Help Me Make A Logo Contest! My 3 Favorite Designs Get Paid!

in contest •  11 months ago

I've Decided I Want A Logo!

It's been quite a while now that I have been considering getting myself a signature/logo. But every time I start to consider the idea my conscience kicks in and reminds me that I am not a person that was gifted by mother nature to be proficient in art. Actually, I am a horrible artist and graphically my designs are horrible. That is why I need you!

So I got to thinking.... why not make a contest and that way I will have multiple different designers to choose from? I have a great feeling that someone is going to have that perfect touch in their art and its going to be exactly what I am looking for. I saw the logo contest for @whatageek and I know that some people around here have some art skills to say the least. Regardless of your skill, I appreciate everyone and their effort trying to help me find a design.

A Few Simple Guidelines

I don't like "rules" so we will call them guidelines.... yeah, guidelines

Who Gets Paid?

So, I want to be as clear and transparent as I can about this, and I will share my thought process. I know I can go over to fiverr and pay someone $5 to make me a graphic, but that's not what I want... I want people that know Steemit and understand it to be the ones making the art because I intend to use this signature here.

Top 3 Designs Get Paid As Follows

I don't want to make it a fixed number, so I would like to do a percentage of the rewards for the top 3 designs. That way if this post ends up having a far reach then the designers will be rewarded even better for their efforts.

I am going to be personally spending money to promote this post using that was created by @yabapmatt . I plan to spend approximately 20 SBD to promote this contest and I plan on rewarding the top 3 designers with 50% OF MY SBD REWARDS 7 DAYS FROM THIS POST. Example, If the post pays me out 40 SBD 7 days from now, I will take 20 SBD and split it up between my 3 favorite designs. I will take a screenshot to prove that I have sent the rewards as well.

1st Place - Gets 50% of my 50% of the SBD rewards.

I know this sounds confusing, but if you read the paragraph and example above then you understand that I am taking 50% OF MY SBD rewards and splitting it up between the top 3 people, and 1st place gets 50% of that 50%, essentially 25% of the SBD rewards of this post.

2nd Place Gets 30%

3rd Place Gets 20%

What Kind Of Design Do I Want?

Well, since I am skyefox, I want you to draw inspiration from that and be open with your creativity. I also love nature and if you can somehow incorporate that into the graphic, I am sure to appreciate it. Other than that, I can't wait to see what people come up with and I don't want to limit anyone's creativity!

Thank you ahead of time to everyone who puts their time and effort into this contest! Much Love, appreciated.

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Hi @skyefox, this is my entry.

skyle fox5.png
skyle fox4.png

Here is my post that contained the ready to use png version and how it looks on stationaries.


Thank you for your contribution! I really enjoy it!


great logo, all the best

Hello, I'm DJemzdroid, this is my logo desain for you, i hope you like it :)



Thank you very much for your effort! I really enjoy the design!


ur welcome :)


Nice logo... I like the Simplicity of the design...

@skyefox, I saw this contest very late but still I have to participate and I just hope you like my entry because it was done in a rush.

Here is my entry:

This is my entry

fox - Copy.PNG

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You want a logo for "skyefox"??
"skyefox" shoulbe the logo name?


Yes, for skyefox here on steemit. So it could include words like skyefox, steemit, follow me. Things like that. A forum signature in a sense.


who won the contest?

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Here is my design, check his out @skyefox



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can i join? how many hours left?

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Hello @skyefox,this is my design


Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!