2 Sentence Horrifying Blind Dates Contest # 1: Announcing The Winner Of 20 SBD (Original Contest)

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There were a numerous amount of clever, twisted, and eerily suspenseful entries this week that show how scary some Blind Dates can truly be. This made it very difficult to judge but luckily I am a very tough judge and I know what I want to see when looking for the perfect entry. With that said, I was able to pinpoint the worst kind of Blind Date with the perfect and complete story presentation that brought fear and cringe worthiness when I finished reading it. I am very happy with the outcome and engagement of this contest, so I appreciate all of you who made this another success

Without further ado...

The winning entry of Horrifying Blind Dates goes to....

@Hammaraxx with their brutally raw, and murderously squeamish entry, which I now title: Private Pain

Congrats to you @Hammaraxx. Your very intricately written and detailed full story entry had me fearing for my life and double guessing the intentions of any beautiful or gorgeous woman that is out there in this cold, dark world. Your cleverness, well-structured sentences, attention to detail and creative narrative put you over the top of your competitors winning you 20 SBD. Everyone please enjoy their entry below

Private Pain

Even though his friend, who set up their blind date, said she was gorgeous, until she finally arrived at the restaurant, almost fifteen minutes late, Ben had no idea what to expect and after seeing her walking towards his table, he could not have been more happier.
They both appeared to hit it off straight away while they enjoyed a lovely meal, accompanied by two very expensive bottles of wine which made Ben’s head spin all the way back to her place, a few blocks away, where he was eventually found three days later, the latest victim of the “Castration Serial Killer”.

This had me gripping my manhood lol That is one of men's worst fears to let their guard down fully undressed with an extremely attractive seductress only to find out their about to get shredded to bits and pieces. What a great and horrifying entry @Hammaraxx

Check my previous posts on my @peacemaker & @verbal-d account for examples of a 2 Horrifying Blind Date

Cold Hearted Collector

Blindfolded Swingers

Thank you to everyone who participated, I'll see you in the next contest, which will be posted later today soon

Thank you for reading this post in its entirety, I hope you enjoyed it for what it's worth.

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Next Post coming tomorrow

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@Hammaraxx, congratulation!!


Well Done @hammaraxx Good One!


Thank you @awgbibb, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

i must read this story
thanks for sharing


Thank you very much, you're most welcome. Enjoy the entry above

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Thank you so much @verbal-d.
There was a lot of very good entries this week and I am so honoured to have been announced as the winner among so many great stories.


You are most welcome, glad you have entered in once again. You sure know how to write great entries :) Thanks for playing.