STACH Short Story Contest #25: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SBD prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #25.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.

Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on I TRUSTED HIM... LOOK WHAT HE DID TO ME.


FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!

Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!


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"I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore."

That was just the last words he told me before he left. We had so many dreams. We had so many plans for the future. I trusted him but, this is just what he did to me.
I don't know where I went wrong. I guess, I just have to figure it out myself.

"Hey, you got accepted in a job! Please see us on Monday for the orientation."

I got that message from one of the companies I applied to. But, I gave it up for him. And now that he's gone, where do I go? How will life be without him? Where will I start to start over again?

Those are just questions I've been asking myself. I've been crying, yes I am.

"It's okay Claire. You will get through this. Don't let this end your life. There are still more to life than this." A friend told me.

I lost everything and I just wanted to end my life.

But, for the people who loves me, I will continue to live on with my life with the belief that everything will be okay in God's perfect time.

I had been warned by those closest to me about his true nature but I ignored their advice. Maybe I am blind to who he really is. After years of bliss together I thought I knew him. We had joked about understanding each other better than ourselves. Did I make a mistake or was I deceived?

Maybe there is no simple answer to such a question. Afterall, no person is entirely good. We all have parts of us that are good and parts that are bad.

The more I think about it the more I realize why I feel so betrayed. I thought that I could trust him. We all make sacrifices and accept things that are not ideal in our partners. We all are at some risk of being hurt.

I persuaded myself that the risk was worth taking. It was a calculated risk based on the assumption that my life would be better overall.

But there was some darkness brewing deep down that I did not understand. When it hit the sun was blighted from the sky. The only thing clear to me now is that my life will never be the same.

The Fraud

Peter's dream was to buy a motorcycle, which would allow him to go to work and return home. After more than 3 years of saving Peter had enough money to buy a used motorcycle.

The seller of the store, a shrewd man thought to sell him a motorcycle that nobody wanted to be very old and ugly. For several minutes Peter and the seller were bargaining the price until the seller was satisfied with the arrangement.

When Peter left the store the salesman thought that he was always "born a fool every day".

The next day he went to pick up the bike from the store and the seller handed it to him. When Peter tried to start the engine, it did not start. Peter went back into the store, telling the salesman that the motorcycle was not working, but the salesman replied that this was not his problem.

Peter trusted the seller and he took advantage of him. Peter was devastated, he had lost his money, his dream.

Miraculous operation.

"Trust him ... Look what he did to me."
They were my words for Rafael, the day my life changed drastically; Thank God and Steemit. December 20, @williamjose presents Steemit. January 10, almost a month later, already with several publications, friendships on the platform, eternal nights praying and creating good post, I can think of the brilliant idea of ​​letting the baby of the house draw for an art contest. On the other hand, @artelis my Mother, I was suffering from bleeding and needed a very expensive operation in Venezuela. I had time in that state should have a stereotomy as soon as possible. The baby drawing with my help, we uploaded the post and went to refresh the mind. After a while, I go back and update Steemit, OH! a whale had bounced me, so much so, that my post came to $ 129 and I ended up charging more than 50 SBD, a lot of money in my country. I managed to pay for my Mother's operation and all medications. She was excited and registered as @artelis and my brothers followed @jesuscarrasquero @gabrielaa @zuleef and also an aunt @francismg and of course @rafaelgarcia


Que bueno, me alegro por ustedes. Dios es grande!...saludos

Así es, Dios es grande. Gracias por leer, saludos!

Its a real history, best regards

Thanks for reading brother. regards

Fui testigo de esa realidad¡ Con dios todo es posible.

Amazing history. Steemit has undoubtedly been a change in the lives of all who know him. May all the glory be for God.

It's the pure truth, steemit changes lives. My regards, brother

After the delivery of my second son David through caesarean session, I could barely bend down to do anything. I invited my kid sister Amara to come to my house to assist me with house cores pending when the NYSC mobilization list comes out. She was indeed a savior to me because of the pains I was going through.

Image source

The pains continued even after four months of delivery, which made me frequent the hospital for check-up and treatment since the issue was increasing on daily basis.
One Tuesday morning, Dan was sick and could not go to his place of work and that day I was to visit the hospital and to visit a friend after treatment, which I told my husband.
After the treatment, I put a call across to my friend Amada to know if she was home or not, she picked up but told me she was out of town.
Straight away, I went home and I met the shock of my life. I saw my kid sis and my husband on our matrimonial bed.
Dan! I trusted you to have been a faithful husband Why come so low to sleep with my kid sister?

Image source

Link to my post

Why is life like this?
Why are people full of deceit

I trusted him - Look what he did
Now my heart is filled with hatred and vengeance but my hands are tied.

It all happened like in a Nigeria movie, I don't know what came over him, I treated him like my brother but he did what most of my enemies wouldn't do; now I live my life with the thought of it and watching her suffer for my ignorance.

mum always say, Raymond be careful of John I don't trust him.

But I didn't take her serious, I took her motherly warning as being the fact she don't want me to mingle with people around.
I was blinded to the fact that what harm can the only surviving child from the family of 5 bring, I took you close because of your heart condition.

I took him home that Sunday after church and mum wasn't home, I later received a call from my girlfriend demanding us to meet, I left him at home because I trusted him on my return look what he did (he malhandled my little sister with his organ). What a life?.

Thanks for your audience, I'm @raymondbruce

My entry:


I shifted away from him slowly, he was already drifting to sleep but my soul cried. Foolish is not enough to describe me. I had travelled from Enugu to see Segun in Lagos, because why not? He was my boyfriend of five months. I crawled out of bed, picked up pieces of my torn clothes and bag, glad I brought an extra clothing. Entering into the bathroom, I brought out my phone to re-read our chat.

Segun: Babes, I promise you would enjoy your visit.
Me: I am not sure, I have not been to Lagos before.
Segun: Trust me, I would guide you.
Me: Are you sure you are not making me come to Lagos for sex?
Segun: Babe, I know and respect that you are saving yourself for marriage.
Me: smiles, can’t wait to see you then.
Segun: Can’t wait to see you too.

I returned my phone and allowed fresh tears roll down, I stepped into the shower with mixed emotions. In this cold and cruel world, who would ever believe he raped me since I came here voluntarily. I trusted Segun, look what he did to me.


I was on my way to class when I bumped into this Handsome, captivating fair guy. Never have I been a fan of fair bearded guys, but this guy immediately uprooted the foundation of my negligence to fair guys

He gave a wink, and I fell for what became the destruction of my Life. Henry was every ladies dream in the lodge. He's so fun to be with, that you could spend the whole day thinking nothing but him.

He popped the question after some weeks of being just friends. Yes, I accepted to
be his girlfriend. I showered him with all that I had. My dad was rich, so I literally became Henry's ATM. He would collect money and spend on me, so i witnessed heaven on earth dating him. I told myself that if this is a dream, i better dream until I get taken by death. It was an amazing feeling. If trust was to be a cheque,then I signed out all my savings in an open cheque to Henry.

He never gave me reasons to doubt his loyalty until I got to know he impregnated my best friend.

Trust him, look what he did to me.
Nina was a girl thrown forward, she graduated as a Licentiate in Early Education in 2010. Since then, for her there was no opportunity to practice her profession, she introduced her papers and never called her. Nina was able to survive and support her family doing crafts, thank God that blessed her with that talent. They spent and passed the years and did not get work as an educator, one day they call her and they tell her that because of her age (43 years) they could not give her the job. She crying the only thing she said is okay, she did not insist anymore. Every night she prayed and prayed, she never lost faith, but she had days when she was very discouraged. It was after a couple of months since that call that while she was sleeping, she was awakened by a new call where they told her they assigned her the position, she could not believe she was very excited. And that's why we should not give up, trust him, look what he did to me.

The Great Miracle of God

"Trust him ... Look what he did to me."

This is the story of a desperate mother, who had her son in the room of a hospital, where they did not give her much hope of life, since she was very ill, having been born with a bronchopulmonary dysplasia. But this mother was a woman of faith and began to ask God for a miracle for her son. And one day it struck her to see a Christian visiting the rooms of the sick and moved in faith to ask her to go through the room where her son was and pray, and to her surprise and all those who accompanied her That day, when the person arrived in the room he answered, you have a big faith that is why your son is healthy, and when the person left, they noticed that a white dove settled on the window, everyone was surprised and felt a supernatural presence Noticing how the pigeon watched the child and when the grandfather of the child approached the window, she flew very high and was lost in the clouds, and from that moment the child was healing and discharged on Christmas Eve for the Glory of God and joy of the family.

2014-11-16 14.59.19.jpg


While we were struggling to put up our family house, dad lost his job at the Nigerian Immigration Service, and mom was then just a junior staff at the University Teaching Hospital.

Haruna was one Hausa boy who used to live in the incomplete building my parents couldn't complete, so by the time the house construction project was completed, we had no option than incorporate Haruna, the Muslim into our household, we couldn't send him away because he had really secured the building for us when we couldn't complete it.

We got along pretty well in such a short time that we could also trust him with our secrets until one day something happened, an incidence that changed everything in our lives.

