50sp Delegation for Plankton for 4 weeks

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I am a firm believer that besides price we are having a problem right now at steemit due to the lack of engagement. Most importantly engagement from new people. Here is my solution...well at least for a few of you. I am going to Give Away 200sp worth of delegations each week for the month of December. Based on the feedback from those involved I might keep this going longer, but at the least it will be active for December.


Contest/Give Away Rules

  1. You must have less then 100sp
  2. Leave a comment below with your entry, start entry with "THIS IS MY ENTRY" and then tell me how much SP you currently have, how often you post, and why you would like the Delegation.
  3. You must power up your earnings and not be withdrawing them. Want people who want to stay active and help build steemit long term.


I want to get people up to 100sp or give them 50sp towards this. So the prizes will be "up to" 50sp and all prizes will be for 4 weeks.

  1. Max prize is 50sp for 4 weeks
  2. Max I will increase your SP to is 100sp (if you have 40sp max prize if 50sp, if you have 75sp max prize is 25sp)
  3. Max for this weeks prizes is 200sp, but only if enough quality original content producing people enter

Who wins the delegations is purely up to me and I make no claims as to this being fair in your mind as I can't control what you think. But understand that I'm looking for active accounts...Active Accounts that are producing quality Original Content.

Bonus Prize

@minnowbuilder3 will be set to autovote your content for at least the 4 weeks you are getting the delegation. This means a daily free upvote on your posts. The goal of the Minnow Builder Program is to support hand picked steemians who have less then 500sp with daily upvotes.

It would be nice...

I never require upvotes, follows, or resteems to enter a contest but those things are all nice. Want to take a second and explain why each of them helps me and others. The upvotes help me fund this little project and I'll adjust next weeks pool of delegations based on this weeks votes. Follows help my UA score and make me feel like you aren't here to take my SP and run. The resteems help get the word out there about this little idea of mine without me having to dump a ton of money to reach trending...which I'm not willing to do.


Ironic that I saw this when checking the OCDB wallet. I ran a contest to delegate to dust not too long ago myself. Unfortunately it was an utter failure. No one suggested anyone to delegate to.

Good luck in your efforts.

Thanks. Even if the first week only brings 1 or 2 I'll push forward trying to do my little part to help others.

Funny thing about finding posts in the ocdb wallet. I've found a few when I check to see how big the wait is going to be and how big of a vote is currently accepted. So many ways to stumble on others authors.

See you a friend so not wasting any voting power on your comment...sure you understand that.

Edit: Now that the vote isn't wasted it was given.

@fulltimegeek is neutralizing all downvotes @thedarkhorse <3 I'm going around as well doing what healing I can.

Lovely initiative you are taking here to help new users. <3 <3

Good to know. Hate when these flag wars spill over to those not involved. Need some sort of a gentlemen's way of dealing with this stuff...not sure what it is but something. Flags are needed for sure, they are required to combat the spam so don't want them taken away. Guess if the solution was simple it would have already been solved.

And thank you. Trying anything to keep people engaged. Between this and running @pifc and @minnowbuilder I keep busy trying to help others out on the platform. Just wish I had the funds to make a bigger impact.

Just wish I had the funds to make a bigger impact.

Me too, and I have a feeling if you keep persisting like you do, it will come true! You are an early adopter of a brand new tech that will transform every industry in the world. <3

I believe that and am working on a business idea that should really help boost the amount of money coming into steem. It's partly why I can't commit extra cash right now...but it's a catch 22 as I feel my business will increase the value of steem independent of BTC's movement so would love to add a bunch, but need the cash to make the business happen.

But honestly I personally don't need the added firepower, it's @pifc does for the Curation Contest and @minnowbuilder does as half it's voting power is dedicated to helping build redfish into Minnows. Those that delegate to @pifc get nothing in return so they are doing something selfless, those that buy shares of @minnowbuilder get a daily upvote and it's more of a win-win.

Anyways I believe sooner of later a whale is going to come along and help support @pifc. I mean even a little 2500sp delegation doubles our current VP so it wouldn't take much for someone to make an impact. While that is a huge amount for most of us, whales can drop that an not even notice the impact on their vote or profitability.

Um...a gentleman doesn't get into these sorts of flag wars. They flag deserving things. Not just "gentleman", anyone that's not a complete ass.

