground. They all stood adrift in fear as they looked very frightened. Gradually, it came down and they saw clearly. Behold! It was a spaceship!!

Where is this coming from and what is inside there? asked a man. No one could answer cause everyone were amazed and shocked at the sight of the spaceship.

Not too long since the spaceship had landed the ground, an unimaginable crowd surfaced. Everyone was eager to see what was going to come out of it. They stood and stood but nothing came out, neither could anyone go closer to the spaceship.

All of a sudden, a giantic creature surfaced and with a loud voice shouted 'I AM KAL-EL'. On hearing such scream, everyone scampered away for safety as no one could explain they saw.

On hearing such scream, everyone scampered away for safety as no one could explain they saw.

You would have stayed around to comprehend what kind of creature it was. 😂
Nice one.


I still love my mama's egusi soup

Lol.... Is only Nigerian that wee run away o. 8n the abroad they will all wait till the see what the creature look like... Interesting Story. I likkie

Thanks @mizdais. Does white guys aren't of things o. They like seeing to the very end

I likkie too o. But come to think of it? Where are those white guys like it?

Using this story now, you'll agree that they will even approach the spaceship, walk inside without fear.

Great story bro. I can imagine some creature screaming. ..I'll run without looking back

The weather looks cloudy today my brother said as he gazed at the troubled sky... Looks like its finally going to rain he continued.
It has been a long while we saw it rain in this part of the world Coupled with how unfairly life has treated us.. This is what people will call "from grase to grass".
Exactly, you guessed right.
We were very cocomfortable before those infidels attacked and burnt down our home in the Northern part of my country.
Lucky, we were able to save our lives.
that tent you see there is where we have been taking refuge since that incident. and to tell you the truth, its really not been easy.
But what my Father told us some yrs ago will keep on lingering in my mind and that has kept us going. He said " always cherish the life you have. Properties may be recovered, but life cannot. And where there is life, there surely is hope".
Back to the weather. Yh, it finally rained that day.

Awesome!! Rain are blessings to the world. I hope things get better over there

Life sometimes sucks, but there is light at the end of a tunnel

wow...this is a nice piece... love the way you constructed the story.. good work there

We gave standing ovation to the chairman of the Board as he entered. After the long meeting the chairman stood up to announce the final decision, I was so restless as the decision can change my life forever or keep me at my present status.
The chairman begins 'i want you to know that the Board has made her decision on who to execute the project but before the final announcement, let us all go for our lunch after which we will announce the winner'.
The dinning hall, was like a Presidential dinning hall, I sat in one of the chairs where I think no one would see me clearly, I placed my order and in no time it was ready, there were fruits, wines and juices on my table and I promised myself to taste all of them, I was about starting with my fried rice, chicken, gizzard and plantain when I heard..... Papapapapa, wake up, it's time for morning mass, I opened my eyes, behold I was dreaming inside the tent.

Lol, that person should at least allow you to enjoy your rice and chicken now

Abi,will they give her food in morning mass?

😂😂😂 This kind dream strong ooo... You have to go back and collect that contract

Lol... Such a dream

It was the first day of the lenten season, the sun had risen too early as our camp laid quiet like a fishless valley.

Danger had escaped us by seconds last Thursday, we had to plan today's outing more accurately. So I jumped from my bunk, arranged the tools, splashed water on my face and headed for the meeting point.

Sowore was already waiting for me, so without waste of time we dashed for the highways.

We had only moved a few minutes when we stopped shocked to our bones, behold, the mobile police men, the fully armed military, the overwhelming crowd, someone must have tipped them.There was no escape today.

My friend, Sowore Adedeji and myself were sworn into paliarment admidst our supporters. I took out my vuvuzela and blasted a tune.The struggle had paid off.

Just then, I woke from my sleep.DQmNYpVtHBL8UayPdM2A89S3coaUjYiY2a42ye5RvsSmoDL.jpeg

This is really cool, like a short film completed in few minutes, nice one bro

I appreciate, thanks a lot.

Your articulate mastery of words is amazing. Great story bruh. 😊

Thanks, I appreciate.

welcome back. 👏👏 Great story

Thanks a lot😂😂

I was in the middle of a sweet dream when a noise startled me. Bam! Bam! Sounded like a hammer pounding on a tough nail.
Just as I was putting on my slippers and towel, the noise changed. I sat at the edge of my bed and listened. Tick! Tick! It reminded me of my first wristwatch. Its regular tempo had always helped me fall asleep.