It was New Year eve, we were returning from the village when we met a crowd at the gate, everyone was in a pensive mood. Haruna had brought robbers to the house and carted away everything we left at home. The robbers escaped but the police managed to get hold of Haruna.

There he sat with handcuffs on his hands and legs, with face down and bloodshot eyes.


Sara ... I'm going grandmother ... that will be what this old woman wants now !. I will always remember these words and I can not go back to tell my grandmother, how important her words were at that moment and by then, I did not understand that ... you were the most important thing in my life.
I will always remember your anecdotes about your childhood, the life lessons that your father gave you and your mother's affection ... they were also lessons for me, today as a mother ... how much I regret not having listened to you more , nevertheless, your always so pretty, you said to me, someday you will remember me and you will say, there in the sky must be the most beautiful and important old crazy woman of my life !!

La niña feliz

Se relata la historia que tiempo atrás una niña con modales muy formales educada por una familia muy importante A medidas de su crecimiento ella quería tener una infancia de niñez quería tener amigos que pudiera compartir con ella sus juguetes, Un día fue a la ciudad con su mayordomo, en la ciudad miro muchos niños que jugaban en el parque, Le dice al chofer que detuviera el auto, Se baja aquella niña elegante y se dirige a los niños que jugaban en el parque," Les dijo"¿ puedo jugar con ustedes? Aquellos niños le respondieron que no, niños muy pobres y se sintieron ofendidos, Aquella se sintió mal y se marchó con sus ojos melancolicos, La niña llego a su hogar, Le dice padre ¿Padre quiero tener amigos en mi casa que jueguen conmigo? El padre sorprendido le dijo no porque es peligrosa ¿Además cuales niños si no tienes amistades? Si los tengo ¿ Puedo traerlos a la casa? El padre responde" Esta bien" Al día siguiente la nina bussco aquellos niños que jugaban en el parque Aquellos niños sorprendidos mirando la cantidad de juguetes de la niña, Muy emociada fue el día de su vida Y feliz con sus amistades.

Gracias por leer mi publicacion


One morning I woke up in a hospital bed, I couldn't remember what had happened last night, when I opened my eyes, a doctor entered the door and sat next to me. He was explaining to me what happened the night before ...

In the middle of the night I was driving when suddenly a truck crossed and crashed me. My car was under the truck and now I can't move any part of my body.

I felt in the dark, in the depths of my problems.

That morning I was in the news, I received many gifts and one of those gifts was a letter with a prayer without name. Keep that letter and every morning when I opened my eyes, the first thing I did was read it. When I read that, I felt more faith and hope, I don't know why, but I felt that this letter had been written to me by God.

The next month, one morning I woke up and I noticed that I could move. I felt lucky, I just trusted and I had hope that one day I could get up again.

"I TRUSTED HIM... LOOK WHAT HE DID TO ME" thus said that when a woman with astonishment to see an old friend behaved… That man knew him from his early youth, studied at the same university, she knew their family and to hers. Throughout their lives they shared many things such as jobs, friends, joys and sorrows. But this woman was in an economic problem that could not solve alone so he decided to forget about it and spend years gathering the amount of money that I needed.

One afternoon by chance found the woman and the man, it had been a long time since you saw or spoke, exchanging only a few words he realized the situation of women, and without her asking him in an instant provided the tools to solve the problem of women, I doubt not, and although he was not rich did everything he could, was an act of true friendship; the woman was surprised with the speed and diligence with which the man acted… she trusted him but the nobility which showed him the man was surprising, acted as a true friend in time of trouble.

Angela, the biggest rabbit in the burrow, with hundreds of bunnies, tells Amalia the second biggest rabbit, are you happy to have had so many rabbits? You could go free in the forest, enjoy, eat and jump, free as the wind, however you have had hundreds of rabbits, who have had to feed and teach the tasks, without being able to move from here to enjoy and think about you same. The second biggest rabbit responds, I trust him, I know that for something he did this to me, I am happy to see my bunnies playing in the woods, surrounding me until I lie down on the floor of laughter and above all ... for being here all together next to you ... my older rabbit sister!


Super Dako.

Dako a stray dog ​​that everyone detested because he ate garbage and was always dirty. They left him in the garbage dump of the most popular neighborhood in Albi. There lived people with more money, so the owners of Dako decided to leave him very close to them, so that any noble soul would feed him since they could not. But it was not like that, Dako suffered many days alone and became malnourished little by little. Everything changed when Albert, a boy, walked with his bicycle through this dump, and saw that dog so sad. As I watched, a stranger with his face covered ran towards them, as if something was happening, as if it were a kidnapping. But as soon as he grabbed the boy, Dako intervened, confronting the kidnapper by biting his arms, causing him to move away. Albert's parents heard barks and run to the street. They see the child with the dog and they shout: "Get away from that nasty dog". Albert, enraged, tells them: "Trust him, look what he did to me, he saved me from a kidnapping, it will be my pet the rest of my life".

194 Words


In a great kingdom called STEEMIAN WOR, a group of warriors decided to put an end to the anarchy for which they had lived for many years. In the group of warriors there were two young brothers called Ejemai and Elisaul.

The evil kingdom was led by Kingst, who liked to buy people to have everything in their favor. During the invasion of the group of warriors, the young Ejemai disappeared, with all the pain of the world his brother Elisaul continued to fight until he could invade a large part of the kingdom of Kingst. It was there when they decided to recruit new warriors and thus be able to conquer the Kingdom.

The next morning the warriors began to spread throughout the kingdom areas, just as they had planned. Until a new army of the king, led by a masked warrior began to fight strongly against each of those who formed the rebellion. Finally he met Elisaul and they fought hard until both of them cut off their arms and legs, Elisaul managed to take off his mask and when he saw his brother behind his he told him, that your brother happened to you because you do this. Ejemai responded simply wanted the power and be part of a kingdom that gave me all the power I always dreamed.

He was the acting new head of department, he got transfered from Abuja to Lagos just to fill the position for a while, the moment I saw him I knew I was gonna like him because he was my type in everyway but I was too shy to tell him how I feel since he was my boss but lady luck smiled on me when he told me I'm pretty and would love to have my mobile number.
We started dating and he gave me everything I needed and I also in turn gave him all of me, it was going on smoothly and I was on top of the world until one black Friday when he told me he was transfered back to Abuja, I was sad but his promise to stay in contact and also work my transfer to Abuja lifted my spirit but alas I never heard from him after that then I decided to pay him a visit in Abuja where I learnt he was married with three kids. Oh! I was shattered, I went back to Lagos only to find out he had infected me with STI.

hi, this is my first entry ever.

Amanda, ever bright, cheerful and always the life of the party. She was more than meets the eye, top of her class and favoured to be the best graduating student in the faculty for the year 2016. She loved her life and had big dreams of becoming a business tycoon dealing in agricultural produces, from fish to poultry, to nuts and whatever seemed to be in season.
Her thoughts was cut short by her friend Shehu. Come, this woman shift for me let me sit down joor he said, they both laughed and she moved over. He asked her about her proposal for the agricultural farm day celebration coming up, she explained it all to him, of course he was her friend, on and on she went detailing her plans for her poultry farm to Shehu who listened with great interest, little did she know he had plans of his own.
The day for the proposal presentation came and Shehu took the stage, Amanda was ready to cheer her friend on to do his best and to her dismay he presented her plans to the board, she sat there lost, confused. How could he do this to me?

thank you for reading.

After the death of my parents I moved in with my aunt and her husband. My sister’s husband came to my room and told me everything would be fine that I could consider his place my home. I was happy to hear those words because I had no where to go, I was glad I had a place to call my home and I wanted to consider him my father. Things went smoothly for few months but on a faithful day just as i was done in the bathroom I heard a knock at the door which I answered and it was my aunt’s husband, I asked him what he wanted and he started saying sweet words. He told me how beautiful I was and before I knew it he wanted to undo my towel which I did not like, I asked him to leave and when he refused I wanted to excuse myself only for him to push me to the bed and raped me. I was emotionally bruised and psychologically traumatized I told my aunt of the incident but she instead claimed I seduced her husband. I trusted him but look what he did to me.

Jaja and Felix had plans to build an empire in the future so they had to work for money to make it possible
They worked as brick layers first but they money they realized from it wasn't enough to feed themselves let alone build an empire so they left and worked as marketers for a firm
They worked tirelessly and earned some money but it wasn't still enough
Felix quitted because he was tired and he needed something more lucrative
Jaja continued working tirelessly, his persistence and consistency in his work helped him make much money that was enough for him to achieve his goals.
He was able to achieve his goal because he cultivated the habit of saving
I get my inspiration from Jaja as I write this story that persistence and consistency is the key word in achieving your set goal. To make an empire little efforts can't do much, but it can help. It takes tons of effort to pull it off.

So true, persistence matters, a single effort alone can't do it.

