You were incredible and the delivery was mad.

In order to make the upvote open, upvote prizes will be given here on the comment. A lil bit of interview.

You are already an SF member, what made you to take part in the contest?

Yes I'm a space force member, I participated to show people around what I can do cuz most people don't really know. So it's a way of displaying my Talents to everyone.

That is humility right there.

I am carrying out a survey and need your feedback to improve.

What do you think can be done to improve Steemejetcords?

Organizing Contest like this will help surely, and collaborations from the Artists so we can know ourselves better, I believe once everyone of us relates very well the record will keep growing, if possible the Record can make an album with songs from all the Artist

Okay, good one. It will be looked into.

Where do you see Steemjet in the next one year?

If we keep pushing hard and working, I see it as the biggest community on Steemit.

True and whales are already joining.

What do you want dimimp to do for you?

I just want him to help me achieve my dreams as a Music Producer and Artist so I can help others around me too.

@kingeazi I swear you murdered the beat..
Bigs up

Thanks so much!

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