Steem Monsters Cartography Contest Finalists!!!

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Steem Monsters Cartography Contest Finalists!!!

This is the final week of the Steem Monsters Map Contest!
Our finalists will be making the final adjustments to their submissions and we will be choosing a winner next Wednesday, June 27th!

There will be 2 winners in this contest:

An Antique Style Flat Map Winner
A Floating World Map Winner

We will announce the prize when we announce the winners on Wednesday!

Congratulations to the finalists and thanks to everyone who submitted!

Antique Style Flat Map Finalist No. 1 - @j3cesar

Steem Monsters Cartography Contest, My Final Entry! by @j3cesar

Antique Style Flat Map Finalist No. 2 - @dksart

Steem Monsters Cartography Contest, My Finalist Entry! by @dksart

Floating World Map Finalist No. 1 - @omitaylor

Steem Monsters Cartography Competition Submission by @omitaylor

Floating World Map Finalist No. 2 - @wholeself-in

Steem Monsters World Map - Round 2 by @wholeself-in

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Thank You for your continued support!


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we really have good designers in steemit !! i loved the first one from @j3cesar

Looks fun and it's definitely a unique use of Steem!

Congratzz to all the Finalists!!
I support everyone who took part in the contest

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Jesus H Christ there is some talent on steemit!!! Really liked @omitaylor's entry.

@j3cesar's flat map is the best!

Cool Content, and nice Pictures. I hope you go moving on whit this good content!

Beautiful art work , so happy that so many talented people are investing into Steemmonsters.

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Nice Pictures for the Game :)

Many people are now investing in steemmonster,so happy for that

Congragulation for finalist... We are the winner at steemit...

So cool these maps! Pirates post? ;)

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