STACH Short Story Contest #28: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SB prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #28.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.

Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on TALES FROM BEYOND.


FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!
Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!


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A Letter from Beyond

When Victor's mother died his father took care of his upbringing, he never lacked anything but for his father, a very authoritarian man, his son was a weeping and weak child. Victor did not receive affection and no matter how hard he tried, nothing was good enough for his father.

Victor grew up being a very lonely and sad young man, his studies were the most important thing for him and he always got excellent grades. When he came of age, he left the house and got a job so he could continue studying, got married and started a family but never saw his father ever again.

After many years Victor received a letter from his father, sad memories passed through his mind, he opened the letter and read it aloud "Dear son, when you read this letter I will have already died, I want to apologize because I did not know how to show you how much you mean to me. I never knew how to be a good father, I thought I did the best for you. Do not hold a grudge and never forget that I love you son".

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Becca's mind floated through the emptiness of space. She peered through the finite world searching for any points of reference. She found nothing.
Total darkness. Total silence. Total peace.
There was not even the pull of gravity to tell her which way was up.
Her body was gone.
This must be death
Time seemed to be telescoping, stretching and compressing, as if it had no bearing in this place. She had lost track of how much time had passed.
Ten seconds? Ten minutes? Ten hours?
The memories that had billowed through the blackness of Becca's mind had come and gone. In their wake, a trail of red-hot sparks was swirling, along with the same eerie, distant whisper.
Don't think it... Don't say it... Don't think it
The chanting continued like the drone of voices in a medieval canticle.
It told of tales, she dared not say.
The endless void in which Becca hovered was suddenly filled by a blinding sun. Rays of white-hot light streamed across the blackness of space, burning into her mind.
The light was everywhere.
And water, splashed on her face.
She jolted up, brought back to consciousness by the chill water.

Chiamaka was woken up by the kisses of her boyfriend Ebuka. He was to resume college that day and promised her that while he is away, he will keep video-calling and never forget her. The first few months went by and his promise was still standing. When he invited her to his hostel, they had so much to say to each other and had sex all night long. The next morning they were greeted by a group of boys with 'BAD' written all over them. Ebuka went out to attend to them but before she could put on her clothes, she heard a gun shot. She rushed out and saw the love of her life lying in a pool of his blood. With tears in her eyes, she woke from her sleep and realized it was all a dream. She has been so in love with a complete stranger.

The Rosebush

Since Elisa had moved to the new house she always had the same dream at night, an old woman took her hand and took her to the garden pointing to a small corner of that huge land, the old woman smiled at her but she did not understand what she wanted to tell her.

One day, while cleaning the basement, Elisa found in a chest of an old piece of furniture what appeared to be a diary. When she opened it, there was a picture of a woman who, although younger, she recognized as the old lady she saw in her dreams.

In the diary the woman wrote how happy she was in that home with her beloved husband and that for their wedding anniversary he had planted a rose in the garden as a gift to her. When the war began her husband enlisted and died in battle, the rose bush was the most precious thing to her and a memory of her love. Elisa understood what the woman in her dreams wanted to say and planted a beautiful rosebush in her garden, never again having that dream.


It was like the sound of an owl or an owl, which made itself felt at nightfall and vanished with the first rays of the sun. Like a kind of song or whistle, which was heard close but at the same time far away. A sound that being so constant at dawn, became sinister and tense. It transmitted an adrenaline, which over time became fear. Nobody ever saw him, they could only hear and feel his presence. Some spoke of an evil spirit, of a soul that could not rest in peace, it was heard that it was a mischievous spirit, that scared people, but it was also said about a soul in pain, who was never baptized and indeed , I wandered without rest to get attention. Many theories, but one solution. My grandmother, the wisest and oldest of the neighborhood, took courage, the last time I heard the sound that issued the spirit, closed his eyes and while throwing holy water, recited this phrase: I baptize you as Juancito, in the name of the Father , of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. From that day, apparently, Juancito rest in peace. He never came back. END.

@gabrielaa @jesuscarrasquero Brothers read the story. Do you remember that time that our grandmother baptized Juancito?

Yes, like forgetting those days of fear, that we did not want to go to the patio of the house hehe!

Haha that good that you remember it sister
My story is based on our experience
And well try to tell it here.

Friend that sure was a troll :-)

LOL. Hopefully it is not :(

hahahaha we frightened and even having nightmares at night and our grandmother as if nothing was happening.

HAHAHA. Brother @jesuscarrasquero you are right. Those nights I could not sleep well. In those days I was shaking with fear but now it laughs me :D

Something similar happened to me, one day I heard noises around my house and I imagined strange things and when I realized it was a cat that made a sound nothing like theirs. Sometimes happens.

If sometimes happens but I assure you that this time it was not a human, nor to be alive, it was something from another world haha

"Juancito" cooll. Hahaha

Last night i had an amazing experience i would not be in haste to forget.
It was lizzie. She came paddling into the room and i could see her quite clearly in the dim room. I was wowed at her beautiful sculpture frame work. It was my first time of her seeing her after many months of much friendly and heart connecting talks over the phone. This was exactly what i looked forward to, seeing Lizzie.
I stared at her in awe, full of wonder and taking careful mental snap shots (notes) of every moves and every part of her to triggered my interest and passion. I stared at her as she stood there wreathed in smiles, stretching out her hands to me in warmth embrace. The warmth i felt at such moment was beyond feelings. "so that is finally happening, so this is her...this indeed a dream come true".
I had a wonderful sense of comfort and renewal of contact. We stood there holding hands and staring deep into each others eyes in complete silence. I should know earlier that we were living in different realities - this was indeed a tale from beyond. It was just a dream.

The Otis elevator climbing the south pillar of the Eiffel Tower was overflowing with people. Inside the cramped lift, an austere old man in white, gazed down at the boy beside him. "You look pale, you should have stayed on the ground."
"I'm fine..." he replied, making every effort to put his anxiety in check. "I'll get out on the next level." I can't breathe.
The man leaned closer. "I thought by now you would have gotten over this." He brushed the child's cheek affectionately.
The boy felt remorseful to let down his father, he could hardly make out the muttering in his ears. I can't breathe. I've got to get off this box!
Suddenly a staccato crack echoed overhead. The carriage jerked, swaying awkwardly to one side. Frayed cables began whipping around the carriage, thrashing like snakes.
Then the bottom dropped out.
The boy began falling for what seemed like eternity. The muttering in his ear became audible, telling tales of the dead.
You have been chosen. Yes you To liberate us
The whispers became deafening as he kept falling.
He landed on his bed. The mattress was soaked from his perspiration.
It was a dream! The meaning was elusive.

The part where he began falling really scared me

Really cool story, depicts the story;

"tales from beyond"

really weird story.

what role did the old man play in the story?

Eiffel Tower, Hmmmm. The set was in Paris, cool

Nice one @veakypearl

I thought he would fall to his death

Thumbs up @veakypearl


This was really good Veaky, but you didn't stick to the rules. 199 words max.

Haunted House

From a young age, he saw ghosts, who appeared to ask him to give a message to his loved ones. His parents never believed him and took him to a psychologist.

As he grew up Peter stopped seeing a ghost and his life went by normally until, he moved to an old house.

Without Peter knowing his new home had been the scene of one of the most horrendous crimes in the region. A whole family was killed by a satanic cult to invoke the devil.

At first Peter was happy in his new home, but as the days went by he would constantly wake up scared and shivering. The spirits of the dead cried out to find peace for their souls, and Peter was the only one who listened to them. Trapped their souls in the house by a demonic spell, Peter was the only one who could free them and break the spell.

Peter tired of not being able to sleep, he faced against his beliefs and accepted his "gift", he listened to the spirits and they guided him to fight against the demon and break the spell that had their souls trapped ...

The blows of life

Leti was a 19 year old girl, her parents died in an accident when she was 15 years old, since then she lived with her aunt Carmen who mistreated her brutally to the point of leaving her unconscious.

One afternoon Aunt Carmen sent Leti shopping to prepare dinner, while Leti walked down the sidewalk was pursued by a car slowly, Leti realized when she detubo and look at the car asking why you follow me? the car detubo in front of her and a man answered him because you are very beautiful and I see how that mistress mistreats you so I do not want you to suffer more and ask you to come with me away from her. When I saw that you went out alone I could not contain myself anymore and that's why I followed you. My name is Victor. I will not hurt you. You can trust me that you say my Leti.

Leti, very surprised, confused and scared, did not think about it and left with Victor, at 15 days she was a very happy lady because she had gotten rid of her aunt Carmen's monster. 6 months later Leti finds out that she is pregnant with Victor and does not know what to do, so she decides to go to a clinic and perform the abortion. At the moment almost to take out the fetus a thousand things happen to him by the mind and he decides not to do it and he regrets. When she arrives from the clinic Victor proposes her marriage, Leti very excited accepts and gives the news to Victor who would be dad within 4 months, the very excited looks at her with a big smile and tears in his eyes, he hugs her strongly from the emotion He has a heart attack and dies in his arms.

