Logo Design Contest: Win 25 SDB!!!

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Hi Everyone. Happy Saturday, little windy than normal. Bright, sunny as Heck, & about 85 degrees. Just spectacular weather. I’m in Henderson NV at the street & craft fair. People are out & about having a blast.Everyone is in a great mood.

Big shout of thanks to @quinneaker, @saramiller, @everlove, & @gardenofeden for this awesome great spectacular Steem hat. If you want custom Steem gear contact them. Handmade with Love. Get your Steem gear today!

Today we are announcing a new contest. This contest is for 2 new Steem Creators designs. 1 design for a new Steem,Creators logo & 1 spelled out Steem Creators sign.

If your designs win. You will win 25 SBD!!!! That’s right 25!!! Please submit your entries in the comment section below. We will pick the winner next week. 7 days from now.

The judges are @scottshots, @thundercurator, @larrymorrison, @ogc, & @steemcafe.

To find more about who we are go to https://www.steemcreators.com & visit all the judges on Steem.

Once again; design to items, 1 a new logo for Steem Creators & 2 design a sign spelled out Steem Creators. Can’t hardly wait to see what you come with. Please tell everyone about this contest & Re-Steem.

If you are winner you will win 25SBD!!!

Good luck & have a killer weekend. May the best designs win.

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Steem Creators North September 6-9th Toronto, Canada, $125.00 USD
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Help me reach 25,000 Followers & a 70 Reputation.

Please Follow, Upvote, Comment, & Please Resteem.

Thank you all.

Thank you @reseller

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My Entry for this contest!

Hi @steemcafe... this is my entry
Steem Creator Logo.png

for complete presentation please check my post

Here is my logo proposal

Steem Creators 1.png

More detail visit my post

Steem Creators must be strong and cool....

Steem Creators 01 Logo Only.jpg

Steem Creators 00.jpg

Steem Creators 03.jpg

All about this design please visit https://steemit.com/steemcreators/@beladro/steem-creators-must-be-strong-and-cool

Thanks for the shout out and you look FABULOUS in our SteemGear!

So is it 25 for each design or 25 for both? Meaning do both have to be the best or can you pick one from one submission and one from another? Asking more to be clear than anything else.


You are very welcome man. 25 SBD for both. 1 winner for 2 designs. 1 logo 1 sign. Each contestant will submit 2 designs.

so what if you like one best from one and another best from another?....

This is a nice point that should be considered

1 winner. 2 designs per entry. We are picking the best pair of designs. Logo & written sign. ☺

WOW… really GREAT improvement… I I'll TRY MY BEST TOO

I will try to participate this contest.. thanks!!

ho yg gob na gata..

Jeut keuh tema ka peugot logo nyaaan maan???..😠😠😠

kiban hanjeut. sep brat jut kuh

The link to my entry to this contest
My entry for steemcafe Design contest

steem creators.jpg

steemc banner.jpg

steemc banner2.jpg

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That being said…


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Hey @steemcafe, I made this logo and I hope you like it. Thanks for the opportunity;).

Oh.... I'm on it! My latest post shows all the logos I've already made for various causes on the steem blockchain. :)

Here's my submission. Hope to hear your thoughts and maybe ideas to modify a bit more. Thanks @steemcafesc.png

You got a 20.00% upvote from @steemcreators courtesy of @steemcafe!

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For more information or to get involved with Steemcreators contact Jacob Billett @entrepreneur916 or IJ Maha @steemcafe.

Looking forward to helping out with this @steemcafe! Got another @scottshots shout out WooHoo! Have a great weekend too!


Here is my Entry

Good day sir! here is my proposal for the contest.
Post link


Hello... The winner of logo contest goes to ......?

The winner is... :)

Hi @beladro announcing tomorrow very hard decision.

Thx you @steemcafe ;), if it too hard just make it siply; choice us all as the winners haha 🤣

And the winners are.... ;)

What happened to the winner of this contest? @steemcafe

We're waiting for announcement. Who the winner 1st, 2nd and 3rd of this logo contest.

Any updates with this contest?

Seems like they're busy or something.

Any update about this contest?

Forget it, I think it just just for fun :D