The child and the dream
A 13-year-old boy on vacation to his grandmother's field was very excited because he always visited there, played a letter with his grandfather, walked through the mountains knowing nature and embodying adventures with his cousin, The boy was a football lover sometimes He thought he was one of the professional players, He dreamed of reaching the big ones and being the best, One morning the boy where his uncle, His uncle tells him, could you please do me the favor of going to look for the cattle? Enthusiastic the boy says yes, I take the hair and together with his cousins ​​went to look for the cattle, By the way his cousins ​​and contubre left to run in races those beasts in the savannah the boy took a vine and reaciono doing the same In that eninces the sweaty beast running strongly avia untied the chair where the child lost control causing an accident, His cousins ​​axified him and took him to the hospital, already taken the studies, the Dr leaves, I have a terrible news, The mother Tell me, Dr? The child suffered fracture in the left femur and his leg has to be operated,
Friends that was in real life, The boy could never touch a soccer ball because his leg was aviated become a useless thing, And that child was me ..

Thank you for this great concuerso and I loved sharing my story with you!

I use to have a close friend and a best friend for that matter back then in my secondary school days..Her name is Aminat, we were so fond of eachother and always does things together in school, we do seat next to eachother in the classroom and we go home together as well, as our house is not far from eachother..Aminat has an elder brother, his name is Malik. Each time i visit Aminat during weekends, i do meet his brother, and we chat and gist together being my best friends elder brother not knowing he has another motive towards me. One fateful day, i went on my usual visit to Amina's house but unfortunately, she has been sent on an errand, so i did not meet her at home...I meet her brother malik. He welcome me and told me to wait for my friend that she would soon be back..
But Alas, the unexpected happened that day as brother Malik as i use to call him bounce on me on the sofa i was sitting and made an attempt to rape me.. I trusted him, look what he did to me?

This is the story of my friend Juanito, he is a 10-year-old baseball player. His father Wilfredo Gomez trained him with a lot of dedication since he was very young so that his son was a great player, his father took him to practice in an organized team called "los ligaditos". The day came when wil Juanito's father went to see his son play with good expectation, Juanito was the receiver of his team where he did not prove to be the player that the father wanted, he could not control the balls and the glove came out, When the father saw him, he began to scold him and shout at him from the stands. Before finishing the game the boy was crying alone and his worried coach tells him, why are you crying? I cry because my glove is very small and when the ball hit my hand hurt a lot, that's why I did not control it and my father shouted at me and scolded me, he did not support me. The coach lent him a bigger glove and he did it well. And I shout at his father, father trust me, look what I do.


Eric was a very nice guy. Or so I thought. Well, I can’t say I’m a very nice person either so I’ll let you be the judge. Coming from a broken home, and having a chronic workaholic as a mother, I was that kind of girl that always wanted to be alone. I was very repulsive and didn’t see the need to associate. Not until I met Eric.

It was my first day as a freshman and I didn’t seem to understand what the fuss was all about. There was nothing spectacular here. Oh! Except this tall guy who had this queasy expression on his face while staring at me. We got talking; he talked less and listened more. For once I was finally getting attention.

I spent all my time with my latest obsession and with time I finally had love growing in my heart. I gave him my all; I shared my secrets, my body, my love. My world came crashing when he told me he was married back home. It wouldn’t have meant much to me, knowing how unlucky I am getting love, but I was one week pregnant.

I trusted in a promise and changed my life

Near the year 2005, the president, made a proposal where he would support people with intention to create microenterprises.
I worked as a Graphic Designer. I had an illusion of being able to create my own company.
I registered in the Mission of Microenterprises of the Government and followed with trial, Socialist talks and Micro-entrepreneurs. I gathered all the papers. Now ready, I present myself at the Bank with my mind full of questions and very full of emotion. When I had my turn in front of the promoter, when I greeted her, she asked my ID. I gave it to her and when I saw her writing it, I imagined that she was going to ask for my personal information. Surprisingly, he gave me my full name. Excited to believe I was in the database of the bank, she asked me ...

  • It is found in the SUMATE Database. Did you sign a referendum against the Bolivarian Government?
    Impressed, and aware that it was true, I replied ...
  • Yes.
  • Good Morning. What can we do for you?
    I realized it would not be included. It was when I made the decision to migrate from the country and go to look for another opportunity outside of my land and that same day I decided to migrate to Mexico

Good and bad events have happened in my life, but I have always had the confidence in God that everything is powerful if things happen. This event is about my sister, a hard-working person, a fighter, a mother of 3 children who with effort has taken them forward. Despite having a profession I did not have a job that would guarantee a better quality of life, seeing it every day for 10 years, going out to do substitutions and collaborations to a school without any stable job option, because that's the way it is in my country. Some contact you do not get anything. I asked God to get her a job and I decided one day to leave my grief and talk to high government people who helped me intercede for her by explaining her economic, work and family situation. One day she desperate surprise came, was incorporated into a payroll of the education ministry, I do not know who was more happy if she or me. Trust him, look what he did to me!

Eliza was the woman of my life, my soul mate, she was the key piece in my puzzle, the reason why I woke up to fight every day, the love of my life. One afternoon like any other, come to work, but this time earlier. My surprise was seeing her with someone else on my couch, kissing and saying they loved each other. My soul wept, my heart broke into a thousand pieces. Pick up the guy and hit him once in the face, to discharge my hatred at that moment, then I ran them from the house and was left alone and sad. I began to read a new book that I brought with me, and it just so happened that in the title I said: "Time heals, trusts him" and he was right, today after a few months I can say that it is real, look what he did to me, he turned me in a stronger and more wise person.

My friend Aracelis was a very healthy woman but one day I noticed that her menstrual cycle was very strong, which weakened her a lot. Her children insisted that she go to her gynecologist but she always said, these days I go and the consultation must be expensive. Time passed and his children continued with the insistence until his mother heard them and went to the doctor. When I arrived at the clinic I explained what he had and I did some studies, which showed that he had to have an operation because he had fibramotosis, which caused him to lower his hemoglobin levels. She despaired of where she would get the money for such an expensive operation, she told her children and after a few days one of her children told her, mom sees the doctor and asks for the budget. I already have the money, it was thanks to God that I won a contest in this wonderful social network and that money is destined for your operation and you will already be healthy. Trust him, look what he did to me.

Victor was a young father, of good and noble feelings, very protective and deeply loved his family. All he earned from his work was for his wife, his mother, and his four children. Victor had an incurable illness, but neither he nor his family knew it.

His wife Felicia was pregnant and a good mother, but of a strong character, she punished her children every time they did something that she considered was wrong.

Victor's first-born daughter, Fiorella, was a quiet child, 8 years old, like every child her age, she liked to play, sing, dance and sometimes played jumping rope. One day Fiorella while playing, lost a gold tendril that had been given to her for her birthday and knowing what was waiting for her with her mother, she began to cry and nervous and trembling she went to her father to help her, between the two they looked for the tendril until they found it.

Two months later, Víctor died, and two months later Felicia gave birth to her fifth son, whom Victor named in honor of her late husband.

After staying in a stall for about an hour, Chichi decide to go into the rain, hoping to get home and change the wet cloth to stay dry. She had called Anthony (fiancee) earlier that she would stay back at the office because of the rain, He (Anthony) promised to prepare something warm for her. The downpour almost stopped, there was a knock on the door, Anthony rushed to the door, it was Chichi at the door. Both happily hugged and kissed. She changed her clothes, Anthony served her warm coffee. There love was wonderful, after dinner Anthony was busy playing games on his android phone, chichi playfully get the phone and continued the game. A couple of minutes later a text message entered into the phone and chichi read the message from the notification bar, it reads thus " Hi, Anthony I can never abort this pregna......"
She was curious and called out to Anthony, she insisted to read it till the end and he couldn't deny the text message. That says.... ncy, I can't risk my life for abortion "

She wept and mustered I TRUSTED HIM... LOOK WHAT HE DID TO ME.

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"I trusted him, and look at what he did to me!"

I take a look around the place. Yep, he certainly cleaned her out. Her apartment looks pretty bare without the high def flatscreen T.V. or the stereo system or the computer station complete with recording equipment. And she's just slumped over on the floor, surrounded by piles of receipts and transaction records, her mom's phone in her hand because he even stole that.

She paws listlessly at the receipts on the floor. "The bank's assessing the damage. Meanwhile my accounts are locked." She looks up at me with tearfully brimming eyes, and I have to remind myself: this isn't about me. And when she asks she doesn't use any of her usual tricks - the coy innocent look, the squeaky high voice. She doesn't show any leg or tell me it's my chance to prove myself to her or any of the other countless ways she's used me in the past.

“Will you help me?”

Her eyes widen when I step forward and pull out the gun. Crouching down, I set it on the floor, along with a piece of paper. His current address.

This isn't about me.


Truth be told. I have a thing for ''trust'' and most especially when it comes to guys.

I barely trust people, and that have been my lifestyle for quite a while, but then when i met you i have no idea what you infused in me that made me to change my ''not trust'' lifestyle. And am the one going in pains now.
My friends warned me about him, but i gave them deaf ears, even my sister warned me to but i ignored all. Only thing on my mind is just you, probably i thought you'd be different but then again i got pranked. Now look what your handsome, attractive height, dimples, have done to me. My whole life is now a joke because of, I curse the day you were born.

