A - Z Photography Contest Week 7: The Letter G (Chance To Win SBI AND Steem Monsters Cards!)

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Last Week's Winners

It's time to give tribute to the terrific trifecta of talent that tried out for this week's trial!

First Prize

Image Credit: @vestlife

First place and 3 SBI shares goes to @vestlife for an awesome picture, The Freedom of Flight. In it, a vulture is soaring through the fog in a beautiful valley with a mountain as its backdrop. Much like the author, I have struggled to learn how to get nice shots of birds, but I still haven't taken a picture of one that I'm proud of. I guess that is why this particular image impressed me so much. I also thought it was pretty cool that, even though this bird is soaring far, far above the ground, the picture is taken from even higher above. It kind of makes one wonder, "what in the world were you doing up there?!" Very nicely done!!

Second Prize

Image Credit: @fitinfunfood

This week's second place prize of 2 SBI shares goes to @fitinfunfood for their up-close photo of orange slices. The photo is accompanied by a wonderful article about the importance of having fruit in your diet entitled F Is For Fruit. Once again, they provided a plethora of photos depicting all kinds of fruit from all around the world! From grapes in California that are only available for 2 weeks out of the year to the dreaded Durian fruit being prepared for market in Bangkok, you are sure to find some fruit that interests you in this article. In addition, you will will find charts providing the health benefits of various fruits, tips on how to avoid pesticides when buying fruits and how to clean your fruit before eating, and some tasty sounding ideas on how to prepare your fruit. If you're looking to replace some unhealthy calories in your diet with better options, you will definitely want to check this one out!

Third Prize

Image Credit: @izaid

This weeks third prize of 1 SBI share goes to @izaid for a beautiful upcycling project, a {Flower vase made from bottles](https://steemit.com/art/@izaid/flower-vase-made-from-bottles-c21d871f2c272). All of the flowers and the vase in the image are made from plastic bottles that were shaped and melted together using a candle flame or lighter. I have to say: these plastic bottles look WAAAY more attractive than the ones I see lining the roads or floating in our lakes and streams! If only more of us would seek to find better uses for our trash.

Proof Of Funds Transfer

I am excited to see this contest beginning to grow! I get to give out all three prizes, this week!


Furthermore, @fitinfunfood resteemed and commented, so they will be awarded the Reward Edition Divine Sorceress @steemmonsters card. I will make the transaction happen as soon as I get the username to send it to.

This Week's Contest

In this contest, you will be photographing your way through the English alphabet one letter at a time. This week, your inspiration will be the letter 'G'. Do with it what you like! Photograph things that look like a 'G'; Capture images that elicit emotions that start with a 'G'. You can be as literal or as abstract as you would like. Just be able to give a short description of why you were inspired take the shot.

How Do I Enter?

It's easy!

First, take a picture inspired by the letter 'G'. You may edit it however you would like, as long as it remains your original work.

Next, make a post here on Steemit including your image and the story behind it.

Finally, Paste the link to your entry in the comments of this post. All entries must be posted before this post pays out in order to be eligible.

How Do I Win?

I will choose my 3 favorite pictures/stories and reward each with shares of Steem Basic Income.

*First place will receive 3 shares
*Second place will receive 2 shares
*Third place will receive 1 share

But, That's Not All!

Everyone who Resteems this post and leaves a comment will be entered to win the Reward Edition Divine Sorceress card listed above!.


  1. All images must be original
  2. Entries must be family friendly
  3. All entries and Resteems must be made prior to this post paying out to be eligible.

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I'm so excited to win in your contest @sustainablyyours. Thank you so much for holding it and I will return for the letter G - and all letters to come. I resteemed now.

The card goes to my son @bxlphabet. He loves the monsters and will be so happy to get this card. For me, the sbi is awesome. I am always on the hunt for more shares :)

I'm tweeting and tagging a few people who should get in on this weekly contest too!


Congrats on your F for Finals and thanks for the mention!


Haha! Thank you! I am pretty sure you can beat my in this one :)


Card sent! And, thanks for spreading the word!!


Thank you! Mom's oranges are awesome! Great contest!


You made my kid happy, so I am very happy too! I'm glad to get my friends in here. We have so many great photographers on steem and they all know their alphabet!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for choosing my entry

Time to find some things with the shape of G to capture

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey @sustainablyyours,

Thank you again for hosting this contest and also for your appreciation of my photo :)

Much like the author, I have struggled to learn how to get nice shots of birds, but I still haven't taken a picture of one that I'm proud of.

I did not expect, that you could relate to the struggles of getting a good shot of those fast moving animals.
I feel you!

I'm already thinking of what to shoot for the letter 'G'.
So, see you soon here in the comments ;)

Here I am with my entry. I resteemed earlier in the week. I do not know what is up with people. I will promote more this coming week. Thank you so much for the contest @sustainablyyours.


Sorry for the late entry, I'm not a native english speaker and it was difficult for me to find something with the letter 'G'...
Just yesterday I found something while visiting a small spanish village and I had to edit the photos and write the post.

Anyway, here is my entry:
G obviously stands for gorge xD

I hope its ok that I have included more than one photo.
I think it gives the reader a better feeling how the place looks like.