My Post


At night, while my deceased grandmother Elga Griscelma pulls my feet, I was watching scary Movie, everything was fine until the lamps started to twinkle, the TV went off, I was very upset but I did not let him know, I was very serene and I lit a candle, opened the living room window and sat down to read a book, shadows began to appear around, the windows were closed at one stroke, the candle light blew and there were no matches, I began to lose a little the calm. I lay back, since I had nothing to do; when I almost managed to catch the dream ... pulls the savannah, ready, the drop that spilled the glass, "no more" I said, I stood up in bed and said: "Grandma for God! I know you're upset about the time that Grandpa's room burned down with your things but I swear to God that I did not go, that was Gabriel! "After that I slept well. The next day I received the news that my brother woke up dead. Today ... it's a nice Friday night, I'm watching scary movie 2, and someone else pulls my feet.

Hello @stach this is my entry the contest #28
Luis, yuli, aura, yuri and maye, decided to go for a walk to the town of capatarida, a desolate little town, where the wind rose your face with warm sand of the sun. The little house of the great-grandmother of Luis, was of mud, still they conserved the plates, an old kitchen and spider webs everywhere, the windows and the door when opening towards a dark noise, arrived with the clarity of the day, excited because they would pass a different weekend, without thinking what they would see, it was already six o'clock in the afternoon we went to the town square to eat, they walked to get to know the town, they had a signatory, When they returned at midnight, only it was felt the sound of the wind and the sound of the waters of a river that passed behind the house, it occurred to us to look out but the river was dry and suddenly we saw a chicken with 7 chicks, but the chicken had three meter high and chicks two meters, the screams were so many, we ran without stopping that same night we left that site without collecting anything, but everything was recorded.

This happened in real life by @visabella

The boy stood in front of him with his wide pleading eyes and snot running down his chin. He tried to ignore the little bastard, but it was no use. He wouldn't budge until he'd make him go away.
The child started to loosen the collar of his faded blue shirt enough to reveal the purple marks on his neck. He took another swig of cold beer. There was no anger boiling in his chest, not anymore, yet he could feel the burning in his hands, trembling in remembered anticipation of the moment they'd grip the kid's delicate neck. 'Damned boy, he had no right to talk to me like that!'
His sweaty hands grabbed the air where the neck should've been and squeezed hard until the boy vanished as swiftly as he had appeared. He'll be back tomorrow. He always did.
The bartender noticed the old ex-con was at it again.
'Stop doing that, Hank, or I'll throw you out'.
'The kid, my boy was here again', Hank mumbled. A bitter cry swelled his chest. Twenty years gone and he still had to face the child every single day.
'Oh, go to hell, drunken fool.'
'I'm already there.'

Something Wants to Tell me a Story

I have actually nothing to write about, until I heard something from beyond.

It's more than something. I knew it's lurking somewhere in the dark, or maybe under my bed. Or no... I think it's everywhere.

The sound now made me feel something.

As it keeps getting my attention, by its strange music, It also creates an intimate relationship with me.

The more I listen, the more it gets louder and the more I care the more it's touching me.

I wish I could move, for this sound and feeling to become a sight. But the darkness is numbing. All I can see is shadows, and some lights casted from my ajar.

The sound turned to a feeling, but it feels like it turns out to be a place. And I'm in it. I feel like I'm in every corner of it. I can now smell it.

It smells like winter. It's stinky. It's sad. It's cold. And it's calling me.

It can't be! I was just inside it, but now it is already inside me.

It feels like fear, gloom and anger... Maybe something more.

What is it? It feels like it wants to tell me a story from beyond.

HELP me.

Hello, here's my entry. Hope you like it. Thank you.

  ·  last year (edited)

The White Robe
I haven't seen osareme since the demise of her father so i decided to travel to Edo to see her, I got to Benin late in the evening and after the greetings and condolences i was fed and I went straight to bed to relax my tired muscles.
I was put in the first room with a window facing the nearby hotel with large energy saving bulb, sleep came faster than i expected but something woke me up after a while and it felt like i was in a strange land when I looked around.
I was still trying to figure out where i was when i saw what appeared to be a flying white robe close to the window and the light made It more intense. My mind thought it was seeing a ghost so I jerked up and let out a loud scream.
I attracted the whole house with my scream and when osareme's brother rushed into my room and switch on the light my eyes was still fixed on the window.
There was no ghost, it was just a jalamiah which the brother had ironed and hanged close to the window.

Cynthia and her friends went camping and just on their way back home their car broke down which got them stranded so they decided to camp there for the night. They followed a narrow path in search of woods to make fire to keep them warm. Shortly there was a loud cry from distance… Did You hear that? Cynthia asked feeling startled… The other girls laughed at her as they all assumed she was barely imagining things but immediately they heard another noise and this time it was much louder and this gave them goosebumps. They began to see bloody foot print along the path and as they went further they got to an alter where a girl covered in blood laid. Run cynthia screamed as the girls took to their heels but after running for hours they kept returning to their initial position, fear begin to grip the girls as they look around for a way out and that was when Anita one of the girls found a sign post that read “welcome to the land of no RETURN”. She had heard of this land in the tales from beyond but she never imagined finding herself there.

Alluring Tales From A Stranger

They say the universe watches over everyone; that everyone gets one warning from a calm gentle voice each time they turn to their doom. Some listen to this voice, others allow themselves to distracted by the allures of life.

Mary was with the man that promised her a large cut for her services. She was in the commercial bus that morning when a man in black suit beside her had asked for directions to Marina Square. Mary knew where Marina Square was; it was a far place from where they were. She told the man so.

A fellow passenger beside her who had overheard the conversation wondered aloud if the man would pay for any help provided. The man in black responded in a whisper that he was trying to deliver some money to a contact. He opened his briefcase slightly to reveal wads of dollar bills in it. Mary’s heart raced.

Mary was seated between the two men. She had suggested they chartered a taxi. Just then one pulled along. Mary gave the directions, the other passenger made the bargains and the man in black paid at once.

Mary’s family still waits for her.

source: google images

She comes at night, with the rustling leaves, the evil regarded chirping birds of the night, red heels and irregular footsteps tapping the cemented floors of every dormitory.
It was believed that she had sent her only daughter to a boarding school, she was beautiful and graceful but all that did not last.
She was raped and killed by young teenage boys. Her mother was bittered and angry, she swore to avenge her daughter, to watch every child in the dormitory terrified just as her daughter was. She sold her soul, used dark magic and was never seen again, those who claimed to have seen her, never fully did, they said she wore a hat and her lips painted red, her face dark underneath her hat.
Madam koikoi carries terrors of the night in her red fierceness, in the sound of her heels. So go on, ask them in the dormitories. Ask them of the red heeled night breeder of terror... Madam koikoi.

A policeman named Miguel patrolled through the streets of the Unare town, always in the night shifts has been presented strange situations and without explanation. One of the blocks of the town is near a river where this area is more unpopulated and dark. Miguel was assigned that area along with his patrol partner, when they were in that block where everything is wooded, the street difficult to travel, they remembered that they say there is a fright, and at midnight they both witnessed a strange appearance, a cold they invaded and saw a shadow on the river dock, they got out of the unit to inspect, it was dark, his partner took the left side while he went to where the shadow was, it was an old woman with her very white hair, Miguel I call and said: good evening, lady that is so dangerous so late, she did not answer, but when her face turned a fright that had no shape, Miguel suddenly scared his flashlight went out and gave him a tap so that He would react and the old woman was no longer there.



“Where am I? Who are they? The ones wailing and the ones giggling? How did they get here?” The questions kept oozing out - my voice cloaked in fear and fright.

Fire! Real fire! With people inside!
There were a galaxy of persons ravaging in the heat – without being actually consumed by its flame. And I saw more people thrown in, in their numbers – in splits of seconds.

There were also some strange beings that acted like the ill-starred lords of the ring – the slave masters of some sort. While the generality of the inhabitants of this fire province were wailing and grasping for help, their apparent slave masters seemed to be supervising their afflictions.

It became even scarier when the mass of creatures screeching in the firestorm began to beckon at me, as though to drag me in, in their bid and behest to have me dragged them out. Everybody was asking for something. Some were asking for everything. And nobody was asking for nothing. Desperation! That’s the perfect word.

Then I woke up screaming!
Was that just another dream?
Oh my God, the scenes were beyond this world!



Legend has it that one day I heard that voice that in the distance tormented me. It was the sweet voice of a man who told me that he always accompanied me. One day I decided to forget that sensation that overwhelmed me and did not let me have peace. If I listened to it, it distracted me with other things. I focused on my career, on my things to leave that behind but it did not stop bothering me. My boyfriend decided to go and stay to sleep with me, suddenly when we were in bed at midnight, I heard the same voice that told me to get up. I did him bravely and when I looked at the face of the man who smiled at me, I felt a peace that covered me. Then he asked me to change my way of being because it did not lead me to the success I had been expecting so much and he told me that he would protect me whenever he did not worry me. Then we said goodbye and went to sleep. The next day I put all their advice into practice and decided to improve by remembering those words that the entity from the beyond told me, because it identified with me correcting their mistakes and helping me to fulfill my dreams and goals.


One day when I was about 16 years old and I was with my family finishing dinner, everyone stayed in the dining room but I wanted to go upstairs to watch TV. When I was climbing the stairs I felt a huge and scratchy hand that pulled me from my ankle and made me fall. I screamed and everyone came, I was crying like crazy, my dad searched everywhere and there was nothing. We went up to the room and from the door you could see the street, in the corner I saw a young woman in a white coat and with long curly hair but you could not see her feet, it was as if she was floating. I screamed in terror, I did not know what was happening but my older sister ran, hugged me and told me that she had seen it too. I fell asleep crying. 12 years later I keep climbing the stairs of my house running ...


