Less Than 24 Hours Of My Logo Contest ! Bring Your Creativity!

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Rewards Will Be Split

As I stated in my original contest post found here >>> https://steemit.com/contest/@skyefox/help-me-make-a-logo-contest-my-3-favorite-designs-get-paid the TOP 3 designs will be getting a split of the rewards.

At the time of the post, the rewards are up to approx $30. That means I will get paid out roughly $15 at this point. I will take 50% of that and split it 3 ways. All contest entrants must upvote the post. More details can be found in the link above.

So Far There Is Only 2 Designs

Like I said, the top 3 get paid and right now only 2 people entered the contest. That is part of the reason I am making this post. I was people to enter because I love to see peoples creativity and so far I love these designs!

And We Have...

Thank You And Good Luck! I will announce winners tomorrow!

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Hello Boss, This is my entry for Skyefox Logo Contest

  • Still 1 Hour Left

I have created this minimal logo in Adobe Illustrator and i can provide you original vector file and also my logo won't loose quality in any size as this is a vector created in Illustrator.
The tail of fox is used as Alphabet "S" also giving it steemit logo feel and added other letters in a beautiful font.

Hoping for win. Thanks for creating this contest Boss (@skyefox)


Thank you for your entry, it is appreciated! Winners will be announced later on in a new post!


you are welcome boss, i will be waiting for your new post

I really like your post because your post is very good

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Here is my 2 Entries..1 is a play on the steemit logo with foxtailsSKYFOX1.jpg

Other is like neon lights style, the colors and stuff can be changed to if you have different favorite color and here is a link to fully animated logo version https://d.tube/#!/v/gnarlyanimations/crj1nos0
Comp 1_00000.png


Thank you very much for your entries! I really love the creativity! It is awesome to see what different people come up with and that is why I wanted to tap into the community for this!


yw, ty for having this :)

Thi is my entry Here



best regard @damahsyari for @skyefox

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I must be getting tired. When I read this I thought is was "make a LEGO contest."

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