I started dozing off, when the ticking stopped. It was now replaced by a buzz, similar to the noise coming from a beehive in midsummer, only louder. I shivered. I'm allergic to bees! Mere thinking or hearing a bee-like sound makes me swell.

"Enough!" I shouted. "I can't take it anymore!" I marched to the next apartment and knocked. "Hi, there, Lucy!" neighbor chimed. "What's up?"
I pointed at my noiseless watch. "Do you know what time it is?"

He grabbed my arm and glanced at my watch. "Oh, my! I didn't realize it was that late. I'm busy working on a machine that can cure insomnia. You wanna see it?"

😂😂😂😂 , dear lord and there you go finally. Nice one.

Nice one,, I love this

When I went to lunch today, I noticed an old man sitting on a park bench sobbing his eyes out. I stopped and asked him what was wrong.
He told me, 'I have a 22 year old wife at home. She rubs my back every morning and then gets up and makes me pancakes, sausage, fresh fruit and freshly ground coffee.'
I continued, 'Well, then why are you crying?'
He added, 'She makes me homemade soup for lunch and my favourite biscuits, cleans the house and then watches sports TV with me for the rest of the afternoon.'
I said, 'Well, why are you crying?'
He said, 'For dinner she makes me a gourmet meal with wine and my favourite dessert and then we cuddle until the small hours.'
I inquired, 'Well then, why in the world would you be crying?'
He replied, 'I can't remember where I live.'IMG-20180519-WA0016.jpg

Oh! 💔 I hope he finally found his way.

He really needs help. I hope he found his way back home.

I feel so related and I feel your sweat too. Good luck to all the contestants! Thanks for using my photo :)

You are welcome bro. Thanks for allowing me use it.

I think it we be nice to follow you..... Using ur picture is a nice recommendation

I know right! Thank you too Thompson!


In ecology we often hear the term chain and networking food. A mechanism explain to us that between being one depends on the creature other they interact with each other just to maintain their lives and reproduce or breed. Although there is a term predator (orca) but the real no injured in this case, but again human (account spammers, hackers), which could interfere and damage the balance of ecology (blokchain) this. In addition to a number of human (account) destructive environment (platform) this, there is a little too that continue to attempt to maintain and preserve. Recorded a number of humans (account) full obsession and has attention to the preservation of the sea (steemit). And ecology (blokchain) own rich accounts professional only their role covered by the flashlight showdown between the authorities (curator community).
Plankton is a fundamental element in the marine ecosystem of plankton is the source of all food even giant whales (whale) are also able to consume several thousand plankton per day.

My fiction story, 😆..about sea like steemit

I groped the other side of the bed, reaching for my husband. It was empty. I groped again, still empty, I bolted right up.
“Michael.” I called out, I got no response. I checked the other places, no sign of him. I checked my baby's bed, she wasn't there.

“Michael!!” I screamed. My baby and husband were missing.
I looked out through the camp window, rays of light penetrated through my eyes. The sky was in an unusual state.

Then the verse from the bible "I’ll come like a thief in the night" hit my head. Rapture had come. I panicked.
“Ahhh!!” I screamed as I remembered ‘borrowing’ five thousand naira from my husband’s pocket yesterday.
My wrapper slipped off as I rolled on the floor screaming ‘rapture has come oh.’
Unknown to me, my husband walked in.
“Are you ok?" He asked, looking at me like I was a retard. I stood up. Readjusting my wrapper.
“I thought rapture came, you and Nkechi disappeared.”
He became hysterical.
“I took Nkechi for a walk.” He said between laughing fits.

Seeing an unusual vision in the sky,it is normal that we felt different things most especially that you husband and child was not around.
So sad but thanks God it was just your imagination.
Im @olivia08 of Philippines nice meeting you.

Yeah @olivia08 thank God it was just an imagination.
And nice to meet you too, Am @uche-nna of Nigeria.

Rapture had come. I panicked.
“Ahhh!!” I screamed as I remembered ‘borrowing’ five thousand naira from my husband’s pocket yesterday.