I did not have a father, I had a teacher. He taught me everything I know. He taught me that I must be strong in life situations, but above all he taught me that I am capable of doing what I want, again and again, with his incessant and strict voice. Until I believed it.
Until I turned 17 and had to apply for a university, it was not that I realized I was not able to do everything. Three of the four universities I applied to told me I was not fit, that I was not "capable of everything".
When I finished college and got a good job, it was not because of my ability, It was lucky. When I received compliments for my achievements, they were out of courtesy, or I didn’t deserve them. When I had rewards for my achievements, I felt guilty and that I stole them from someone else.
I struggled until my soul bled, and when it hurt, it hurt due to my lack of ability, and I deserved it.
I trusted him. Look what he did to me. But it was not his fault, he was not perfect too.

House of Hell

She stared at the rainwater pounding on glass window. It was dark out there, liked her future.

It was 9 pm. Yes, he was coming soon. He was a man who could not be denied. A man with a hard fist. She already felt his fingers slapping her cheek dan pulling her hair.

He was not the man she knew. He used to be a friendly father who stroked her hair while telling stories about Cinderella and Pinocchio. Sometimes Cinderella met Pinocchio then lived forever in King Arthur's castle. He used to escort her to school every morning and pick her up every afternoon.

But this man was not the man she knew. A month ago he took her to this house. He said he wanted to show her birthday present. She never wanted the gift. That night became a hell. He raped her many times.

It was 9 and he was about to arrive. She had prepared a present for him. A gift he would never forget. For a week she'd been sharpening some nails in the barn. The nails were long and rusty.

In five minutes, he would knock on the door.


One evening at the office when everyone has left, I had a backlog of assignment to take care of. I don't like been queried by my Boss for not completing task assigned to me. Scrolling through the pages of my computer and writing out she[Clara] came from no where again with her usual flirting, this time with the top button of her shirt pulled off showing the those two beautiful temples. I was so distracted and pleaded if we can talk about it later but she won't listen but pushing herself on me with intensity asking if I can't see what am about to miss.
Me: 'please, remember we still in the office'
Clara: 'no one is here and I cant wait anymore, hold me please'.

Before I could realize,It happened. Clara is my direct boss and after that day she keeps making advances to so that we could do it again. My fear was that fact that she wanted it right there in the office because she claims its more fun and adventurous.

I confided in Kunle, my closest friend in the office who also had once been a prey to Madam Clara but unaware to me. I asked for his counsel on how to deal with madam Clara' advances and He promised to keep it secret. Kunle confronted madam Clara, asking her to stay away from me and now I am the talk of the office as my Job is a stake. why would Kunle betray my trust?

I usually love the contest, it gives an opportunity to be better in writing..will do well to send my entry.

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Taking that leap of faith and trusting someone was one of the scariest things I could have ever imagined Stella doing Mark said as he stood chatting with Jerry his friend.
Stella had suffered difficulties in several relationships and had finally decided to never to get herself involved in any again. It’s being years since that decision but due to the pressure from friends she decided to give it another go.

Few weeks after, she met a very charming handsome young man while she was on her way back from work. They pair had quickly begun going out and she thought she had finally gotten the one. The relationship was healthy and he was honest, caring and loving Stella told me.
She wasn’t ready to believe anything but progress of the relationship as she thought it would even lead to him bending the knee in the future. Little did she know that that was all going to change

They were out celebrating their 1 year anniversary when a woman stormed their table yelling at him all to her surprise she was his wife. I still can’t forget her exact words ”I Trusted Him… Look What He Did to Me”

Word Count = 199

Fabian was my bae of life, my best friend, my paddy, my lover, my number one man, my ride or die homey. At least we'd been that way since I was 2. Now I'm 22 and he decides that things have to change. How could he do this to me???

I was 2 years old when I met him. To be precise, I peed in his po and that's how we became friends. We've stuck together ever since. You don't after 20 years break up with a person. And over the phone for that matter. What can I do though? I trusted him. Look what he did to me. How can I trust anyone else? I know that I have to move on.

It's Saturday and I can't stop thinking of what I'm going to do with myself this weekend. There's a knock at the door. I'm past caring what I look like, I'm off to find out who with my puffy eyes.

I'm shook. Straight ahead are all our friends. A touch brings my eyes down. Fabian is on his knees. He's got a ring in his hands. OMG!!! He's so going to pay for making me cry.

Pity For A Murderer

Have you ever felt pity for a murderer? I have.

That night, he walked into the bar and shot a man sitting in the corner. Everyone ran out of the bar, everyone but me. I was imprisoned in my wheelchair, listening to the loud thumping of my frightened heart.

He turned to me, finger on the trigger and death in his eyes. I swallowed. How many minutes before the police arrive? Ten, twenty? This is Nigeria. Police don’t arrive until long after. I closed my eyes and breathed my last.

“You probably think I’m a heartless murderer right? Well, the police will be here soon. I can’t stand the press but I would really like the public to hear the true story.”

I slowly opened my eyes and he was already sitting in front of me.

“I left my kids with this man, a man I call brother. He raped my daughter while she was bathing and dashed her head on the railing, claiming she slipped. He thought my son was sleeping.”

He began to cry. “My daughter was only eight years old.”

I heard another shot.

Am coming with my entry.

People say Hell is all fire and smoke. It’s not. It’s the coldest place in the universe, nothing but mountains and tundra and glaciers with cracks that’ll consume you for a thousand years.

I climbed a mountain, running from those flesh eating monsters. A storm shot icicles the size of an arm. I hid in a cave and found I wasn’t alone. We fought, tumbled, bit and tore at one another. The man called me a “cracker ass, raw chicken mother fucker.”

I laughed. The fight stopped. Raw chicken. Only one person in my life called white people that. “Scotty?” I asked. “How the hell are ya?”

“Trey? The fuck...Trey?”

“Yeah.” I told him how I thought I died. “Back of the head. Julie, I think. Same as you, I guess.”

Scotty spat. “You think Julie shot you? She loved you, man. She killed for you. It was Luis, you idiot. He hated you.”

“What?” I waved my hands in the air. “That’s bullshit. Luis was like a father to me.”

“I trusted him, and look what he did to me,” Scotty said. “I saw him, before he did it.”

The cave grew silent. The winds roared outside.

I was 8 years old when one afternoon I came out in front of my house, I wore some colas type of very thick soles, in an oversight I did not notice that they had left a board that had a two-inch nail, I pice that table and although my cholas They were quite thick the nail puyó my feet, blood a lot, the nail was rusty, they took me to the doctor, thank God I do not touch any tendon I did a cure and I got an injection, a few days on the top of the feet was formed a ball, there was very little to start school and the new shoes were tight on my feet, due to the swelling of the feet, I walked lame because I also had pain, I spent the days asking God for help, because I did not want to be like that anymore. the tight shoe, the days I started to scratch on the top of the feet where I had the ball, I scratched so much that a stream of black blood came out, that day my feet were healthy, thanks to the trust I have in God.


As I stood at the edge of the balcony, I closed my eyes, forced back the tears, and reminisced...
I remembered his words; that deep throaty voice of his as he urged me on...
"It would be okay" he had said.
But it wasn't, and as the memories flashed through my mind, once again I regretted having trusted him. I could have paid more attention to my studies, or I could have settled for a carryover. But instead I had listened to Jerry, my dear Jerry.
He had taken not just my heart, but also my innocence. I do not know why I fell for him, but he seemed to be my weakness, my Archiles' heel. Whenever he spoke, I listened, and when he had suggested I accept Professor Elliot's lustful demands, I had like a fool, listened again.
Now I'm with child, and neither man would have anything to do with me. Maybe it wasn't his fault, maybe it was mine, for trusting with my heart and not my head.
I opened my eyes, the tears fell...
And I jumped...


My best friend was once a tree, a tall spruce, blue, prickled and standing defiantly, straining against the pull of the earth.

During the summer of drought, when I was six, the sun beat down upon us without mercy, without respite. It burned our crops and dried our wells, but my best friend, the tree, gave me shade each day.

During the summer of wind, when I was seven, the wind tore at its branches. Some broke free, but still it stood, defiantly against the pull of earth. I stood aside his trunk, hiding from the worst gusts. Again my tree protected me.

During the summer of rain, when I was eight, he stood drooping but determined, defying the ground as he waited for the sun to dry his branches. I sat at the base of his trunk suffering drips but not the downpour.

And in this rain he whispered, encouraged me up. I climbed from branch to branch, defying gravity and straining toward the sun. But my foot slipped on a wet branch and I fell, hitting earth with a painful thud.

I no longer listen to the tree. I trusted him... look what he did to me.

After selflessly donating one of my kidneys to my boss and hoped for a promotion, yet he fired me for misconduct.