Of course, if you are pissed at someone, you can go looking for deserving things to flag. :P We aren't expected to be emotionless, and flagging is a convenient way to expel that. We just shouldn't flag away people's valid earnings because we don't like them.

Of course, we didn't "get into" this flag war. We're casualties of someone that doesn't care how many victims there are, he wanted to destroy his intended target in a propaganda war.

THIS IS MY ENTRY: Hi @thedarkhorse thank you for the opportunity to gain some SP in order to boost my account. I only have 4,97 SP at the moment. I try to post on a daily basis, talking about topics which I am interested in or with what I am dealing in my daily life. At the moment I power up all my posts in order to get a tiny influence in the community. I believe in Steemit and want to be part of the community. I already made a post about the RC dilemma and why people should keep on posting. I try to make quality content in order to support the community. As i have limited ressources, it is hard for me to post and comment at the same time. I also try to participate in the pay it forward contest to help people like me to get not fast discouraged to build a blog here :)
For those reading my comment you might want to check out my content leave an upvote, follow me or leave a comment.


First off thanks for applying. Know it's only been 14 hours, but since you were first and have entered PIFC you are being approved for the delegation. I will be doing all of them at the same time when this post goes to payout. This will hopefully allow you to reply to comments better and maybe post more often if you wanted to.

The @minnowbuilder vote for you will actually come from @minnowbuilder and it will stay in place as long as your content looks good until you reach Minnow Status (500sp). The MB3 account would have been temporary so this is better for you long term. Also it will start today, actually right now. This vote assuming the value of Steem doesn't drop more should be enough to make all your posts pay out and keep you above the dust threshold as it's currently about 2.5c per 50% vote.

PS. I have also upvoted 2 of your other posts that were under the dust threshold to make sure you earn on them.



I have 76.818 SP. I try to make a post every day, I do not want to saturate anyone's feed with my posts. Most of my post, 98%, are movie reviews, post with an average reading of 4-5 minutes, nothing too long, and not very short, something easy to digest.

P.S. I will not participate, I am not sure to comply with the third rule. I like to invest my earnings in other cryptos, just to not put all the eggs in the same basket.

Still, excellent work, not everyone cares about helping the Planktons.

You would be a good person to support, if you wanted to power up only for the next month. Just a thought for you. The delegation wouldn't be huge, but would get you to 100sp, but every little bit helps.

I left a comment on neds post about RC's...lol

I cannot believe they have not made a tweak for this problem. Meanwhile, I now get about 10 votes on each post at 15 minutes, 100%, and with tiny sp. Some scam is coming from that, I am sure.

Penalizing communication on a social media platform has to be the dumbest logic that I've seen in a long time...
(is HQ full of postmodernists?lol)

p.s. no point me upvoting atm, mate.

Those votes are all about curation. Someone that autovotes my posts tends to earn more then their vote value for curation if they vote around 12-13 minutes. Some people find authors they know they can earn curation on consistently and just autovote them to earn tiny bits of income.

Hello @thedarkhorse, my sp is 44.5, my publications are usually in Spanish, but I also publish in English, I try to be active, and to make publicaicones incentivizing to always participate in this community despite the steem down currently.

Was just looking over your account. You could greatly benefit from getting involved with the @pifc community and posting an entry each week. This helps you get out there and meet active steemians. Make some connections and then you will get more active followers who will upvote your content. The engagement part of steemit is so critical and communities are a big part of that. Otherwise you are a very small fish in a massive ocean and your content never gets seen. Can't believe all the posts you have that aren't even going to break the dust threshold.

I'm curious about the liquid steem and SBD you are holding...are you planning to power that up? It's not a ton, but it's enough that you could boost your account.

My us score seems to be stagnant at 3.57
I don’t know where it comes into play or if it means anything

It only matters if you delegate to their account and get votes from them.

Oh I see.
You do some good thing for people. Always
Nice going

Wonderful initiative to helpout the little red fishes out there. I know they need the extra SP to keep them going especially now with all the RC and los steem. I hope they will be more encouraged and motivated with all the little and big projects such as this offered to them.

May you be blessed more for your kindness. Cheers!

They really do need the boost. Just hope to find at least 4 each week that are worth supporting.

Good luck! I hope you find great steemians.. 😊

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hi @thedarkhorse

Great initiative. I just bumped into your post and it hit me that we both decided to delegate our own SP to others around the same time :)

I'm just delegating total of 1200 SP (40-50 SP per person) for period of almost 2 months. Love to see that you're also doing your best to support community.