When the thought of rapture hit your mind, I would think that, the thought of repentance should come to your mind, instead of remembering that you borrowed money from your husband's pocket. Are you sure you borrowed or you stole the 💰?? lots of love


This reminds me of exactly where I started. The story is the same. It's a jungle out there. When starting out and you are seeing people making all this money and you think to yourself: How do I get there too? But what happens along the way is hard work and dedication. In order to succeed in this platform you need tenacity, persistence and dedication. Then you'll go far.

True words @cryptoprofessor. One has to stay focused on the ball and not be distracted by the things going on around him or her.

Wow, so generous 300 sp 😱
now thinking of a story to share and would love to be part of it 🤔

More power to you!

Well get writing. Let's see what you got.

Great stuff @warpedpoetic! I'm glad, proud and humbled to be a co-judge.

Bring your best stuff guys!

You are welcome @djoi.

Hive Bee trail comment.jpg Vote

Amazing initiative @warpedpoetic, always gotta look out for fellow minnows!

Yeah we have to. We have to find our way ourselves. No whale is coming to our aid

Can it be a poem??

No my friend, @okipeter. I want a particular genre to make for easier judging.

Okay. I'll cook up a story

This ought to be fun to read. Can't wait to see the submissions.

Indulge bro @trumanity. The submissions are on the comment section here.

Oh no, I've learned better than to do that my Nigerian friend. It's rather more entertaining to sit back and watch what you're doing ;-) nudge nuidge

Lol... OK then. Thank you for the support my friend.

One of the best contests I've seen on here so far :>)

If I had more left to delegate - and still stay above 500 SP - I would delegate to you.

And to get back to you:

I am not where I want to be

This means you are open for growth. Try, nevertheless to be as happy as possible where(ver) you are.

I hope to be free to be whoever I want to be.

That's real freedom.
Luckily, as mentioned in my post from yesterday Everybody is Free to Feel Good

Upvoted and resteemed ;>)

P.S. I hope there are some dolphins taking notice of this and of what you are doing. It's all about helping those who are less 'fortunate' than we are.

Thank you for stopping by @vincentnijman. I hope it achieves its purpose and some newbie is encouraged to continue on as well as learn to give to the community too.
If dolphins want to assist, that would be nice though. 😂

Thanks for your kind words. Stay safe

You're very welcome, buddy!

I picture us swimming with dolphins in the near future.
I learnt that they are healing animals ;>)

this is surely the best contest ever, very proud of your works sir.
Am coming with my entry soon.

you are welcome to join in the fun @botefarm

Thanks for being so noble by creating this contest for we newbie. I would love to join but story writing is challenging for me. Thanks and God bless you.

Thank you for your kind words. I hope to see your story

good job and good thinking my brother, and also an interesting contest to be followed by some plankton .. unfortunately I can not participate in this contest because my reputation is more than 35 .. I really appreciate your work for already pay attention to the begthink 👍

Thank you bro @sanne but the main thing actually is if your sp is below 100. I placed 35 there because I wanted to avoid those who power down or who have been flagged to oblivion for spamming,phishing and or plagiarism.

If your sp is below 100, feel free to join in. I have removed that particular condition of 35 reputation.

Thanks for your generosity and fairness in making the contest open to everyone. I'm a newbie and still learning the steemit ropes.

Okey my bro @warpedpoetic, i will joined and participate for contest! Thanks brother..

Thank you very much for giving out this contest, i will do my best to win this contest because i need it to encourage the people i brought on this platform

I wish you all the best bro.

Thank you very much

I have noticed that some of the contestants are not upvoting or commenting on other stories and some didn't Resteem the post.

I didn't ask for upvotes so I find it hard to phantom why you cannot upvote any of the other contestants stories if you like it or Resteem the post?

You'd better read the rules properly.

The rule says that upvote, and comment on one comment . Done that already upvoted, commented, then resteemed.

I don't know if I would be very good at story writing. I sure am enjoying reading the entries. Great contest and the picture you chose is beautiful.

Thank you @headchange. I am glad you liked it.

I think this is really encouraging, thanks for the initiative.

What if someone has been powering down recently although his all time SP is not up-to 100. Is the person eligible to contest.

In 4 months and some weeks, I have managed to gather 500sp. It is not much compared to the sp of whales, orcas and dolphins out there but it is mine,

Yes, please

The contest has come to an end with the entry by @mizdais. May the muses be with you. The results will never announced on Monday 28th, 2018. Stay safe y'all.

OK, what time on Monday