Steem Monsters Common Card Fantasy Story Contest! // Week 10

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Steem Monsters Common Card Fantasy Story Contest!

It's time for our 10th Common Card Fantasy Story Contest!

Every week a card will be presented for you to create a fantasy background story.

In order to participate in the contest, you will need to make a Steemit post on your own account with the story, then submit the link to your post in the comments of this submission post.

The winner and runner ups will be announced on Thursday, August 16th.

The winner's story will become the official story in the game and on the website!

The winner will also receive 5 Booster packs and 5 more Booster packs will be distributed among the runner ups!

This Week's Card Is.......

The Skeleton Assassin is a Common card whose Element is Death.

Story Format Rules For Submission

In order to create consistency among all the cards, we need a generalized story format which includes The Hero's Journey story arc and Elemental characteristics.

The Hero's Journey

  • Set up
    • character background
  • Call to action
    • something forces the character to leave on an adventure
  • Tension
    • overcoming challenges
    • something epic happens
  • Release/Return
    • the hero is transformed

The Hero's Journey in this case should be written from the perspective of the Skeleton Assassin.


There are 6 Elements in Steem Monsters:
Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Gold

This week's card is a Death Element which may include the following characteristics:

  • Confident
  • Relentless
  • Unquestioning
  • Self-Sacrificing
  • Unbending
  • Servile

Short Version / Flavor Text

You can also make a summary of roughly 20 to 30 words that could go on the front of the card.

Rules Recap

  • Make a Steemit post with your Fantasy story
  • Submit the link to your post in the comments of this post
  • The Deadline for submissions is this Wednesday, August 15th at 7:00 PM CST
  • The Winner will be announced on Thursday, August 16th

Thank You for your continued support!

@isaria and the @steemmonsters team

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters

The Skeleton Assassin graphic by @calumam

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@steemmonsters Team, First of all these kind of contests are really great to explore for sure and also increase the Engagement Levels.

And another aspect is, everyone is waiting for the start of the battle of "STEEMMONSTERS"and this battle will be full of excitement.

And this contest can develop the Story Telling Community or can inspire others who wants to do something out of the box.

So keep up team, and we are waiting for the exciting times because this game will going to reach to the top for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂

Unlike the divine healer card, this one spoke to me and I had a much easier time with it. Here is my entry Virgil Skeleton Assassin, I now have no problem spelling assassin.

I'm here reading because this one is sort of speaking to me but I haven't been able to get started with the adventure, and I'm having difficulty with the beginning of my story. lol

Some cards are tough, I wonder what it says about me that I struggled with the Divine Healer card, but had no problem with the Skeleton assassin. It will come and you still have time for like me and several others last week, almost late entries.

Something started to come but I didn't have the time to edit it. I did have fun with the research and still feel like I learned something. I might finish the story and post it just for me and whoever wants to read it.

I can't wait until this Friday to find out what will be next and where the research will take me.

Wooow i like much! The skeleton assassin! :) cool

Thank you for explaining in a fairly simple way a very complex topic a story that is thought of fiction but sometimes the reality exceeds the limits my respects

we love @steemmonsters many thanks

The gold card was the better than other cards, some problems are associated in this game. try to modify them game.

Cool!, ill try creating a another post as a story is that ok or should just 1-post contain eveerything?

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OHH MAN!!! this is going to be incredible, thank you very much for organizing this kind of contest. :)

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Regardless of the past due date, I still wanted to turn this in.

wow what a hard task creators have, you must have an incredible imagination

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I did the story but in my language (Spanish), I tried to pass it to English but it was very difficult for me. I think that using the translator one could understand at least the thread of the story, I would like that despite being in another language be taken into account.

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