You're the man!

Have to do our part to help push forward even during this crypto winter.

Thank you for this window of opportunity to increase my SP from the 46.191 that it is right now. I am gradually being made aware of what an enormous sea this is in which I am, by the way, enjoying my swim in spite of being so ignorant.
I am a writer by compulsion. It is what I have to do and I doodle too. I have filled notebooks when I've traveled and I also illustrate and paint the places that I have visited. But just at home I jot down ideas, feelings, reactions, jokes and stories. I keep a record of stuff for the odd occasions when i'm asked to speak.
So having Steemit explained to me led me to contributing an idea, a story, some advice, almost every day. I have mentally committed myself to this platform. I am very interested to see where it leads me.
I am gradually finding people whose work I enjoy and even have made a new friend or two.
Thank you for this opportunity.

@justjoy I was looking at your wallet and you currently show 15sp, just the free delegation from having a new account. Have you not claimed and of your rewards? You do this by going to your wallet and one of the first things will be a light green highlighted box that shows you all your pending rewards. You click the "Redeem Rewards (Transfer to Balance) button.

I looked back at your last few post reward payouts and not seeing where you redeemed them either.

@justjoy I see that you have now claimed your rewards.

Your next step is to power up the earnings you have and you will find that you will be over 100sp at this point. The SBD can be converted into Steem by going to the market and selling your SBD for Steem. Do a search for posts about this topic if your don't know how (top right the little magnify glass). Once it's all in Steem you click on the steem in your wallet and a drop down menu will appear. From this menu select Power Up and this will turn all your earning into Steem Power

A couple benefits to doing this are increased voting power and then also the fact that the amount of steem in your wallet actually grows when it's turned into Steem Power vs held as Steem. This is because there is an inflation factor built into the system for SP. It's not a huge amount, but it's free growth.

Now something you might want to consider is a program like Minnow Builder for part of that liquid steem before you power up. This program gives you a daily upvote on your posts. Here is the current share sale:

Anyways let me know what you are doing when you get a chance.

Thanks for your help and advice. I am reading.........learning bit by bit.

It is really creative method to engage more newbies to be involve and started to set long term commitment to the platform. as always you are thinking and doing all your best. I wish you all the best my friend @thedarkhorse

Doing my little part in helping out. As you know I am a firm believer in Paying It Forward and hope that if this delegation can help a few people out that one day they will in turn find a way to help others. This is so much more productive then running around being negative in life.

I'm never sure how this plankton, minnow, whale designation meant anything except as a catchy handle anyway. But this is a good idea to help a 'Plankton' get launched. I've been blockswapping my Dogecoin to more useful Steem so I am able bulk up on SP rather than burden anyone else. In this critical juncture of our ecosystem I'd rather see more resources put into retaining and growing new members.

The names are all kind of silly, but so many use them that it becomes habit forming. There is an official list somewhere, but all that really matters to me is Minnow starts at 500sp and if your below that then you are plankton or redfish.

Key is to get the smallest members active and engaged. If they enjoy themselves without worrying about the RC issues then there is a good chance that they will consider buying some SP for their accounts.

Nice, now on to finding the plankton

Hopefully this post gets seen by those in need.

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¡Hola @thedarkhorse! Gracias por esta gran oportunidad para aumentar mi SP, no sé si clasifico, tengo una delegación de simplymike de 76.00 SP, pero este es mi verdadero SP 41,82, hace poco mi cuenta fue hackeada, y se robaron todo mi STEEM, gracias a Dios pude recuperar mi cuenta pero no los STEEM, y mis amigos me donaron STEEM y SBD, (los reservo para comprar otras acciones de minnowbuilder2 y 3) de otros los he ganado con mi trabajo, ya que trato de publicar todos los días, semanalmente público en pay it Ward, demás está decir que los servicios en Venezuela están muy malos, si no se va la luz se cae el internet, entonces no puedo publicar. Tengo que regresar la delegación, aunque simplymike me hizo este comentario, por el cual estoy muy agradecida.

@celinavisaez , has estado trabajando tan duro. Publicas muy a menudo y, a pesar de la barrera del idioma, estás muy comprometido con la comunidad.
Estoy muy orgulloso de ti. Por eso decidí que puedes quedarte con la delegación hasta que puedas continuar por tu cuenta.

Si me pude ayudar estaré muy agradecida, un fuerte pero cariñoso abrazo.

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