David returned to the village after three years of hustling in the city of Abuja to make a living. Being the first child of his widowed mum,he returned to ask questions from the mum as to why life has being too mean to him and his siblings.
His mum: My son, I am sad to see how bad life has being with you and your siblings.
Your grandfather was a wealthy man who had several possessions but in all his own possession, his wife was barren. They tried all they could do medically but all proved abortive. He was advised to see a native doctor and he yielded without much persuasion because of his desperation.

His mum pulsed and continued the story. The native doctor told your grandfather that he will have children but non will ever be wealthy in life.
David: What!
His mum: All your uncles and your late dad are all hard working but not seeing dividends for their hard work.
David: Mummy, thank you for that information because that poverty can not continue with me!. I can not be poor in life!.
He said that and left his mum for the city.

Word count: 196

Victoria, whom her parents and brothers affectionately call "Vicky", is a very beautiful and intelligent young woman, who since the age of three has distinguished herself by the gift of clairvoyance. Vicky sees, hears and listens to the spirits that appear to her, whether in dreams or awake.

On one occasion Vicky dreamed that she was in a desert, then she joined a group of people who lined up to get on a bus that would take them to another destination. Each of the people was passing and embarking on the transport and when he had to enter Vicky someone stopped and told him clearly: "You do not, give back because you do not touch yet."

Vicky deduced that all those people were going to happen flat and she did not have to be there, because it was not her time.

After this episode and as Vicky was growing up, she has always had premonitory dreams, almost always related to her family. So he dreamed when his father, grandmother, aunt, mother and brother died.


When I was around 6 or 7 years old, I had an imaginary friend like most kids that age would. We would do everything together. But, when I was 9, I moved and he said he could not come with me. But that another imaginary friend would be waiting for me and he would take care of me. He said that there was a box at the back of my closet I needed to take with me in order to get my new friend. I took the box and when I got to the new house I hid it so my parents wouldn't see it.

That night, I got up with a flashlight and went to my closet where I hid the box. I opened it to find a Ouija board. With it was a note that read "This is how you can get an imaginary friend for LIFE". It came with instructions so I began to use it. The next thing I knew, a red orb showed up in my room. It was floating around for minute then took shape. It took the form as my great grandfather who recently had passed. For a short time, I believed it was him. But..after a while, I began to realize that this was not my great grandpa. I guess that he could tell that I knew it wasn't who it said it was. So..that's when it began to physically abuse me. Every morning I would wake up with bruises and bite marks all over me.

My parents didn't know what to do so they called a friend of the family (who was a ghost hunter) to come out and see what was going on. While searching the hunters found the Ouija board that I had used. They attempted to burn it but that just made the spirit angry. The spirit then showed it's true form. It was a tall dark figure. It was slim and where it's face was supposed to be, was a swirling mist of darkness. We were able to rid the spirit of the house. But..just a few years ago (I think it was two years ago), Anna (the other admin) and I were on the phone when I say the spirit again. It attacked me. I couldn't breathe or speak or move for a good minute. Then it finally released me and I called out for my parents and they came running into my room. They saw the thing just before it disappeared into the darkness.

I have not had any other experiences with this thing and I hope not to.


The rule was 199 words max. this is over 400. Thanks for writing though.

  ·  last year (edited)

One freezing night, my phone rang loudly. This sank my heart in deep fear of such incoming call by that hour of the night, It was 12:30am.

Reluctantly answering the call, It was my favorite aunt, Uchechi. In joy, I spoke with her for hours but she sounded strange while saying good night. In her words- "I will miss you but I will try visit every night", which sounded confusedly strange.

Uchechi danced with me
in a black gown
She was soo beautiful
but very sad.
I stood right in front of her
asking the reasons for her sadness.
Suddenly, she started screaming loudly lamenting on how she dosen't want to go.
I dragged her hands but it was pulled forcefully by a dark skinned hand


Ring! Ring!
My phone buzzes with my mother's call which woke me from such weird dream. Suddenly, all I could hear was alto, soprano and high pitched cries piercing through my ears. My mum sorrowfully said "aunt uchechi died yesternight at 12:15am".
My phone fell off from my hand while fidgeting,
How can the dead contact the living?
I became overwhelmed in fear.

Tales from Beyond

Sorrow, nothing but sorrow blankets the street the day the news broke out, the woman next to our house died while giving birth, doors were closed and heads bowed as mourners enter the house, why? why? The husband keep asking himself why him of all men, the trauma will later make him change the environment.

Not long after the family of the bride came demanding to know how this could have happened and they weren't notified, they sought for explanations beyond the physical not forgetting that every night the woman's spirit roams the house asking them to bring her baby to her for breastfeeding.
In one last resort her corpse was taken home to a necromancer and was asked of her what killed her, she asked them if they are ready to hear the tales from beyond and they nodded in affirmative, she began by telling them she was killed by one of the concubine of her husband. But she begged the family to forgive her husband and let peace reign for she loved her husband and want peace after death.

Word Count : 181

The seer Rosita.

Good and bad things happen every day, from an early age Rosita has that gift of communicating with the dead, her grandmother also did it, so one day the grandmother observed Rosita talking to a dead man whom she also observed carefully, with over the years. , the grandmother dies and Rosita already dominates that talent of seeing dead people that cause accidents or damages to living beings, her husband took everything at stake, when she said "tell your friend not to go" Something very ugly will happen to him, another day he told Manuel that I did not travel today because he is going to have an accident where he is going to die and they ignored him and they took it as a game, after a few hours they manage to see on the television a citizen identified as Manuel and who died instantly colliding with a tree, is when her husband takes seriously everything his wife says is true and once he trusts, Rosa always tells him what is observed on the roads.

The old house

In the town where my grandmother grew up, they scared a lot. She said that there were ghosts of people who buried their treasures because there were no banks. These ghosts appeared to the people of the town and negotiated with them, offering to tell them where their treasure was hidden in exchange for the soul of a loved one.

I thought that everything was a lie until I had to live in an old rented house since we did not have our own. I was about eleven years old, the nights in that house were horrible: there were loud footsteps on the ceiling and in the kitchen you could hear all the corotos moving and even falling off, we went out to see what was happening and we did not see anyone. Both my brothers and I covered ourselves from head to toe with fear. But the worst was experienced by my mother when a man with the face of a cat came out of a window that was ajar from the room; Later it was learned that in that old house lived a man who practiced witchcraft and transformed himself into various animals.

The co-worker of a very close aunt has a grandson, a 3-year-old baby named Richard, he has not slept for several weeks at night or day, he just cries as if he had a pain without being sick and when he stays asleep he wakes up exalted as if he were in a nightmare.
They have realized that the baby plays alone and it seems that someone was with him, he ruffles the toys.
When they go to the river he tells his grandparents to look at the girl who is bothering him, his grandparents do not see anyone and they say astonished. Richita! Here there is no girl, only us.
Her parents are already afraid and they take her to a very famous prayer room and they explain Richard's situation, she tells them that the baby is after him and she is female, apparently she falls in love with the child and they have to buy a pendant that will remind her prepare with a cross and garlic on the chest and not let anyone touch that pendant and at night pour holy water to drive away that fear that takes over innocent children and takes them because his soul is in pain since carelessly He lost his son.

In my miserable home, I always get bored so I'm going to play with Norman, my twin brother. We are inseparable; I always go where he goes, although my ridiculous parents scold me every time I do it, even when I say I'm with him. They always tell me that I have to learn to do things on my own. Lately, this has angered Norman a lot, so we have talked about it and he told me that I had to kill our parents so that they would not bother us anymore. As I know that Norman is always right, I did it, I murdered our annoying parents with a knife while they slept. Now I can go to play with Norman every time I want without them bothering me.
What angered me the most was that they always told me that it was time to overcome the death of my beloved little brother, Norman.

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Tales from beyond

images(16).jpgimage source
From the kingdom called FAR FAR AWAY lived a wicked king Batiatus who murdered his wife in cold blood because she queried his orders.
She gave birth to a pretty girl called Diana.
This kingdom existed among the fairy kingdoms.

One day, the king had a fight with the fairies goddess called Poseidon and cut off her wings and enslaved it in a brass cage. Brass Was The goddess weakness.

True love kiss

Poseidon cursed Diana and said at the age of thirteen you will die and only a true love kiss within seven days will save you from death.
Diana grew up and became the fairy goddess best friend without knowing she was cursed by her already. She loved Poseidon as if she was her own mother.

Does true love kiss exist?

At thirteen Diana fainted and no kisses could raise her. Poseidon wept bitterly and smuggled herself into the palace and spoke gently I'm really sorry my angel,then she kissed her forehead and Diana rose up again and the king sought to kill Poseidon and got killed instead and they lived happily ever after.

The disaster

el desastre.jpg

My great-grandmother was a person who pampered and jealously looked after her children, it did not matter that they had a wife. One day, one of his children (the oldest) decided to get married. That bothered my great-grandmother, which provoked a strong argument, her son got into his truck and left the house. The next thing he knew, he lost his life in a car accident. He used to leave dinner every night before going to sleep at the table when he arrived. After dying, he never forgot that habit, until one day he forgot. That night loud knocks were heard in the kitchen as if they were destroying it, they listened while the plates broke and the cups broke. The chairs hit the walls and the doors of the cabinets threw them. Everyone in the house was terrified and nobody dared to go. Until finally one of his children came to the kitchen, and everything was as if nothing. Everything in its place. Since that day he no longer leaves dinner.

