FREE ticket to DSW Kickoff with Casey Neistat

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Hey Steemit,

I'm looking to give away my 1 ticket to the Denver Startup Week Kickoff Breakfast featuring Casey Neistat to one lucky Steemian.

This event sold out in seconds and is perhaps the most anticipated event in Denver Startup Week history. Given what the Steemit community has afforded me over the past year, I'd like to give back by offering this ticket to one lucky Steemit member who will be in Denver on Monday Sept. 25, 2017 (1 week away).

For the lucky recipient, all I ask in return is that you write one Steemit post discussing an act of selflessness you initiated on the day of the event (opened a door, bought someone a coffee, doesn't have to be elaborate, but should come from the heart). I'm looking to give back to this community, so I think it's only fair that the winner share it forward and let others read about it. Ok, now to the fun stuff :)

To be considered, you must:

  1. Be in Denver and available Monday Sept. 25 from 8-10:30am
  2. Upvote and resteem this post so others can be aware of the opportunity.
  3. Leave a comment explaining how/why you would benefit from attending the event.

Winner will be announced Friday 9/22. That's it...pretty straightforward.

Good luck and I look forward to bringing some joy and happiness into the life of one lucky Mile High Steemian.

Much ❤️

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I can't use the prize, but did up-vote and will re-steem. Good luck to whomever can use the prize!


Always appreciate the support @happyme

You're one of the good ones :)


Thanks. I try my best to support those who catch my interest.

I know it may sound kind of crazy, but I'm actually quite anxiously waiting to see my votes give out 4 cents again as they did very, very briefly just after HF19. It sure is a slow process to get that 1 cent bump.

This post was resteemed by @resteembot!
Good Luck!

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Some of them are truly great.

I shall resteem but can not be there :-(


All good @surfdog ...the share is appreciated. Wish I could fly someone in as well. In due time :)

I'm interested in going to the event :) my husband and I are getting into the crypto community and are interested in any entrepreneurial advice that might be offered!


@sunravelme If interested, shoot me an email - wkendal at gmail dot com

I'd love the opportunity to see Neistat. I also work in film (I do voiceover work) and have been wanting to break out and start my own business. I think I have the talent it takes, but I'm missing the entrepreneurial part. Thanks for this contest! Hope we Denver Steemit people can meet up soon!


@jimitations I'd love for you to take this opportunity. These types of events are often what we need to get to that next level. Shoot me an email - wkendal at gmail dot com


Jim, hope you enjoyed Neistat. Looking forward to reading some reactions.

Is it too late to enter??


Others have failed to claim, so no, not too late. Send an email - wkendal at gmail dot com