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I want to thank everyone for their entries and they were all lovely I tell you and so sad I can give you guys a better price, maybe on the next contest though.

All entries are good either valid or invalid, and on steemjet everyone is a winner. Below are the winners of the contest.
The list will be arranged according to the favorite and the winner is

1. @kingeazi

Prizes will be given as an Upvote on their post or comment session and even comment made on this post
These are the selected winners and below are all contestant who dropped their entries


And this is a rap on all entries and you can check them on the original contest link.

As we proceed on our next phase, all Artistes and Videographers will be carry along. Is party time.

Join us on discord

Submit all your musical posts using the steemjetrecords tag on the #Steemjet-records room

And join the @steemjetmedia show every saturday at 6pm GMT+1

Holla! Holla!!

Music is Life


Special Thanks to @steemjetrecords and all memebers of steemjet. Im really happy i came second
I love you all

Okay. You are good

WOW! I'm really grateful steemjetrecords! 1st place. Thank you so much

You were incredible and the delivery was mad.

In order to make the upvote open, upvote prizes will be given here on the comment. A lil bit of interview.

You are already an SF member, what made you to take part in the contest?

Yes I'm a space force member, I participated to show people around what I can do cuz most people don't really know. So it's a way of displaying my Talents to everyone.

That is humility right there.

I am carrying out a survey and need your feedback to improve.

What do you think can be done to improve Steemejetcords?

Organizing Contest like this will help surely, and collaborations from the Artists so we can know ourselves better, I believe once everyone of us relates very well the record will keep growing, if possible the Record can make an album with songs from all the Artist

Okay, good one. It will be looked into.

Where do you see Steemjet in the next one year?

If we keep pushing hard and working, I see it as the biggest community on Steemit.

True and whales are already joining.

What do you want dimimp to do for you?

@kingeazi I swear you murdered the beat..
Bigs up

Thanks so much!

Once again, Congratulations to everyone. Everyone is a Winner

Congratulations all the winner 😊

Congrats to all ssf winners who joined this showcase contest and won.

I miss this contest

Yea you did but there is always a next time

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@steemjetrecords, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Red Fish!
Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Nice one @steemjetrecords, thanks for supporting musicians in the blockchain. Sorry this is coming late, this hardfork won't let someone comment. Carry on the good work

Very cool contest!


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