José and Luis had a street coffee business. His business had become very famous because the coffee he sold was very delicious and people liked to drink it. One day when they were in full sale the sugar was over. And I send Luis to find a bag they had in his house.
Luis went immediately to look for the sugar, when he arrives at the house I look for where José told him there were two bags and he grabbed one. When returning to where José saw that in the business there were several people waiting for the coffee, Luis gave the bag to Pedro and he immediately added it to the coffee because it was what he needed to start serving the drink to the restless customers waiting for his coffee.
When the first client drinks the first sip of coffee, he spits it out and José is surprised.
The client tells José watching Luis- You trust him ... look what he did, instead of bringing you sugar he brought you salt. Jose apologized saying that it was he who was to blame for not having tasted the coffee before serving it.

Please when is the entry for this closing

It's three in the morning and I just had a horrible dream that has left me terrified .. You see, I have three years of courtship with Alan, this week we talked about further progress in our relationship and move in together. I was really excited about the idea, but now I'm not so sure. In my dream I saw how he became all that hate, rude, manipulative lout and others, I saw several times where he would even raise a hand, distressed by this situation had decided to flee to my friend's house, but Alán me I went down there and begged me back to him saying that things would change when he believed and was about to leave with him my friend told me: "trust him ... look what you made me" and rose blouse showing me a big wound in his abdomen. Right at that moment I woke up. I have always been very superstitious with my dreams, I am so confused and scared, I dare not tell Alan that I will not move with him just because of my dream, but I can not pretend that nothing happened either.

"Olanma, go to the back seat while my sweetheart sits in front with me"....he said.

I watched as she shrugged and I smiled sheepishly as he came to help me get into the car in a bid to get Olanma jealous, I bet.

My head was swelling, he chose me, not Olanma.

How wrong was I to have accused him of cheating with Olanma.

We chatted and laughed all through the journey totally ignoring Olanma who was probably praying for the journey to come to an end.

Well, I prayed it lasted.

"Baby, we're here already"....he said as he made to park.

It was like Olanma couldn't bear the heat any longer, she immediately breezed out of the car as soon as it came to a halt.

We both laughed heartily and he took my hands and spoke nicely to me, he sweet talked me into believing that he loved me.

I trusted him and I finally told him the password to my ATM as he held the door for me to come out.

2 weeks later, I learned he travelled with Olanma, after emptying my account.

I trusted him, look what he did to me.


He twitched as his vision started to blur. He turned to the other side, struggling to fill his lungs with air. All he saw was red as the smell of copper reached to his nostrils. He reached for the white handle that was visible on his stomach. Red drops splattered everywhere as the metal shined with crimson blood. He recalled the moment that happened here as he clutched it tightly with his shaking hands. He can still hear the footstep of a traitor that he thought who can trust with his life a few minutes ago. His eyes caught a round shape of glistening silver. ''Everything can be sold for a bundle of coins''. He raised the knife to his chest and let it sink through his throbbing chest. Metal hit the ground and he collapsed. His last thought expressed the same thing as the Ceaser's last words, “Et tu, Brute?” Betrayal is painful than death.

My dear colleagues from Stach. Pleased to be able to participate with this story. I hope you like it...

Blurag 6043 the story of a space worker

I had nightmares about the accident. Spacewalking is often dangerous. We are many light-years from Earth, near "Blurag", the only place in the galaxy where we can mine "Tomush" stones to keep our planet alive. The year is 6043.
Humans have changed a lot. I am one of the few that still retains one hundred percent of my original biological parts. The others around me in this ship are half robot, half flesh.
Two days ago a valve regulating fluids in the external motors was frozen. I remember that when putting on the exploration suit an electronic voice repeated the steps to follow to have security in the cold outer space. No rule protects you from a sudden meteor shower. When they hit us, they not only destroyed the engine we wanted to repair, they also crushed part of my skeleton. It sounds terrible, but I was the only one who survived the five technicians that were outside.
A nurse, with robotic arms and an electronic eye, tries to calm me by injecting me with a solution.
"Dr. Sharon will help you," he says. "Trust him ... look what he did to me".

I watched his mouth move as he spoke those words of poison...he claims otherwise though. He says he has changed, he is a new man now. He begged my forgiveness a while ago and i gave it. Afterall, to err is human and to forgive is divine.

I wanted to stop carrying the burden of bitterness that was my lot since it happened and i felt free but now, i feel it slowly creeping into my heart again as he spoke. As if all he did was not enough, he wants to draw me into another of his schemes.

I trusted him as my best friend...look what he did to me. I lost my entire family and almost my sanity. I earned a bad name while he left unscathed. Should i extend my forgiveness to trust again? Can a leopard change its spots? Won't he leave me again when everything goes south?

These thoughts ran through my mind as continued to watch him talk and smile like an honest man.

I am in, like this!

"I am really sorry about last night." Alex pleaded, with sad countenance.

"You always say that, but this is the 7th time that you will repeat this, not counting the number of times you did, during courtship." Cassy Blurted.

"I said I am sorry, It won't ever happen again." Said Alex, finally.

Exactly a week after, Cassy got delayed in traffic, and amidst fear of not getting home in time, before her husband, she left her car, carefully parked and in the care of some security guards, she took a bike home.

She got home, opened the door, and suddenly, she found herself on the floor. Still trying to catch her breath, she received a heavy kick, right in her tummy. As she clutched to her tummy, all she could see was blood dripping.

He left her in the pool of her own blood, and their neighbour came to her rescue, as usual.

The good news Cassy wanted to share about the pregnancy that day, all turned sour, as she nursed her broken jaw, and the lost baby.

With tears, and her neighbour beside her, all she could mutter were: "I TRUSTED HIM... LOOK WHAT HE DID TO ME."

Trust him ... look what he did to me

He was a normal young man his name is Damian had a happy family, professional, but one day in a ball game he suffered a faint his girlfriend Carolina who accompanied him took him immediately to the doctor, lately he was suffering from weakness, pain, and dizziness and not he had said nothing to anyone, the doctor performed the tests for his misfortune he was diagnosed with a very serious illness, this worried him a lot and his family also went into a deep depression and did not want to leave his house or comply with his treatment , I did not want anything he said so that if I'm still going to die, Damian did not believe in God until a moment of brokenness in silence asked God to heal. The next day Damian had a change of attitude began to meet his treatment and was allowed to visit after a few months the doctors could not believe his illness had receded. Damian was happy because he had done it, and because of the trust he placed in God, he received his miracle.

I had never felt more betrayed. Despite my never ending wailing, nothing would bring him back through that door. That door, that was impossible to open. I could use my hands all I wanted but all I ever seemed to do was push it farther closed.

That door. The longer that door remained closed the longer by insides would turn, as well. I will never be able to eat again. If I don’t starve by winter, I’ll freeze then because I don’t know how to make the hot thing glow. Regardless, none of that mattered without his companionship.

He didn’t care though. He marched right out that door, yelling something I didn’t understand; an empty promise of some sort, most likely. I sat by the door, doing my best to get between him and the contraption; maybe wiggle my way out. I even perked my ears all the way up. He still didn’t care.

And out he went. Soon, it will be dark. And how many darknesses have come and gone since he left? None, to my memory. But, surely, there must have been many.

All of a sudden the door opened, and in he marched, with a bone!

 In college events turned from classy to nasty with a friend who promised to complement me in mathematics in exchange for covering in other courses. 

While I was sticking to the script he was skipping scenes. 

Been popular for his computer maintenance skills, on  the exam eve, the lecturer encountered a malfunction on his computer and required my friend to fix it. While fixing it he got a glance of the question sand held it sealed as a secret.

He came with copies of the solution to the exams and funny enough told me he wasn’t prepared for the exam suggesting I source for help elsewhere  

Writing the exams I became a nuisance and was transferred close to my friend, I saw his eyes fastened to a leaflet with answers to the questions, I confronted him and he told me the source and the sour story leaving me sore and feeling ugly, with no time to make amends sequentially leading to my failure 

On reception of my result I reminiscence in my bitter feeling, thinking:

 I trusted him... look what he did to me, offering me a gift of failure on a platter of gold.  


"Today is all about stam",
I yelled feeling the zeal and exuberance of the music flowing through my veins.

Then it all stopped, i couldn't get what anyone was saying, it all sounded gibberish to me. Then the air cleared.

" he collapsed stam collapsed "
It took me some time to return back to the land of the living. Stam my boyfriend was rushed to the hospital, tested and declared in need of a kidney transplant. We searched and searched for a donor but to no avail none of his family members agreed to donate theirs to him.

It dawned on me that he would die for sure if nothing was done, then i took a bold step.
I donated my kidney to save the boy of my dreams, days later after his surgery he calls and tells me that he was sorry, that he wanted to break up with me before the indecent i should take heart, another man will love me . i was dumbfounded, then a week later i found out that the only kidney i have is failing. Look what he did to me.

"Could you imagine Kenny calling me a fool and my parents vagabonds!" I fumed.

"What?!" Henry exclaimed, his eyes round and wide as saucers.

"And what did you do?"

"I ignored him" I replied calmly.

"You what? That's exactly why he's always picking on you, cos you can't do nothing"

I thought about it. I think Henry has a point.

"Kenny knows better than to mess with me, infact, everyone knows that no one messes with Henry the great!" he was beating his chest as he said this. I was almost awed by his strength and confidence.

"It's high time we thought that fool a lesson! Come on, let's go show him what you're made of."