The Mysterious rocking chair

An ordinary day on the outskirts of a school, you would hear the sound of a rocking chair every day at 5 am. The noise was heard by the school cleaning staff, every May 09 disappeared the school cleaners, until one day the cleaners were scared and tired that 5 of his companions had gone and decided not to work for 4 years Consecutive on that day. The next year he decided to go to work that day and Claudia (The Cleaner on duty) was very frightened by the terrible news of going to work. Suddenly when they approach 5 am begins to hear the noise of the rocking chair, and comes a shadow in the shape of an old woman to take it slowly by the hair and try to carry it through a black hole formed on the wall and is there when Claudia wakes up in a different world to the real world and start listening to the lady because her life was like that. This story will continue



Castlerock Was The biggest city in kingslanden having the greatest walls anyone could ever imagine.
It was guided by over 3 millions soldiers with 500 thousand knights ever ready to protect the interior empire.
The city was known for the magical powers possessed by its citizens and thus the neighboring cities feared them greatly.
Every family had a reason to live as they were mostly farmers. No one could ever think of going to war against them because they had a renowned warrior Ahazarus as king.

Even the greatest sourcerers said not even the highest Devil can conquer this city.

  • Tragedy set in

In one of the greatest days of its adventure, Queen Danierous stormborn came to the city with her two dragons and out of fury and rage because they killed her family devoured the city before sunset and not even the sound of the smallest cricket was heared at that hour.

The dawn came to Castlerock in the early afternoon hours. It was the greatest menace an adored city of its kind could witness.

What a tale from beyond the walls of kingslanden

In the Andean Páramos of Mérida in Venezuela (Cordillera de Los Andes), there circulates a popular culture legend "La loca Luz Caraballo", taken in the ingenious literary work of Andrés Eloy Blanco, "la loca", rambunctiously on the roads, for the loss of their five children, two of them went after Simón Bolívar in the war of independence of Venezuela, until a moment that left their homes and did not return ... La Loca Luz Caraballo is seen wandering around the paramo merideño, in the cold and hazy nights, where only the sad woman is seen crying to her children ....

At midnight, the new pediatric service nurse goes through the main corridor of the 13th floor of an old hospital. It was her first night watch and she felt a little nervous about certain stories that she had heard from her older companions. Spirits of dead children were seen walking without their feet touching this floor. Appearances were common, especially at that time. Everything was fine until he was given medication and is when he visualizes a child coming towards her, in a robe, and driving a bicycle in the middle of the wide, semi-lit corridor. She ran away terrified and just in front of her companions, she fainted. Upon awakening, he learned that he had seen a child with cancer, who was allowed by doctors to take his bicycle in consideration of his delicate state of health.


We had set up the carp at the foot of the castle and were about to untangle the halyards. A rock in the upper part of the coral wall would serve as an anchor.

_ Hurry! The sun is hidden and it will barely make time for a jump _
"Also I remind you, at night the owners of the house are annoyed"

Said, Raphael the tour guide who appeared from nowhere when we trained "rappel" in the Araya Castle, Venezuela.
At the first descent, the night had fallen; it was like jumping towards nothingness.
_ Quick! I'll do it twice, I said _

A group of spectators crowded around me and reproached me with the idea, but I ignored them. It was in my second jump when, annoyed, they began to pull the strings causing me to hit the wall. They cut the anchor with a knife.

The carabiner let go of the belt and I was left with the halyard wrapped around my neck.
The trainer lowered me to the ground and while I was cleaning my split lip, he said:

"Raphael and his family always want the rappers to end up dead just like them"

Good luck to all the participants, greetings to @stach and his entire team!

Witches in the roof

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_imagesCKAEKAZH.jpg

In the outside of the city there is a picturesque village, for many years ago they lacked electricity service, they only have one power plant.
That is lit from 7 to 10 at night, the person in charge of lighting it is a very punctual old man, and shouting I am going to turn off the plant all to their houses.
One night they turned off the plant and a group of people decided to stay outside to talk, the night was cool and there were many stars in the sky.
When you hear a noise, and you see huge shadows on the roof of a house, black, in the shape of a bird, people shouted are witches, are witches.
C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_imagesDVGJKJMX.jpg
People ran with fear, they stumbled and others looked for brooms to try to hit them, dogs barked.
They wanted to eat that from the roof, as they arrived mysteriously disappeared, every time the lord turned off the power plant at 10 o'clock at night, the witches appeared.
Image take of:

The curse of the priest

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_imagesRM4PD3JD.jpg

The curse of the priest. A long time ago strange events occurred, events in a remote town of the city, its inhabitants, that for the years of 1955 in that town, everything else, was a very devout people but one day, they discovered that the priest of his church, is having unseemly acts with one of the monáguillos, which produced, that the people, left framed by his side, his hands blindfolded, until they reach the found and beaten with sticks and stones through several streets of the town, the priest pedia clemency but the town did not have until martyrlo.
Already in his bed the death of the priest made a curse of the people saying, cursed this people for doing this to me, where my blood ran this people will disappear.
Over time this curse was fulfilled because the river was little by little entering the town and taking away the houses that were there, and it is very possible that a future not very far disappear completely.
Image taken

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The "Above and beyond" is a place that is going on the border of a country far far away. Many years ago, and it is not known exactly how many, the "above and beyond" was very witty and dedicated themselves to entertain tourists that arrived to the place, mainly telling stories and experiences of those who crossed the borders of their country in search of a better future; they told stories of illusions, projects, tragedies, adventures among many others.

The storytelling began to make this activity a recognized profession, and over the years developed incredible abilities to tell stories. Were the best speakers with great techniques of oratory. Even began to form schools of storytelling. The fame of the tales of the "above and beyond" was gradually extended, and people of all parties and places came to listen to those picturesque and witty stories. Many entrepreneurs sought to generate books with the stories of the "Beyond," but the story didn't allow it, for the good of all this was to be able to tell the tales not to read them.

Today, all who cross the border do not cease to enjoy the exciting tales of the "above and beyond"

Fortune was the stubborn one in the eyes of all. Nobody sided with her in the village. She was always alone and in need because she spoke the truth at all cost and was honest.

The king couldn't stand the punishment of his son being caught fornicating by Fortune and all he could come up with was to banish Fortune into the evil forest.

The stars smiled at Fortune for that was the beginning of her good story. At the forest, She found happiness with a hunter who took her to his village where she was welcomed and started a better life.

Famine and drought befell the village.
The gods were angry. The heir to the throne had committed an abominable offence. The land had to pay the price.
Death rate grew on weekly basis. No child was born. All the pregnant women had miscarriages. No rainfall. Villagers ran faraway to other villages.

At the end of it all, the King confessed and lost his life! The Prince was punished duly. Peace was restored in the land and a new king was appointed by the Gods.

Tales from Beyond!


Yaradua was a man loved by many, he was president of Okokomaiko, a state in the continent of Afrokali.

He had suffered a serious lungs infection and all efforts were completely utilized to ensure he lived.

Oh how the people loved him, stories has it that he was the most transparent leader that country would have had in decades.

The worst happened, he couldn't make it anymore, he gave in to death, Okokomaiko was thrown into mourning and a national holiday to mourn him declared.

Few days later, after his burial (Muslim burial doesn't waste time) I saw Yaradua inside my keke (Okokomaiko name for tricycle). He wore his characteristic white Hausa overflowing gown usually called agbada I spoke to him but he wouldn't respond, could it be that he wasn't dead? Did the government deceive us? Was this another political fuse? Just as I was about to tap him, mom's call brought me back from sleep.

What a dream that was!!

I loved the man with my soul, I keep seeing him in my thoughts till today.
Seven years gone already... Continue to rest in perfect peace Sir.



For the first time, I was beclouded with horror as i witnessed the most dangerous event of my life. It was just like a nightmare and i was craving to wake up from my suspected slumber.

It was the last day of the program in a church i was invited to sing. During the song ministration, the pastor started praying in the HOLY GHOST and suddenly, a very beautiful girl, fell and changed into a mighty python. The pastor increased the intensity of his prayers and, suddenly, the python vomited ten dead children; she tried severally to strike the pastor, but to no avail. Miraculously, she changed into a human and and started confessing. She said she was sent to cause infertility in churches; any man who sleeps with her, will never reproduce and any pregnant woman whose belly she could touches, would have miscarriage. She said she had succeeded in sleeping with fifty men in the church, totalling 900 from other churches: if she could get up to 1000 men, she would get a higher rank in her kingdom. But, glory be to God, she was completely delivered and she repented and became the church member till date.


On August 17 2021 strange phenomena was observed in the skies. On that day a forest mysteriously caught fire, and a man was found lying in the charred debris.

He gave his name as Eden and claimed to know the cause of the sightings that had puzzled scientists for days. According to him, the light in the sky was the remnant of a time breach that he had come from. He claimed to have spent the last 8 years in the future.

He gave detailed accounts of events which were supposed to happen years from now. According to him, the world was heading towards a catastrophe that would end humanity. He gave 2029 as the end date of human civilization.

