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Hello Everyone, this is far the simplest musical contest on the Steem Blockchain. You should be aware that this is the first musical contest on the steemjetrecords account.
Are you a Musician, can you sing or rap or you can do both singing and rapping together, are you good in Spoken words? If your answer is YES, then this contest is for you.


  1. Make a video of yourself singing or rapping to a song or cover. You can get a beat online and do justice to it in your own lines and state on the video that this is your entry for the steemjetrecords contest.
  2. Originality attracts extra mark in judging
  3. Creativity is also score a good point.
  4. This Contest open to everyone all over the world including aliens
  5. The contest will last 14 days and thats 2 weeks.


  1. Upvote this post
  2. Resteem
  3. Use #Steemjetrecords-contest as first tag.
  4. Drop your entry as a comment under this post.


1st Prize - $15 upvote
2nd Prize - $10 upvote
3rd Prize - $5 upvote

All entries submitted will be upvoted, Either you win or not

If you are fully into music, kindly use #steemjetrecords as tag to get your post curated.
If you write about Cryptocurrency, drop your link on the Steemjet Discord channel link room.

Join the Steemjet Discord:
For Musical post(audio or video)- Drop link on the #steemjet-records room.
*For Cryptocurrency post- Use the #post-promotion room


Steemjetrecords crew

Goodluck as you submit your entries

This post was made from


Hi guys! I'm hiphop and I'm coming..

Waiting for your entry

Here we go! my entry

Wow, incridible flow. I heard the song a long time ago but couldn't place the artist. Good to finally know meet you.

Your entry is valid

Thanks a lot and I am very pleased to meet you too. I have been away for a while but happy to be back and thanks to you.

Its obvious, you got a lot of talents packed within you. Nice rap.

Your entry is valid

Good day to you, this is my entry for the contest and also i made a post about it

Thank you for the opportunity

Wow, you killed the vibe and good flow. Your entry is valid.

She nor dey fall hand @bhadgirlofficial... 😘😘🙌🙌

Really nice I must say...she get am

That is a good one. Your entry is valid

Many thanks for the encouragement @steemjetrecords 🙏
I appreciate!

Anytime keep up the good work

Awesome voice, though your entry came late for the contest but you definitely receive an 100% upvote for your effort. Hope you will join early on the next contest

Your entry is valid. Thanks for joining

Hello @steemjetrecords
Here's my entry for the Steemjetrecords-contest. I hope you love it.

Thanks for your entry.

Thanks much.

This is my entry for the Steemjet Record contest.

To save you the stress, watch the video here
Turn of your YouTube lyric if ON cuz I put the correct lyrics in.

This is super dope and your entry is valid

Thanks Steemjet Records ✌️

Wow! Nigga this is really dope. Thumbs up man

Thanks bro, I appreciate

My entry to the steemjetrecords contest;

I like your style. Your entry is valid

Here is my entry to steemjets musical contest, hope you will like it

Thanks for joining the contest, your entry is valid

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