I was reluctant, but Henry dragged me and before I knew it, we were standing before Kenny and his friends.

"If you're man enough, touch me!" I said with a shaky voice.

Kenny's big frame alone sent shivers down my spine, but "Henry the great" was with me...or was he?

I looked around for Henry but he was nowhere to be found. By this time, Kenny and his friends had descended on me.

I trusted Henry, look what he did to me!

I trusted him... look what he did to me. As I take a painful peek at my toothless mouth, the tears dribble down my cheeks. The devil had assured me that only my wisdom tooth would be extracted, instead he was busy on his phone and now I look like a clown. The laughing gas hadn’t worn off when I realized the mistake so I had a good laugh about it. The dentist thought I was in a jolly mood and he seemed relieved.
I will get my revenge. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. With a lot of energy, I went to his place of work after dark. I had a weird idea of punching him so his tooth came flying out like in the movies. He was just winding up so didn’t notice me. I tried to take a swing at him, lost my balance. He caught me in his arms.

Barry (my dentist) and I are now dating.

Trust him, look what he did to me.

They are two brothers who are studying in the university their parents are separated and they live with their mother, in a humble house.
Ronardo and Leonel are discussing, Leonel his brother ronaldo who does not want to study because in the end it will not be worth anything if they can not continue paying their studies and Ronaldo tells him to trust our father, that he will do it.
At the end of the course they decide to continue their studies as they have always done and their father Alfredo pays their university to both of them and they manage to graduate with all the merits.

The old monk listened attentively to the words of the disconsolate girl

"I met him a year ago and it was love at first sight, we always hid from my parents, he swore to me his love and I gave myself to him. We stayed together for a long time until one afternoon I saw him hugging another girl, the mayor's daughter. His betrayal broke my heart, I have stained my honor"

"I trusted him... Look what he did to me."

"I've decided to end my life."

The monk replied:

"By killing yourself won't win anything. Unfortunately, if you decide to end your life. Your next reincarnation will suffer the same fate again. What you do in this life impacts on the next one. Those who do not dedicate their lives to spiritual growth will undoubtedly have a life linked to Yin and Yang Chi. You came to this world to purge that karma and you must accept what has happened to you. Accumulate virtues and you will see how your destiny will change. Meditate what I tell you"

The girl meditated monk's words for a long time and finally decided to change her mind.

He lay on the bed for a while, not because he loved to, but because he needed to, it was the only way to ease the pangs of hunger in his stomach, he hadn't eaten for the past 2 days.
Picking up his phone, like a man drowning would a rope, he dialled his dad again like he had been doing for 2 days expecting the alert as promised, from excuse to excuse he lay on the bed helpless with his eyes bulging out, then it hit him, his father was never going to send it, he had been abandoned to his own fate.
Solililoquizing he said "I trusted him..look what he did to me"
He learnt a great lesson that day, that until you rise up and take charge of your life your happiness and satisfaction will always depend on the benevolence of someone, who could wake up one day and decide he didn't like you anymore.
Stop trusting people with your future ,YOU are the CREATOR of YOUR OWN REALITY, you have the power to live the life you want, that power is enlarged or restricted by your belief system.

The chocolates
I had all the care in the world to prepare the most delicious white chocolate bombon, I ran in a hurry so that my first delivery would be perfect.
The phone rings and he says add some cookies to the order. At that moment I realized that I would not have time to make cookies. I had to change to go to the market and buy the softest cookies I could find. The clock was not my accomplice, it seemed that the needles turned faster that day. I finally found them and there was a line to pay in the box. I started counting to a thousand ... eight hundred one, eight hundred and two, at last I was able to make the payment.
I arrived home to unmold the chocolates filled with liquor that were missing. They were perfect with the ideal shine and without bubbles; the test to check the quality, ummm melt in the mouth, that's a yes, yes, yes.
He arrived took the order, gave an excuse to pay later, but He never paid, this was what he did to me. My first profit was lost, that's what I did for trusting him

Taking the advice of a father will make you live better

Since childhood my parents taught me that all things in life must be honestly earned, that it would always cost some more than others to obtain them and that the difference is in the willingness to study. My mother always told me that my father was a great man, I TRUSTED HIM.
The truth is that today thanks to their advice I am a university professional and I have a job in an excellent company, here I have the opportunity to grow professionally and as a person.
This was the gift that my parents gave me, a good education and their advice to study,
Today I have the opportunity to tell my children, nephews and friends LOOK WHAT HE DID TO ME take good advice, I have a life full of blessings regarding the spiritual, family and material.

It was a dazzling evening with rays shining through the crack in the hole in Tito's apartment. She was seated in a chair still suffering from the depression her first love caused her. The doctor told her she needed therapy and a couple of friends must be with her to help go through the hurting memories softly. Friends took turn to come each day.

An unknown young man walked in on a Sunday afternoon. 'Who are you?' Tito asked. 'I'm an associate pastor in the neighborhood church' answered pastor Alex. 'On days like this, we set out to reach people who are not fine by themselves and I'm Alex Davies by the way', Pastor Alex responded. Tito liked him immediately and they got on well.

'What happened to your family', asked Pastor Alex.

'I left them' started Tito.

Why? Asked pastor Alex.

Continuing her story, 'I got in love with a fellow Corper. He liked me and I liked him too. He told me I was all he needed in his life. I trusted him but he made a way to marry my best friend.

'I TRUSTED HIM...LOOK WHAT HE DID TO ME'. This were agonizing words from Tito.

trust in him ... look what he did to me

There were two friends who went down the mountain, they walk inside the mountain, one of them goes ahead and climbs, and a big rock falls on his leg, getting trapped.
The other friend tries to help him by removing the stone but can not, then decides that the only way to help him is to go and get help.
Then he is left alone and it starts to rain and he starts to raise the water where it was until he reaches the neck, but he never stopped trusting his friend who would help him.
When he almost gives up his friend arrives in heli-boot and rescues him.

I do not usually be a very open person with my emotions, almost always I lock myself in me. But since I met Juan all my life has changed, for good. He is a charming boy, humble and such a good person who has been able to win not only my love, but also my confidence. I have noticed that at work many treat him with indifference and I have decided to do my part so that this change. Yesterday I talked to most of my colleagues and I gave them my opinion about their behavior, I think they did not like to be approached, they just told me that they did not trust Juan because of what he had done to Anibal, so today I wanted to talk to Anibal. At first, he was elusive, but as we were talking he gave in and assured me he was going to talk to the others so that everything changed, very happy I said goodbye to him saying: "I Trust him, look what he did to me" and I smiled, He smiled back. I am very happy because I feel that now everything will improve.


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PEDRO a very refined person took care of his appearance and as every month he went to the barbershop of his friend MIGUEL to cut his hair.
MIGUEL, was your trusted hairdresser. But when I arrived at the hairdresser and did not see him, I asked the new hairdresser where MIGUEL was. He told her that he had resigned and left the country.
Pedro, distrustful, decided to cut his hair with JAVIER, the new hairdresser, when he finished cutting his hair, PEDRO examined his court in the mirror and was not satisfied, because I consider it a disaster. He was angry, when he suddenly saw in the mirror that MIGUEL was coming to the barbershop. Immediately he stopped and went to him.
AND PEDRO said to him: MIGUEL, You were not that I had resigned and you had left the country.
-MIGUEL responds-No- looking angry at hairdresser JAVIER.
PEDRO, annoyed, said pointing to JAVIER. I let him cut my hair, because he told me that you would not come anymore if you had left. You trust him ... look what he did to me. I hurt all my hair.

My name is Camila, I am 17 years old and I am about to have an abortion. I was three days without getting out of bed thinking if this was the right thing, I considered having the baby, but that idea quickly vanished when thinking about how all my opportunities would fall apart, my short-term plans, and even the long-term ones, not I see myself carrying a baby, and even if I did, who would support me? I do not count on the father, I know no, I did not even bother to tell him what's happening, why, we do not have a relationship, it was something of a night, I'm alone in this, so I'm here, my best friend Abby try to calm me by telling me that the doctor is excellent in the matter and that the procedure will be simple. When it's my turn to enter the office she takes my hands and whispers: "Trust him, look what he did to me, my life can not go better" I open the door thinking that this is the best for me, God forgive me.

When I was 18 I did the biggest stupidity of my life, I tattooed a huge sausage on my ass, I do not even know where the idea came from, I just remember that I was very drunk with my friends and one of them suggested we get a tattoo by the friendship that united us. Total that I did, I tattooed that crap. So today I'm in a tattoo shop to see what can be done. While I wait, the girl next to me asks if it's my first time here, I answer yes and I tell her what I'm coming from, she apparently has enough experience so I dare to ask her advice, showing her my horrible tattoo, She smiles and says: "The best for your case is Alan, he covered my ex name that he had foolishly marked me, trust him look what he did to me, lift his blouse a bit and show me a beautiful tattoo adding that It does not even look like he was covering another tattoo. I praise him and smile to myself, I have come to the right place.