His claims were debunked by scientists worldwide. High traces of alcohol were found in his system after he was rescued, and the police detained him for questioning about the forest fire.

Years have passed since then and the world is still divided on the authenticity of his prophecies. Some see him as the saviour of mankind, others see him as a fraud. Only time will reveal the truths behind these wondrous tales from the beyond.

The disturbing beings.
One night I was praying, when I heard a very loud whisper and my dog barked with howls like terrified, I got up and went to see what happened and I could hear two trembling voices that said: where are we going? What do we do? We are going to disturb this family. And another answered; We can not they are protected. When I could see through a crack they had a very unpleasant appearance, no hair, long hands, sunken eyes and tried to scare everyone and they surrounded the house making very strange noises and then left, the next day they returned with two more and the same around the house and each day they came with more of those aberrations, we kept praying so that those abominable beings would not enter after a week something left them and disappeared and never came back, now we have quiet nights and happy dreams.

Moises was a very rumba boy, his life was just that. There was not a day in which he did not leave, his parents always tried to talk to him and thus make him see life with another vision but he never listened to them, he did not care about anything, it was just him in his world. They passed and spent the days, months and followed Moses with the same adventures until in one of his nights out, while walking to look for one of his friends felt a very cold wind that grazed his entire body; I notice that wind very strange because he could see that the trees that were around him did not move. The frightened already accelerated his pace to get to his friend's house faster, ten steps later a lady with white hair appeared in the air and said, come with me Moses ran and finally came very pale to tell his friend what had happened to him. As a result of that spirit beyond, the boy left those exits and concentrated more on doing productive things for his life.

It was last most prestigious music award and I was the host. All award have been given to the winners except best Hip Hop lyricist of the year and all eyes were on Eminem. I had aggued with my Hip Hop lovers that 2pac will take it home. Kelvin Heart was called on stage to make audience laugh and he did it like always. The nominees for this category were announced. It was time to announce the winner. All ears wide open, eyes staring, nominees mind beeping, host mocking and finally I announced it. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner is.... 2Pac.

Eminem climbed on stage and point his gun to my head and asked me to announce who the winner was again. This time I repeated it differently. I said: ladies and gentlemen forgive me for the miss pronunciation of who the best winner of the year was. He is... Mr Markeveli. I did not finish calling the name and Eminem shot at my head five times and I screamed, oh! five shot couldn't drop me, I took it and smiled.
I was dead. I had knock knock knock at my door. I woke up it was a dream.

Thanks for this contest, my entry. :)

Grandma, is it true? Snakes can grow bigger than the houses and the trees? Yes, they can even pretend to be a cave when the mouths are open or be something else when they become too old to move around. Roots can grow on them and make them look like a part of the forest. Tina's grandma replied while making her eyes wide then smiled, looking at her grand daughter's eyes. Then tried to make a hiss sound while saying, "they will left their mouths open for hours and wait for a prey". So never go to the forest alone sweetie. Tina just nod and smiled back.

Sounded scary but, Tina loves those kind of stories from beyond, out of ordinary. Those will not give her bad dreams but more room for imaginative dreams. Although her grandmother cannot tell her stories anymore, she will always be reminded of those memories and stories that made her childhood special.


Thank you for the opportunity, thanks to @stach I hope you like
The gossip and the skull

There was a lady known as the gossip, always looked out of the window, so that it was aware of everything that was going on in the village, his name was Mary.

One night it was raining softly, it was around 11:00 at night, Mary saw someone walking in front of his house, a tall person, with black cloak that had a hood. Walking near the trees, and in the blink of an eye, was in front of his window, with hoarse voice said to him!

I have a box, must guardarmela until tomorrow, he returned to this very hour, but promise me not to open it, when Mary promised and the stranger walked away as quickly as it came!

Mary did not think of the box. Now is the time to reach the strange so he decided to open the box, and his surprise was that it was full of bones, the fright, he fell to the floor and there appeared the stranger who was left to see the face, and turned out to be a skull.

Maria gritò and the neighbors ran to his house, where they found unconscious.

From that day, Mary never peered out the window.

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Mmanta is a village in Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria.

This was the village I grew up in with my grand parents, my grandad was a knight of the Catholic Church but hardly did he know God, you could say his devotion to God ended after Sunday Mass, few seconds after that papa Doctor as he was fondly called became more than the devil himself.

Granny was a wizard of the first order and he was secretive about it. There was one instance when a tenant living in one of his properties refused to pay the rent, getting my grandpa to say he was going up deal with her that night.

Around the hour 6:00pm, it started raining heavily. With thunder and lightning, such rains had not been witnessed in Nigeria for a long time.

Then suddenly, a cat walked passed me. It was the size of a dog, this happened almost like a trance, I ran to grandpa's room, his bed was empty, could he have been the cat I saw? No one knew!

Real shivers began to envelop my whole body. That night, our tenant died in her sleep.

What a tale!


Na him jor. lol

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Tales from beyond!
Moments from the past!
Stories of the ancient culture of Ibibio!
The land of our forefathers!
The sands of time.

The Etubom of the Ibibio people, gathered with his chiefs as they deliberated on the issue on ground.

"Ibibio Isongo!"


"My chiefs! The laws of this land cannot be amended. Our forefathers lived by it and survived by it. They drank by the laws, they ate by the laws, they farmed by the laws, they hunted by the laws, they fished by the laws, they made children by the laws and still lived happily. Then who are we not to obey the laws?"

"That is true... " Supported by the chiefs.

"Standing as an authority and a servant of our ancestors, Ette Ukeme's twins must be thrown into the evil forest. They are forbidden and abomination to this land. I have spoken."

The Ibibio people had no option, a tradition they usually wept about. The implications of archaic cultures and uncivilization.

But they believed that one day, twins will live!
Parents will hold their babies happily and say, WHATEVER YOU ARE, YOU ARE A GIFT!



it was november 14, 2007and i was in 6th class.some of my classmates are getting ready and dressing up to different getups and styles.when i saw them i cant recognise them,some are looking funny,some looking beautiful and some are so u know why they dressed up? because it was "children's day" and it was "fancy dress competiton".
The competition was started,one by one came and showing their fancy dress and their talent.all competitors came,shown and went we all audience thought competetion was ended.suddenly lights offed and it was so dark,i cant see my friend besides me.then suddenly people who are back to us started screaming.when i turned back and saw, my pupil got dilated i was so feared do u know why? A girl in white dress with scary eyes walking slowly and there was a scary background sound "uhahhaha uhahhaha".i thought she was ghost and me and my friend started shivering like tom in tom&jerry.IMG-20180507-WA0009.jpg
that was the scariest day i experinced until now.she got 1st prize for her performance and everyone apprecited her.
This is one of my tale from beyond.....



I prepared lunch when I felt the cold hugging me, when I turned around, my body stood up completely, my watery eyes could not believe what they saw in the room and there was a man staring at me, suddenly he ran out to me with a knife to hurt me , the sensation of screaming were huge but I did not get a word out, I wanted to run and I was paralyzed, my heart felt it hit my chest hard from the terror that I experience when I saw that man I do not even know who he was, if he really wanted to kill me , if at some point he wanted to do something to me, I really did not know what to do, I just stood there paralyzed looking at the empty and lifeless eyes he showed when he saw it. It was when I woke up and opened my eyes ... to see the around my office empty and feel that someone was approaching. It was when the cleaning lady came in with her cleaning cart. It's amazing what life is in a dream to reality. What will be more pleasant?

My guardian angel

Mercedes was my husband's mother, our relationship was always like mother and daughter. I lived in her house for a long time and she always used to take my coffee to my room. On December 14, 2013, she went shopping and while crossing the avenue, she was hit by a car instantly dying.
One day a friend who is a medium came to my house to visit me and when I was in my son's room saw my mother-in-law sitting on the bed, my friend looked at her and asked her: Mercedes what are you doing here? she replied: you are the right person, I need you to tell my son to check the brakes of the car because he can get hurt. She informed us what happened but we did not give importance to her.
A few days later a cousin borrowed the car from Jose to take an order and hours later we received a call informing him that he had had an accident and was in the hospital. From that episode when something happens to my family she appears to my friend.

Fake field money
naniiii.jpgA humble country family lived very happy, they had three children under ten months of age. The father went out to work the land, and passing a river, it rose very high and suddenly appeared a character in the water with a spooky aspect and told the man that if he wanted he could become a millionaire overnight, but I had to give him the first thing that came out of his house, the man did not want and that day happened. The next day the man followed his routine and went to work, returned to the river and aperecio the same character with the same proposal, the man was very scared and the character became bigger and ugly, returned to tell the man to give The first thing that came out of his house the man thought about his dog, but then he regretted it and went home and the first thing that came out was his daughter who was starting to take her first steps.

