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Thank you for your continued support. Together we have raised more than 160 STEEM in community prizes since January 2019. Due to @spaminator flags I will no longer be able to provide contests. All remaining posts will be honored. I have enjoyed reporting international soccer matches and appreciate all contestants’ votes and comments. My best wishes and care for your future endeavors.


I have a simple solution: post it with another account. And it seems that was one-time-action otherwise he could downvote all your posts

They downvoted multiple posts and all comments 12 hours before payout. This indicates a targeted action to reduce all rewards without time to re-upvote or address grievance. It's possible the remaining posts will be flagged in that timeframe. Without any communication from the account clarifying their actions it's not worth the time and effort to facilitate the contests with risk of flags negating payouts and losing my paid upvote investments.

I asked about downvotes on discord and they say that "reward farming. Up voting to enter a contest for a share of the post rewards is abuse." "These are Steemits rules"

So don't write in the rules about the need of upvotes

My contests don't require upvotes. Each post informs that contestants may upvote my comment or post their own comment to receive rewards. The rules state that upvoting will increase a contestants share of rewards as the prize pool grows in proportion to their vote values. Additionally, @votum is not created by or associated with steemit, and there are many contests posted by other accounts that require upvotes and are not flagged, so that explanation doesn't make sense to me.

Thanks for the update. I do not connect to private discord servers but have left a message on his post.

Aww man, this is so fucked up. You are one of my favorite contest makers. This will be a big loss to the gaming community.

@spaminator why are you flagging this account? He pays out every player consistently and the contests are quick and fun.

Sorry to read!!

It is a loss that you withdraw from the contests @votum, because you are a great contributor to the sports platform dwe Steemit. Something like that happened to me and I put flags to all the posts of a week. justifying that I asked users for votes to participate and I was profiting. But I contacted @steemcleaners and they told me to remove the user request for votes to participate.

Of course, that week of post that they put flags, they never took it off, but the next contests I've done have not put more flags.

Thanks for the information. My contests have never required upvotes and each post informs that a comment is all that is required to receive rewards. I have contacted @spaminator but received no response so far. I'm not sure if they are related to @steemcleaners.

Cant you just get off their list if you speak to them?

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I asked to please remove the flags but received no response.

Contestants should be aware if contributing voting power to remaining posts they may be flagged to negate any prize.

Thats bullshit. You post max 2 posts a day. Nothing spammy about that.

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It's disappointing considering the amount of spam that goes unpunished on a daily basis and I only use 50% of total voting power on my contests.

I dont care about selfvotes when it comes to contests. It increases the rewards.
And yes, so disappointing with everything else.
I dont understand the logic behind you getting flagged. Some user post once every 1 or 2 and I dont consider that flag-worthy. So dno. Still bullshit

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@votum, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Red Fish!
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