Fed up with strange events that were happening in my house, I invited a medium to perform a session, that entity manifested through the spiritualist and told me that she did not want to do anything bad to me. That the only thing I wanted was to protect myself, that I had to get away from Andres. Ok, Andrés is the guy I've been dating for several months, I was very afraid to ask why, but I answered yes, I would. True to my word, I cut with Andres and I stayed at bay, but today Andres appeared at my house, immediately everything seemed to darken and I remembered the words of the medium, so I pretended not to be home and went to bed, I dreamed that I was with Andrés, but it was not me, that is, it was not my body, everything got strange and there were many mirrors, when I looked at one of them my reflection told me: "Trust him, look what he did to me" and look at my chest I did not have a heart I woke up sweating and scared, I do not know what to do, I'm afraid.

When I was little I used to have something like magical powers, I heard voices and they even told me the things I should do, and it always turned out that something bad had happened to me if I had not obeyed the voices, that's why I came to believe that those voices protected me . One day while playing in the garden I saw two children dressed in a strange way running by my side, the voices told me to follow them, so I did. They ran very fast, when I realized I was already far from home, I felt scared and then one of the children approached me and said: "My name is Anwar, do you want to play with me?" When I was going to answer the other approached me and I realized that they were twins, he frowned and said: "Trust him, look what he did to me" and he showed me his hand bleeding, that terrified me and I ran away, the voices told me to come back that I was not afraid, but I did not want to listen to them, I wanted to be at home away from those strange children.

Last holiday we all went to visit my grandmother, she lives away from all the bustle of society, in a cabin that is very difficult to find because it is practically in the middle of the forest. My grandmother has always been very superstitious, she has the whole house full of candles that she lights at night for the spirits along with incense that smells strange. But the strangest thing is their cats, they seemed to understand everything, they look at you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. One night, Mom insisted that I go to help my grandmother with dinner, I was going to do it, but when I went to the kitchen I heard her whispering with someone, she said strange things, I paid attention and clearly heard her say: "Trust him , look what he did to me "I decided to enter, but when I did one of his cats went out the window, God what fear I felt at that moment, my grandmother was alone there. I did not tell anyone.

That week I went wrong in the final exams, my parents were separating in definitive and to finish ruining my dog Spike disappeared. I could handle it all, but Spike was not there for me, it drove me crazy. That night I decided to go looking for him, I felt very anxious, as if he was waiting for me, I walked and walked the streets, they were mostly deserted, suddenly I saw a girl, it was very strange, it was too late for a little girl I was there by myself, so I asked her where she lived, she did not answer, I just point with her hand toward the end of the alley I did not understand anything, I asked again: "What's your name? She did not answer just kept pointing, I asked one more time: "Are you okay?" Nothing. I decided to go then in the direction she pointed and behind my back I heard her say: "trust him look what he did to me" when I turned to look at her she had disappeared. I felt scared, but I had a feeling, so I went to the end of the alley and there was my dog.

Strange things have happened to me throughout my life, but what I am going to tell you now is one of the most disturbing. My neighbor had two small daughters who always played with me to the dolls, one day one of them suffered a serious accident and died, it was a long time until at last the other girl came back to my house to play. But it had changed, it was very withdrawn and it almost always had the lost look. That afternoon I remember that I did not really want to play, but my mother convinced me to leave, this time I went to her house, everything was normal, we played with two dolls when I decided to go to the kitchen for water, I was drinking water when I heard a strange noise, I went back to the room and my God, I saw the girl who had died talking to her sister, she said: "Trust him, look what he did to me" I ran out of that house and locked myself in my room to cry, I did not tell anyone, but since then I was afraid whenever I went through that house.

Being the first child in my family, came with a lot of responsibilities, I was 18 years old when I finished high school, life was hard, living everyday was as if Mother Earth was against us, always wondering and wishing, maybe life wouldn't be this difficult if I was born into a rich family, I would blame myself several times why I came to this world, seeing my parent and siblings in such agony made me wanted to take charge of the ugly situation, which I did.
My boyfriend was no stranger to my family, he knew what I was going through, Michael was always a guy I've loved immensely and had kindled in him such a high level of trust, Michael told me he has a uncle in Milan that would love for a pretty girl like me to be one of his beauty models, I was excited, this is a dream come through for me and my family, finally life wouldn't be so cruel on us, my love for Michael grew like wild fire, little did I know that Michael sold me into sex slavery, I trusted him, look what he did to me



Ola and Juliet were two close individual. They are always the talk of everyone in the University. Even the gossiper hardly discuss anything without raising the issue of this two lover. Ola and Juliet never care about what people say about them

Between this two individual, ola and Juliet, they are just two close friends on a platonic relationship which many misunderstood for relationship. They have been friends from childhood and this have helped both in understanding each other perfectly.

This was Juliet birthday. She woke up happy checked her phone, to her surprise there was non from ola. Family and relatives keep sending their birthday wishes through SMS and on social media with much gift from other friends. Juliet was furious because it was already 7pm and nothing from ola yet. At about 8pm one of Juliet friend ask. She accepted, on getting to the house it was dark and silent. The silence was broken with a shout of happy birthday from friends and family members. It was all ola doing. Ola propose to her with a ring 💍. Juliet was shocked and said, I trusted him but see what he did to me

I trusted him... look what he did to me.
When is the shipment arriving? Jack asked Kyle. 6:00pm tomorrow, you keep asking this question, Klye said. Don't blame me, I want this deal to go smoothly,Jack said.
Kyle and Jack have been into smuggling and selling to the highest bidder for quite sometime. They had to trust each other for their business to go on smoothly.
Jack, where are you? I've been trying to reach you for an hour, it's almost 5:00pm, you know we have to be on our way. Kyle said, feeling irritated. Sorry,I'll be there soon, Jack said.
The shipment arrived and with the buyer present, the deal was over in no time. They took the cash to their safe house.
This calls for a celebration Jack said. Yeah, let's go to the club we can split the cash in the morning, Kyle said. Unknown to Kyle, Jack had planned with some guys to steal the cash when they were away.
After clubbing, both guys bid each other fareware.Jack headed for his house while Kyle decided to check on the safe house before going home. It was then he found out that Jack was behind the robbery from one of the guys.


Ana was an obese girl who liked Andres the most popular boy in high school and because she was fat he humiliated her, but inside he felt sorry to treat her like that, he only did it to maintain his popularity. Sofia was her best friend, but betrayed her, she got involved with the boy she liked so much, but he just played with her, took her as one of the bunch and then despised her. Ana, seeing what her best friend did, decided to lose weight and became the most popular. Andrés, seeing the radical change, shows interest in her and Ana still liked it. Sofia seeing that mutual interest did not please her and reminded Ana of everything he had done in the past and even his own betrayal and told him I trusted him ... Look what he did to me, Ana did not pay attention, he followed her heart, he was right Andres was his great love to her he did not betray her.


mummy raised her, daddy never dropped a dollar. Daddy ran away didn't want to have a child, mummy wasn't ready still remember how she cried but time flies, all that was in the past life. Bisi is mature, all the things that made her a lady is now in large size. She just collected law degree, first class in the bag, she makes her mummy bragging. She went to be an intern for her uncle just a little hustle before she go to law school.
My daughter, the Lord will be your strength. Jesus child, Mummy know she love the gospel but uncle peter shameless elderly man, one late night he came back in the sitting room, uncle please stop shhh be silent, uncle didn't stop till he broke the virginity.
She now looks for what she as been resisting before, uncle peter as created a beast, he can't tame the stuff. She now likes it rough and hard, she met some ladies who introduced her to quick business with a high turn over. Now with sugar daddy coming everyday, she get paid on a daily basis until she was tested positive for hiv.


"Trust him, look what he did to me"

Jose Carlos is a child born in Venezuela-Caracas on May 9, 2014, when he was 8 months old he was diagnosed with lymph node cancer, it was a hard and strong experience for him and his family. Through the fire, laughter crying and little Jose (chocha) managed to overcome a quiniotherapy and 5 operations and a prosthesis that will be for life. He is a funny, charismatic child who managed to win. There is 3 years old and he is a normal child

Yelicza plans to get married and she is very worried because she still does not know what dress model. So I told my experience, once I met a young man who dreamed of being a designer, in the middle of a pleasant conversation I told him that I would get married and he looked at me and told me that he would design my dress, at first I had doubts because we had just met, but he told me calmly trust me. I have a gift; just by observing and listening to people, they know exactly what they want. And so it happened; Two months before the wedding, I went to my first test, I was anxious and very afraid because with so little time left for the wedding there was the possibility that I would not like the dress; but such was my impression when I saw it and proved it that I almost fainted; It was simply BEAUTIFUL; I never would have imagined that a person would be as successful in my tastes without knowing me. That's why dear Yelicza, I can tell you without fear of being wrong: Trust him; look what he did to me.