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A woman drank 6 children her father abandoned them since childhood the mother assumed that day immediately responsibility, The mother goes out in search of employment and sorbent food to their children, She found a friend planted the situation and got her a job, 10 years later, everything is going great, the children at school, the mother happy to see her children growing up in a humble education going through misery, hangover, frustration. One morning a man arrives and knocks on the door. The woman will surprise. He says, What are you doing here? "The father of the children says" I come to see my children, the mother crying said that he left his children did not need him, she is father and mother from the day I leave them The father is altered hits the woman as he used to Do it, the mother helplessly stabs the man to the chest leaving him dead, scared officers arrive - he stops her! the mother says that it has been self-defense, that mother is in jail 2 years later she committed suicide in torment of not seeing her children the sadness took her to the abyss, the children nowadays protects the minors' detention until they fulfill the majority of age


The degoller

One day a boy was playing with his ball, near a house, by accident the ball fell in the yard, went to the door and knocked: "good" nobody answered, seeing that nobody left, jump the fence and suddenly The man came out with a knife. The frightened boy: Please do not do anything to me, I came to get my ball. The man said "I do not care" and killed him. Then he drove a taxi and murdered women who were passing, passing through some desolate place, drugged them and took them home. He took off their clothes and abused them. Then he collected their heads. A man wanted to kill the beheaded, entered the house through a window, went up to one of the rooms to see what was there. He hit with the collection he had there. He saw a lot of bodies until the cutthroat arrived. The fearful man ran to one of the rooms. When he found the man he shouted Help! but nobody listened, they killed him. From that moment, nothing was heard about that man who was slaughtering people, who knows if he is now a soul in pain wandering through the town.


As I sat to reminisce on the culture of Edem Eka people, I couldn't help but agree that there's an influence beyond this physical realms we see.

It's the tale of the god of fidelity (ekpo nkaowo) which usually killed any partner who was brought before it for infidelity claims. This culture however wasn't all encompassing because it seemed to punish only the female offenders while setting free the males who were likewise guilty.

That fateful night, Kelechi was to appear before the deity for infidelity against the wife, but he was the chief priest's brother. Everyone was keen on knowing the verdict of the judgement, by 10pm the village square was filled beyond capacity waiting for the verdict .

As the wait intensified, just before 12am, a shrill cry enveloped the town, it was the voice of Nkiruka, wife of the accused, there she was shouting that she was accusing the husband falsely, that he never cheated at all, that she was the cheating partner.

Before one could say Jack, Robinson! she was already hung and slaughtered in her husband's place. This was the the usual tale of injustice associated with the ekpo nkaowo cult


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“Sir! The system has been hacked and jammed”, reported senior programmer Denison to program director Shinsky. “We simply cannot afford to lose control of the most powerful computer in the world – it routes three quarters of the worlds IT communications,” Shinsky barked.

Shinsky couldn’t believe the reports he was getting. How could it be? He was part of the team that designed the system; and it was designed with no backdoors! It was meant to be hack proof! It was not until he read the message flashing across the screen that a cold shiver ran down his spine.

I am Gerard Wagner, the year is 2110. I am 92 years in your future. I will not go into the details of the technology that allows me to do this; time travel should suffice. I am here to warn you about your future. Your industries are covering up the dangers of microwave towers. It creates a harmful DNA mutation in your generation which will manifests three generations later. We have a 95% infant mortality rate, due to brain tumours. STOP USING MICROWAVE TOWERS!!

“Sir, it’s found a way to break out of our system and it's now going viral...”

The ghost of the Laboratory

Ana, a great friend of the family, arriving at her work, got an old woman out of the laboratory, who was waiting for her to do some exams; Ana asks ma'am what do you want? She answered: Doctor, I need to do some routine exams because I have not felt well. She very kindly made it happen.
While the sample was being taken, the old woman informed Ana that she was living in the laboratory and asked her to send the results home, giving her the address, because she lived with a granddaughter who worked.
Ana told him not to worry that she was taking them. At the end of the workday Ana took the results and went to the old woman's house. When I arrived at the place I knocked on the door and a young girl came out, she asked for the old woman to give her some exams that had been done in the morning. The young woman, amazed by what was happening, told Ana that this could not have happened because her grandmother was 10 years old.
Ana could not believe what had happened to her.
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Hello all,This is my entry.images (24).jpeg
“I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy, check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy, there’s somebody on my bed.”
images (27).jpeg

This is my ticket
Darla was a high school student, She was very shy and withdrawn. The girls always made fun of her, one day in the hour of recess for badness the girls left her locked in the bathroom, when she managed to leave it was midnight and scared she ran to her house that when crossing the street she did not see a vehicle that was coming at full speed that the run over and the impact destroyed.
Eventually the matter was forgotten and everything went back to normal. Or almost.
One day, the girls who used to harass the girl were found terrified in the bathroom. They claimed to have seen her and be persecuted by Darla's broken body. The truth was that they never heard from those girls at school. Meanwhile, other people claimed to have seen the dead girl in the same way they had described.
More and more individuals claimed to have found her walking alone in the streets. It is said that she is a soul in pain that feels very lonely and has allowed herself to be dragged by resentment and revenge for the suffering she went through in life.


We sat around gazing intently at Uncle Inyang as he spoke. Our roasted corn forgotten as our attention had been captured by his riveting and very scary story. “The ‘ekong’ comes out in the middle of the night roaming around and eating little children who are still awake” Uncle Inyang said.

He went on to tell us the story of a boy who had not turned off the oil lamp in the hut one night. The masquerade had appeared in the room and that was the last anyone heard of him. We sat still, completely intrigued and at the same time terrified by uncle’s story.

I believed in ghosts and evil spirits because whenever we gathered for family prayers, mama always made sure we waged spiritual war against these dark spirits. I and my older brother had once gone along with some friends to pick mangoes from the afe ekpe the other day and when mama found out, she had given us the beating of our lives and had made us drink olive oil; some of it was put in our bathing water and we were made to bath with it. The purpose of the olive oil was to destroy the evil spirits that had followed us back home, she had told us.

It was getting late and we had to turn in for the night. I went into the room I shared with my brother and I got into bed. I couldn’t stop imagining the spirits roaming our deserted compound, I would have sworn I could actually hear the ekong’s bell.

I shut my eyes, tried to get rid of the thoughts and willed myself to sleep. I think I dozed off because I was abruptly awoken by the creaking of a door. I could make out the sound of muffled footsteps and I saw the shadow of something or someone pass over the window. The door knob turned slowly and I lay still, frozen in fear, my wrapper over my head. The thing on the other side of the door was trying to get in...

The door flew open and I could feel the creature walk towards the bed, I could hear it breathing. Next thing I knew, my wrapper was roughly yanked off my body. I screamed for help till I thought my lungs would burst.

I opened my eyes and looked up, bracing myself for whatever spiritual or physical warfare I was about to engage in. Mama stood over me a look of amusement and irritation on her face. “Will you go and have your bath” she snapped letting her impatience show. I heaved a sigh of relief, I had never been so happy to see mama. I got up, grabbed my towel and made for the bathroom with a chuckle.


too long. it's 199 words maximum


Two lonely roads cross in the outskirts of Sucre State, the sun looks like a ball of fire that is slowly consumed, among dark clouds that guard the horizon. A half-naked solitary man starts screaming at the crossroads of the road. Pray 7 times the father of ours upside down to invoke the Devil, in the environment a pact is sensed between that unfortunate one who sells his soul to the king of the darknesses. A black deer leaps from the thickets of the bushes, whose eyes seem to sparkle, and its red tongue seems flaming. The inhabitants feel a chill, goosebumps, nobody knows where that strange visitor came from, and asked for his soul? It is only known that this man wanders through the savanna turned into a cunaguaro and losing himself like a shadow that frightens the deer and his hunters.


JOEL was forced to take a 6years pharmacy program as against his teaching dreams by his dad, after 6years, did not graduate because he was owing some credits.

JOEL woke up one morning, walked up to his dad and said : Dad, am quitting school.
His dad: son go back to bed.
JOEL: Dad am serious.
His dad: son you have just few credits to clear.
JOEL: Dad you can't control me any longer, I can't waste any more year chasing your dreams, its time to chase mine.
His dad could not believe his ears.

JOEL disappeared, and after 3 years, I saw him on television,
Wow!, he was now the Adviser to the government on people oriented programs,

Then I asked him what was really his plans for life then.
He answered: at that point I had none, but now,
I don't have a political ambition, I just want to be part of those that makes the decisions that would change people's lives, I didn't even know I could get this rich in doing that .

That's my entry,
thanks for reading.
it's a kind of modified non-fiction



Many years ago, my grandfather's neighbor insisted that in the courtyard of her house there was a buried treasure of morocotas (gold coins) that had to be taken out so that the dead could rest in peace. The grandfather did not pay attention to her, but she managed to convince his children to look for him over the weekend. The boys made fun, they laughed but they kept opening gaps and nothing.

They bought beer and that's how they spent the day, when the night arrived for them it was awful, they could not sleep, the lights went off and on, the beds moved, the objects fell by themselves. The next day they told what happened, the grandfather told them the dead do not play, and from there they passed unusual things: one had a car accident, another fell off the ladder and the other was thrown out of work. It was the curse of the dead, they had to go to church and pray that the soul of the dead would rest in peace and leave them alone.


This happened many years ago, in a small town. The daughter was used to mistreating and beating her mother. Until one day I kill her with blows. She deceived the townspeople and told them that her mom died of a fall. During the wake, the frightened people noticed several times that the urn was moving and they opened it and saw that everything was normal. At the burial those who loaded the urn noticed again that something was moving inside, opened scared and nothing. They buried the lady, the daughter did a very nice job with concrete a marble headstone and placed many flowers. Upon arriving from the cemetery, the daughter went to the mother's room, her surprise was greater when she noticed that on the bed was the same tombstone and the flowers of the cemetery ... I start to scream like crazy, and they had to put her in an asylum.


