[Tpot Contest No. 14]: WIN FREE Whaleshares worth 45+ USD and TROPHY TOKENS - Contest 13 Results Announced

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Greetings Everyone !

Its a pleasure to write to you again for contest no. 14. I would like to Thank you all for your participation and keeping the Tpot contests as a super success. We will find ways to make it even more successful in the coming days.

Tpot appreciates all your efforts and participation in our contests. You deserve much more..

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Contest No. 13 Results

The winner of this week Contest no. 13 is @kataindah for this entry. All the rewards will be transferred to you soon after this post is published. Please check your Bitshares Account.


The theme of this week contest is "Interesting Pictures". Take a picture that you find interesting and explain why you find it interesting. The picture must belong to you and you should have the copyrights, Please do not share copy paste pictures or pictures take from anywhere else.

It's pretty simple to participate, just take a picture of what you find interesting, make a post about it along with a description of the picture such as when and where did you took the picture, and why do you find the picture interesting. It can be anything.


Pay attention to the following rules. Any of the "rule not followed" may disqualify your entry from the contest.

  1. Resteem and Upvote this post
  2. Title of the post should contain, "Tpot Contest No. 14"
  3. The post must contain at least 5 lines/rows of words (explaining the image).
  4. Provide the LINK to your post in the comments section to this post along with your Bitshares account. If you don't have a Bitshares account then register here.
  5. Only original contents. Do not EDIT, PHOTOSHOP or Add Special Effects.

Closing Date

The results will be announced after the Payout of this post. Tpot contests are held weekly. Which means that you have 7 days to participate in the contest.


Only the first prize will be given out. If your post is selected as winner, you will receive;

75 Whaleshares + 3 Trophy Tokens


Whaleshares are both a token and community. They are based on Bitshares platform and works as cross-chain tokens. You can summon a whale for Upvote with your Whaleshares.

Trophy Tokens

TROPHY TOKEN is a Bitshares asset made by Steemians who want to reward you for your efforts with more than just an upvote.


Note: Please consider delegation to Tpot or our Free Discord Promotion Bot to help minnows and the project. Thanks

Join our Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/4h64RA8


@kataindah Here's your Payment proof.

Thanks a lot @tpot for my election as the winner of the contest no. 13 weeks ago, I did not expect my article contest to rise as a winner and thanks also to the contest held by @whaleshares, I really like

Thanks to you for participating. Feel free to participate in this one too.. Thanks..

Please suggest me, bangaimana I use Bitshares and tropy results from the victory of the contest, how still do not understand how to use it, because the type of gift is not SBD, i please not know his tutorial, thank you

Just go and sell it.. or send it back to me and I will sell it for you and in return give some SBD to you..

mantap nyan ngoen
bek tuo piyoh bak ata long beuh

When is the closing date for contest 14?

The Payout date is always the closing date for all our contests. Our contests are weekly.

Here is my link submission for this contest

Bitshares Account

Sounds interesting! I wish I win someday.

You will have to participate to win.. Never seen your participating before..

I am new to steemit. So, I will participate henceforth.

Hello! @tpot this is my entry:
My Bitshares account is sumsum007

Terimakasih postingan nya bg
Alhamdulillah sangat menarik dan membantu sekali
Teruslah berkarya
Semangat bg

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Here is my link submission for this contest: https://steemit.com/whaleshares/@timlee/the-interesting-indoor-waterfall-tpot-contest-no-14

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-09 at 1.30.18 PM.jpeg

My bitshare account is:


Hi, sorry I did not see the contest earlier but I still wanna parcipate, this is my entry:


Bitshares Account: miguel21

Although, the deadline has passed but I will consider your entry. The results will be published in 12 Hours and a new Contest will be uploaded. Our contests are held every week, makes sure to come back. Thanks :)

oh thanks a lot! I will be more pending and absolutely will participate!


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