When I was fifteen years old I used to go to a park that was leaving the city, I liked to be there because I was almost always alone and I would throw some joints without someone interrupting me. One afternoon when I arrived there were several children there, in my park, I felt angry because it was MY PARK! However, I did realize that they were not there and I went to mine. I smoked a little, put on my headphones and sat on the swing, closed my eyes and relaxed, I wanted to forget that those little children were in my park. But for some reason I just thought about them, all my thoughts were focused on them, not even the music was helping me, so I took off my helmets and decided to go see what they were doing. I did not see them anywhere, but strangely I kept listening to them play, I heard their screams, suddenly everything was silent, seconds later the only thing I heard was: "Trust him, look what he did to me, trust him, look what What did he do to me? "I was so afraid.

My father died last week, I suppose it is extremely normal to feel depressed and want to get away from everyone, I just want to be at home, recovering from such a hard blow, however, three nights have already passed in which I have the same dream and start a disturbing I see him, walking through the cemetery with another person I do not recognize, at first they just walk like they were somewhere but in reality they are always in the same place, they talk about trivial things but suddenly my father's companion stops and tells him in a disturbing tone: "Trust him, look what he did to me" my father does not react, he continues talking about the cold that he has been doing lately and that person is followed by the conversation without mentioning that strange phrase and I wake up there, it's always the same, the cemetery, they walk, that phrase and no explanation. I do not know if this has anything to do with his death, I would like to understand why I dream this, and whenever I wake up it is the same time, two o'clock in the morning. Will my depression manifest?

Strange situations I have had in my life, but without a doubt one of the most frightening was the one that occurred with my ex-girlfriend Sofía. I was not really in love with her, but my mother insisted that our relationship continue, so in part I felt obligated. One afternoon, we were in my room watching movies, she told me I wanted something to drink and since I was trying to make her feel good, I went to the kitchen for a few drinks. When I returned I heard that I was talking to someone, I do not know who we were alone with at home, but I clearly heard him saying: "Trust him, look what he did to me" when I entered the room Sofia was very strange, she did not respond to anything I was afraid of what he said, because he had a lost look and when he tried to kiss her he bit me and left.
The years have gone by and I still wonder who Sofia was talking to, I never got an answer and despite my attempts, I could not contact her again.

Until a few days ago I thought that my relationship with Juan was perfect, but I just found out not only how wrong I was, but also how stupid I have been. I wanted to surprise him, but the surprise was for me. I cannot believe it, I saw him leaving his house with my friend Karen and on Fridays kissing, a kiss that went beyond it, and gave the imagination an idea of what they were doing there in his house. I started my car and left, I did not want to face them, I refuse to see me fall apart and I do not want to make a fool of myself. Even more. I take out my phone and sent a text message to my supposed friend, I just say: "trust him, look what he did" to Juan I do not write anything, he does not deserve my words. I've never felt so disappointed and I'm so eager to run away that I find myself calling my aunt Alice, she lives on the other side of the world, and yes, she can receive me, I do not want to be in this place anymore, she's determined.


Armstrong always told me “I would stand by you no matter the situation”. These words he’ll speak to me each time we met that I will always gather my esteem and confidence. Indeed, he was a bosom friend and everyone in my family knew about him. His reassurance to see me succeed in my academics was a good booster until when I met Jane in high School and gave her my eartime. Jane’s perspective of trust and love was different, yet, I can’t really tell when I was wooed. According to Jane, true friendship will always be tested in times of trouble. During one of the students’ peaceful protest, I was fooled to join against the advice of Armstrong. I have been brainwashed that I was confident that whatever happens to me, Armstrong will support as I was certain of his love for me. On that hot day, the riot became violent and I was unlucky to be nabbed by the corps. Of all my relatives, only Armstrong heard of it, yet, he allowed to spend five nights behind the bars. I trusted him, look what he did to me.

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Richard Wilkinson walked into a packed shareholders meeting, “That man is a fraudster and a crook! David Lexmark is my former attorney and has stolen my life.” The silence in the packed hall was deafening! No one expected to see Richard alive. He had been missing for seven years and presumed dead. “I trusted him with my life and the welfare of my family,” Richard addressed his captive audience. “Instead he left me for dead and my family penniless!”

“We had stumbled on some mining activity in the Blue Mountains on our hunting trip 7 years ago. We strayed too close to a dynamite blast. David suffered some scrapes and bruises, but I was heavily concussed and suffered severe amnesia.” Richard paused, partly due to being overcome emotionally. “When you were sure – I had memory loss; you left me to wonder the mountains, hoping that some wild animal would finish the job.” David tried to shrink away but there was nowhere to hide. “You might have succeeded had it not been for a group of miners who found me on their way home.

A kind family took me in and cared for me, until I pieced together my life...

I trusted him, see what he did to me!
I knew he wasn't genuine but i chose to be blind. His eyes, charm , charisma and his looks was all i needed and long for. We had been dating for about two years now and he was getting more into my head. His every presentation was an and i thought he would just play along continually. Up until we had our last serious fight.i saw my world crumbling before my very eyes as i saw he walk out thay door never to return. It was though a big joke but it turned out to be the biggest heart break.

Last week I received a very strange letter in the mail, it did not say who had sent it or where it came from, although it was not addressed to me, the things he said made it clear. I had forgotten the matter but yesterday I received another even stranger, just saying one sentence: "Trust him, look what he did to me" nothing more. I thought it was a joke, and I did not want to give it a thought, but the letter that arrived this morning has unnerved me so much that I feel afraid to go out. This time he would say my name, and under it all the names of my relatives and closest people, and not only this, on the back of the page, he repeated yesterday's message: "Trust him, look what he said. "I do not know what to think about these letters, I have thought about almost all my people and I do not think any of them lend themselves to something like that. I am terrified and locked in my house because of this, what the hell I have to do.

Days ago I saw on the internet the video of a girl who takes her life throwing herself from a building, this made me feel very sick and I did not even see the full video. Right now I do not remember how I got to that video, I just saw it. The strange thing about this is that I dreamed it several times, but in my dream, the one that commits suicide is me. Tired of these dreams I decided to go to the psychologist, all great until it was my turn to enter and when I was going to do it, I thought it was a nurse. She approached me and said softly: "Trust him, look what he did to me" the door It slammed shut and she disappeared before my eyes. I did not resist the fear and I came home, I am here thinking that going to the psychologist was the worst thing I could do and now I have a new concern. It did not take me out of my mind to see how that nurse disappeared before my eyes and not only that, that phrase she told me.

Weeks ago someone wrote on the wall of my building: "Trust him, look what he did to me" never pay attention, I did not think that message to me and as they covered him quickly forget the matter easily. Until today, somehow that person managed to enter my apartment, he did not take anything, there are no signs that he has even entered my room, the only thing that proves that there was indeed someone there was that message on the wall, the same that they had left days before in my building. My first reaction was to look outside to see if someone was around, but no, as always the hall was alone. I've removed that message by painting over, three, four layers of paint and I do not know if I'm going crazy but I still see the message, it's disturbing all day I've had this feeling that they're watching me. Am I going to be paranoid? Who the hell are I supposed to trust? Who wrote this message on my wall and with what intention, maybe it was going crazy, because this is what they have achieved.

A few days ago, when I was leaving to take some pictures in the studio I was approached by a guy in the street, I asked for money to eat, he looked like he did not have a place to live. That moved me so much that I decided to take him to my apartment, prepare a delicious dinner, make him bathe and sleep comfortably and hot at least for that night, while I was watching television I decided to photograph him there on my sofa without him noticing. Before leaving the next day, I handed him the photograph and his eyes got wet, I was very grateful. Yesterday afternoon, I saw him again, he was accompanied by a girl, I greeted them and asked them if they wanted to have dinner with me tonight, delighted they answered yes. Being in my room, I heard them talking, he told her that she should not be afraid of me, that I was a good person and I was not going to take advantage of her, "trust him, look what he did to me", I went out and saw that He had his picture in his hands.

A few days ago, when I was leaving to take some pictures in the studio I was approached by a guy in the street, I asked for money to eat, he looked like he did not have a place to live. That moved me so much that I decided to take him to my apartment, prepare a delicious dinner, make him bathe and sleep comfortably and hot at least for that night, while I was watching television I decided to photograph him there on my sofa without him noticing. Before leaving the next day, I handed him the photograph and his eyes got wet, I was very grateful. Yesterday afternoon, I saw him again, he was accompanied by a girl, I greeted them and asked them if they wanted to have dinner with me tonight, delighted they answered yes. Being in my room, I heard them talking, he told her that she should not be afraid of me, that I was a good person and I was not going to take advantage of her, "trust him, look what he did to me", I went out and saw that He had his picture in his hands.

Many years ago, I had a rare experience, in our school they organized a trip, we went hiking for the natural science class. Everything went according to plan, until one of my friends fell into a hole, they were trying to get it out because despite having the necessary tools, such as ties and hooks, his foot had been trapped in that hole. Total that when they managed to get it out we went home, but my friend was very strange, we all thought it was a normal reaction product of the scare. He began to miss class and the few times he went he would sit last and not talk to anyone. One day I decided to go to his house with another partner, we wanted to recover our friend. His grandmother opened us and told us that it was a lost cause that he did not want to talk. However, we entered his room and found him sitting in a corner, it was shocking to see him like that, lost in himself, whispered things, so I approached them and I heard them repeat "trust him, look what he did" my other friend shouted.

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