Just as we were few trots into the end of the pathway, we heard toes tiptoeing toward us from behind, initially we tried not to show our fears, but the pace got faster and suddenly disappeared. We weren't sure what we heard, so we tried to ignore, though not completely, suddenly the sounds came on again, this time more distinctly and unmistakable, one thing was sure, we were being followed.

Goosebumps had completely enveloped my whole body, I was so feverish and physically exhausted, my cousin was already weeping silently for fear of his life, just then a voice from behind, it could only have been one person's unmistakable voice, our late grandfather.

By this time it was getting much darker, and we were trapped in fear on our way, we decided to run into the nearby bushes, were we hid our faces, lying dead cold in the wet bushes, we could see our grand father's old wrinkled face in the through the deem light of the night. By this time, Ephraim my cousin was gripping so hard on my shirts, what was to be our plight that night?. Would that apparition catch up with us in the bush?


It was just a month that Mr John and his family moved into their new home after he had been transfered to a remote village. Dad, is there any truth to the tales told in the market place about our new home, his youngest daughter asked. What do they say about it… Mr John asked feeling concerned.An old woman was murdered here a long time ago and she haunts all that have stayed in the house...his youngest daughter said… Mr John squat before her, those are just tales from beyond and you have nothing to worry about because there is no truth to it… he said trying to convince his little daughter. That night he went to his daughters room to check if she was asleep and if she had put off the light, just then Mr John saw a shadow passed by the window as he was about to leave and quickly he rushed to see what it was, from distance he saw a hooded figure in the dark which sent cold shivers down his spine…he was sure it was a woman because of the shape of the figure.could the tales from beyond be true?

A poor child who had to survive to support his siblings, and in which way he did, had to get up very early to look for sustenance to his home, and he had his mother sick and the grief was 12 years old and he was looking for stores, in supermarkets, in bakeries who needed an assistant to do the work and take their little brother food and his mother the medicine, he arrived very tired at home looking for a way to take his brothers to school and asked God to He will help his brothers not to lack anything and study so that they will not need and be someone in life, and he would not cry together with his mother and his brothers, but he suffered when he saw what was happening in his home but he never showed it. He got up very early and went to bed late! His brothers loved him very much and that gave him the strength to continue, until one day he went to see how his mother followed her and found her lifeless, and she cried next to her body and said to her brothers, do not worry, we'll keep going! after the burial of his mother he went ahead ...


Everyone was sitted that Saturday morning, all was set for the funeral of Inspector Samuel who died in Service to his Nation as a Police officer. He was shot during an armed robbery attack on one of the nation's foremost commercial banks.

The weather was clement with a tint of calmness and collected chills. Everything was going on smoothly as planned, the coffin arrived the burial ground around 10am, then the event started in earnest.

The choir groups sang in their numbers each rendering eulogies to the dead, describing how great a man he was.

The preacher went on board to take the sermon, a sermon that lasted about 15 minutes. It wasn't long after he was done preaching that I heard shouts from all directions, everyone was on their feet, running like a war had just started.

What could have been amiss? I wondered while running as fast as I could, as I got to a comfortable distance, I paused to look back at what could have happened, there before my eyes stood the dead in his suit and white hand gloves beckoning on us to come back, after all had gathered, he began his TALES FROM BEYOND



The closet of terror

There was once a little girl named Sofia; she loved the stuffed animals, dolls and animated figures, one day she began to decorate her room with dolls and stuffed animals, the days passed and Sofia continued to decorate her room, at nightfall Sofia went to bed and said to her mother:

  • Good night mom, blessing.
    His mom answered him
  • God bless you.

The next day Sofia goes out to play at the park with her friends and after a few hours return home to sleep, when she fell asleep I heard a noise coming from the closet, got up and approached listening to the strange noise again, opened the door and left walking one of his stuffed animals that had come to life, seeing that he ran and screaming into the room of the breast when suddenly found one of his beloved stuffed animals suffocated and had his grandmother tied, then ran very scared phone, while of the dolls he tried to kill her, he chased her until he took a knife from the kitchen and stuck it in his stomach generating his death. All the dolls took over his house.

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He had served the cult with utmost sincerity and honesty. He was in a fraternity of elites, he was their servant, did the dirty works and had been serving for years. The sudden bounty placed on him still baffles him, he had been fighting off enemies all his life but with the bounty on his head,the sudden upturn of events still amaze him. What did he do wrong? He never failed a mission and had just been honoured as the leader's most trusted knight.
The hours after was horrible, he managed to escape foes to his safe house with his two most trusted folks (his wife, Janet and friend, Luke). But as soon as they entered he was attacked by his closest friend, Luke, he stabbed him and left in a hurry. He left him to die, but he was lucky.
He retrieved the knife, blood gushed as he stripped down one of the curtains, and tied it around himself, he crawled to a medical kit he kept in the room. Before he could open, there stood his wife with a shotgun.
Booooooooooom!! The blast went.
He woke up sweating and shivering, he had visited a world beyond. Dreams!!!


Late one night, a couple was driving home from a party. They lived in a small village outside the city and their journey took them down a winding road that passed through a dense forest.

It was raining heavily and the husband was driving slowly to negotiate the sharp turns in the road. As they came around a bend, they were shocked to see a car that was stuck in the ditch by the side of the road. It looked as if it had skidded off the road and crashed into a big tree.

There were two passengers in the front seat, a man and a woman. They were covered in blood and their heads were hanging limp on their shoulders. Looking closer, he was horrified when he realized that both of them had almost been decapitated. Their heads were hanging on by few threads. There was nothing he could do for them.

They were obviously dead, just then the eye lids of one of the victims turned and opened, the head that nearly was off immediately sutured and he began to speak...

Was it another case of the dead coming back to life? No one could say exactly.


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i will just share with you one of my romantic history.......i have a couple
so i will tell you hoe to i convince her...onece day i saw her on the roaf then i crushed on her after that i always wait for her to see but she never came there..then once day i could know she left that house...than i felt very bed..after six month i observed her in my college then i went to her then i hugged her then said i falled in love with you since six month.then she accept i am very happy with her

I'm anticipating this; best wishes to everyone that'll participate.

On April 15, 2017, a holy week, in the eastern city of Casanay, located in the state of Sucre-Cumana, Venezuela, the Malave family spent the day in silence. At 1:15 p.m. They decided to make a sancho, Antonio and yonnys should keep in mind that they were cousins ​​who offered to buy the stew alcides brother brother brother lent them their motorcycle and they were. When they were on the road in front of them a man was driving a water system that went quietly but what should not be caught is that the driver without change lights and without change lights
And without any crossed sign that seemed to be his house, the cousins ​​crashed with the sisterna yonnys depended on the motorcycle and died independently while Antonio, who was the only one who continued to make skein that saw skeins with viral signs independently for the conductor of the sisterna the law did not like anything since by his inegligencia I quoted the life to the wonderful people.

Definitely want to try this and join

In one night on the road a car was driving calmly .. It was that of 11pm, when suddenly saw a child beckoning everything beaten and bloodied .. A very dark place, half a hill and near a ravine. Without thinking, the driver stopped and started shouting at the child that he would not run, that he was going to help him.
The child ignored him walked quickly towards a ravine and the chauffeur followed him already with fear through the darkness. The boy kept going down just turning to see if the driver was following him. When the driver got to the bottom, he saw a broken car and the body of a child nearby.
Later he saw the body of a woman still alive but unconscious immediately called the emergency service. The equipment arrived and they went to rescue the woman, unfortunately the child died at the moment of the accident .. When the driver returned to his car in the passenger seat was the ghost child the same one of the accident ..

  • He looked at him and smiled, and only told him.
  • "Thank you" and disappeared ...

During my first visit to Europe, an incident happened that I will never forget.

Events in the lead up to my arrival in Belgium should have warned me but I was too excited about the trip.

I remember as soon I checked into my hotel, I stumbled on a woman who occasionally stole a look at me. I felt like a masquerade at the market square. I didn't understand what her cursory looks were about.

On the third day, I woman walked up to me at the hotel lobby, and landed a dirty slap on my chin. I saw stars. In no time, the Police had arrived. The woman pointed at me and murmured some words in French to the officers. The discussion descended into a serious argument between them. Suddenly a female handcuffed her and led her to a waiting car.

When I asked what was going on the Police explained she was arrested for unlawful assault and for making the claims about me that were false, racist and as a matter of fact, were hearsays, unfounded biases about people of colour, and tales from the past.

Legend has it that condoro a man very womanizer and borrachon par excellence, did not miss a party of the Venezuelan plains, the sound of the harp and maracas was left to listen. Condoro was a man of the thousand peasants, he tells his friend Juan to go to the party and his companion says no, that the night was heavy. There went the leg of goat bothering people in the estate of Don Bernardo, Condoro says smiling we go and stop believing in boogeries, that goat does not exist and if you do not go I go alone. The compai says care that the thing is not for toy, Condoro went walking in the middle of the darkness, when he comes to the farm he hears noises and began to pray; Suddenly a black cat comes out and Condoro jumps, then shouts in the distance that emitted this sound aaay aayy! The kickstand was behind the scare, since then Condoro believed that if it existed. Tales of the beyond.

I am happy for this contest.

  ·  last year (edited)

My aunt is a faithful believer of the Blessed Souls, once it was done a little later than usual to return home, while walking to the bus stop she noticed that there was no one around, business closed, the square alone, everything was dark, usually it is not so, when she arrived at the bus stop she waited a while as it did not happen began to feel fear and began to ask the Blessed Souls as my grandmother who died some time ago to protect her, She said that it wasn't long before a lady arrived and asked her how long it had been since the bus had been passing, she replied that since a while ago, the lady had been telling her where she was going and, coincidentally, it was the same route she was taking, and they started to walk, my aunt said that they were talking all the way, as the sidewalk was narrow. She always went behind her and felt completely calm, once she arrived at the entrance of the building where she lives, the lady says to her, up to here she accompanied you, you arrived safe and sound, she handed her the bags, my aunt as she said goodbye placed the bags on the floor to look for the keys in her wallet, and when she looked up the lady was nowhere, at that moment she shuddered, she says that it was my grandmother's soul that accompanied her home.


Doña Tiatira, was a pious woman of 60 years, loved in the town where she lived, for the favors she did. At home I had a corridor in which I taught the children values ​​and the fear of God. One day he became ill. The people to know the news called the doctor, who saw the delicate health. Upon leaving the room he reported that Thyatira had died. She soon began to see how her soul was out of her body and could see the face of everyone present. He tried to talk to them, but they could not hear him, until he felt that a shining light was taking him at an extraordinary speed towards the sky to a place like a paradise, full of lights, bright, with gardens of very beautiful flowers. Suddenly he heard a voice that told him: teach the people what you see in this place. Immediately his soul returned to his body opened his eyes and everyone was shocked to see that Lady Tiatira could move part of his body. After the days Doña Thiatira got up and taught the people as the voice had indicated.

This story from the aftermath happened to my mother when I was a child, I lived in a town where there was no light, they were lit with lamps and the houses were very separate, they had no doors but curtains. My mother says that she had a habit of playing cards every day with some friends, to arrive she had to go through a solitary land where there were many mango trees. One day she went to play as always and her mother told her, they are going to scare one of these days; She went to play and when she returned home to sleep, she heard a noise in the curtain she looked towards the door of the room and saw the silhouette of a huge bird that fluttered and emitted a chilling noise wanting to enter the room, she was scared Too much he began to shout at his father and throw things to scare the animal but it was still there. His father stood up with a machete, he passed it on the ground and the animal heard this and it flapped and was lost among the mango trees that were on the ground.

  ·  last year (edited)


When I was living in VENEZUELA, once I got very angry with my now ex. I left and went for a walk to a nearby town that had a kind of closed square on the highest part. I always went there to forget about everything, because there were never people there and the view was beautiful. On That day it was already night and you could’ve not see anything, but I did not know where else to go to mourn, so with the light of my cell phone I traveled all over the place until I reached the square. I snuggled up on a very old wooden bench and I cried until I fell asleep. Between dreams I heard the footsteps of someone entering the square, and I felt how he sat at my feet on the same bench and put his hand on my feet. Distressed I suddenly stopped to apologize for having slept there, but when I got up there was no one. I have never felt so much fear and so much peace at the same time. After telling the story to my friends, they told me that nobody went there for that same reason ...


Photo: Rolloid
In 1960, a newly married couple moved to a mansion that was on offer. The seller told them that the price was due to strange things happening in the mansion. The couple not being superstitious did not care and bought it. The first day they noticed that the lights turned on and off alone, but they alleged that it was probably a failure due to lack of use. In the following days things continued to happen: things moved by themselves, listened to footsteps, the lights went on and off...The spouses began to be scared but the worst day was when they saw writings on the walls with blood telling them to leave or to stay to the consequences...Immediately the spouses left the house and never returned...

The secret caldera of the church of the virgin of the valley

The story I will tell you happened when I was 8 years old, in the present I am 24 years old. At that age my country was something else. Venezuela was more secure. There were more possibilities and I was a child that liked to play with the neighboring friends playing at night, either as hide-and-seek or football, among other things. It was 2 am and we decided to make a mischief in the church near our houses, the place where I live has been very colonial all my life is a place outside of the capital of Caracas called bella vista is mountainous and very cold. We decided to go eat the ostias that they had in the church when we managed to do that mischief Rodrigo a friend of the group told us to wait I go to urinate in the garden part of the church and suddenly we see him coming in a very fast and scared to tell us who found a secret place among many branches and was the entrance to a cave. We entered with a lot of fear and we started to see very old things like things made of iron from mining and materials for making bonfires and strange figures drawn on the floor as if from rites that had been performed in the place. Derepente we noticed a kettle that inside there were many bones and were like human suddenly other of my friends Francisco was a little outstanding of the group and decided to grab one of the bones and it was the worst thing he could have done since they started to sound all the things that were there inside, a smell of decaying meat was present and many voices of people were heard as if they were praying in a very low and fast way when all this happened we decided to run out of the place, several of us to the following days we felt heaviness in the body much concern as if something was wrong and once or twice we felt that something or someone was following us everywhere we went. The reason that this place was open is that the mayor of my municipality wanted to exploit that area to enlarge and build more houses but it never ended and that was still 5 years after the information of that boiler was revealed to the community many people had a hobby to enter that place but the stories were repeated many people who happened to us happened at that time, there are many skeptics who never believed in it but the truth is that they closed that place with cement and never more has been discussed . The old people of the community tell us that this place was used in times of cristobal colon and the Indians to do rites of black sorcery. The incredible thing about this story is that after so many years, no one has ever proposed to do anything else because that boiler continues and will remain closed forever. And to conclude as a curious fact is that nobody explains how a church could have been built in such a place.

It was past midnight already as we gathered together to sit by a fire.
It was time for our usual tales from beyond.
We most particularly loved listening to him talk.
He had the wisdom of almost 10 men put together.
He diced his words in such a way that you'll have to listen attentively to really pick the words.
"Today, we'll be talking about the foolish man who thought he was wise".....he said, clearing his throat while breaking the long silence that had eroded the atmosphere since we gathered.
I immediately brought out my book.
It was time to learn some lessons.

Ya know, I been running this rig since, well, forever, really. Charlie's Taxi Service. Owner Operated and proud of it.

Not that I ain't a part of a system, mind you. Course we gotta have a system, or there ain't gonna be no point to nothing, amiright? Take you, for instance. Now I've had me plenty of customers over the years, from all walks of life, but I can tell that you're somebody that earned your ticket for this fare. Ya know?

Whazzat? You was worried that I wouldn't accept Crypto? Well, let's just say that crypto or no, as long as you got that minted penny then you got your fare. Must've cost you more than a penny to mint that coin from your magic internet money, there. But hey, none of my business.

Oh sure, every once an a while I take a fare back the other way. And them peoples really got some Tales From Beyond, lemme tell ya. But it's usually a one way trip.

Hitchers? You kidding me? Them bums? Like I said, mac – we got us a system. No penny, no passage.

Okay, looks like we're here, pal. Thank's for riding with Charlie's!

Hahahaha. i'd love to have a ride in a cab like that


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A coastal town many years ago, it was desolate, but there came ships where wealthy people from other countries came with loads of gold, clothing and valuable pieces.
They had the constumbre since at that time there were no banks, to keep wealth they decided to bury those things on the shore of the beach where nobody saw them and always knew the owner and a partner were looking for strategic places where it would be difficult to find it.
The owner of the wealth murdered the companion, burying the wealth together with the companion.
This was done in order not to leave a witness, there were many who made this the beach was full of dead and treasures.With the passing of time this beach was populated, people enjoyed the day, but at night many were frightened by the screams, howls and laments say that they are the people who are buried in the sea.
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As each night take a pleasant and then take the book to finish the best novel that I had read about. That night I slept very late by more that attempted to reconcile the dream, I always remember that little man that wakes me up unexpectedly. It seems that he has it all planned, when I'm about to fall asleep is about stealthily and awake alters because I am alone in the room. Even when!!! And I repeat to myself, that I am alone, I have nothing to fear. The following movement of that little man was sitting on my chest, and with such a strange power that could not open my eyes, even aware that I was there, I woke up to the point of almost stay without breathing… and at the end of everything that I did? Yes, look for a solution. I read that old book of tales from beyond and highlight where it said that the repeated Mister, mister, mister would be the new host for my stormy partner. Thanks for reading… Tell me..who was the last who read these lines, don't be silly shares and resteemear . I hope you can sleep one day.


It was once a girl named Susan who was passing the old pyramids with a group of friends, with the purpose of exploring a bit, but her curiosity took her away from the group and took her to a secret passageway, something terrifying, something inexplicable there. He found several mummies and skeletons. But he was struck by a sarcophagus which whispered his name, susan, susan; she opened it and went to another world, all scared, looking for an exit, but she could not find a way out of it, and she kept hearing her name Susan, susan; It was an old woman in a mesedor who whispered it, she made herself slowly and the anxian took her arm very strong susan scared began to scream with her eyes closed but nobody listened to her, susan opens her eyes and the old lady was not in her place A girl who told her to stay with me, do not abandon me. Every time she closed and opened her eyes she found something different they were different scares. She could never get out of there her friends looked for her but she never showed up.