what is your steemit routine?

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hello my dear steemians, and hello to:


you are the winners of today's challenge! (I give 1 sbd each)

enjoyed all of the participants content so much! love to all!

rules for the next contest:

  1. tell us about your steemit routine (for instance: what time of the day is your favourite steemit time? how much time do you spend in it? do you steem from work? from home? computer/smartphone/tablet? and mabe other facts about your stemit routine)

  2. follow me! resteem would be highly appreciated:)

I will choose 3 winners that will be selected randomly and give 1 sbd each.

Deadline is in 24 hours.



Hi, Now steemit is turned to my hobby,

I work from home because I am housewife so all my work is done from my home only.

I do all my work through mobile only.

I spent d nearly 8-9 hours in steemit only.

My favorite time is 9.30-10.30 pm before going to bed I complete my routine work.

When I get time I do my work hear.

This is my routine in steemit.

on this occasion I will tell you about my routine on the steemit social network, as are the rules in the contest.

  1. My activities as a sale at a coffee shop
  2. maybe play steemit not specified time, for example the busyness of many people waiting for me to open it after covering my coffee shop from 05-00 wib. my habit is active only 1 hour / 30 minutes in steemit that read and pay attention to great people in steemit like @ shubaca430 active every 04/05 wib (west indonesia time)
  3. I open the steemit or routine through my smartphone is oppoA57, sometimes steemit that eliminates the feeling of saturation and loneliness.
    thank you for giving me a chance.
    Nice to meet you 😊

Hi, @shubaca430
I'm a university student. That's why I work on Steemit every morning at 5 am to 6 am. At this time I work on mobile.
Then my study and other work started.
From 3:30 pm to 6 pm I back again and check contest as possible I participation it. And check Steem Bot Tracker and I bid there. At this time I work on computer.
At last time at 11 am to untill sleep I work on Steemit. At this time I work on mobile phone.
I work 6-7 hours a day.
Yes, I work from home on Steemit.

In the place where I live, something happened that completely changed my routine in steemit. I'm from Venezuela and there's always a lot of crime and robbery here, A couple of months ago they stole the cables that allowed me to have internet in my house. My job is steemit so I use the internet from other places like my friends' houses. Every afternoon I come to my friend's house, he also uses steemit and he recommended me to follow you @shubaca430 .

I share my time at the university
with steemit, I make everything fit perfectly. After all I pay my college expenses with the money I earn in steemit.

My favorite moment of the day to use steemit is when I can use my friends' internet (sorry, sincerity is the only time I have to use steemit haha) always from my laptop, my reliable friend.

I usually use steemit in the afternoons and I'm there as long as I can, until it's late and I have to go home.

This is me today in steemit using my friend's internet haha ;D Thanks for reading my comment ^^


Entiendo perfectamente todo lo dificil de tu rutina por los problemas que hemos tenido en Venezuela con el internet y la interrupción del servicio electrico por varias horas del dia.

¡Somos dos! (y muchísimos mas! D-:) :-( acá en Venezuela cada vez todo es mas y mas difícil! Yo también pago mi universidad con steemit, me ayudo pues, y es chevere porque uno esta haciendo lo que le gusta. Tienes muy buenos amigos ¡Saludos!

Hi @shubaca430 happy to follow you?

  • I steemit my activities on the steemit from 7 am,
  • Sometimes I also spend almost 9 hours a day to learn the steemit,
  • Because I just joined in this komuditas, I come from the country of Indonesia, aceh province, lhokseumawe city.
  • I work by using my phone oppo a37,
  • I am also very interested in the contest you are doing,
  • I just joined with steemit on 24 mey 2018

That's all I can write for you @shubaca430
Hope you like it, thank you for your regards introductions from me?

Hello @shubaca430. Thanks for giving us an opportunity for sharing our steem life.

•My favourite time of the day for steemit was 8 in the evening.
•Although I visit the platform at any other times of the day, the evening is where I can have much time for interactions and posting.
•I spend about an hour or more a day browsing and interacting on the platform.
•I am browsing using my phone, Huawei Y6.
•Most of the time I visit the platform at home. But if I have the spare time to visit the platform, I do.
•Most of the time I love to interact with the topics of which I am interested and join in contests. I love to share my Christ-inspired poems with the platform also. One thing I'm looking forward rn is to learn more about digital art and share it to the platform.

Thanks again! Have a blessed weekend. 😊

Greetings and thanks for the opportunity cheverisimo anyone who wins.
In the morning 6 am I quickly review steemit via cellular my steemfamilyhi support group with the five post of the day.
Upon returning from work half a day while lunch checked from the computer, I only have an hour and a half from 12 to 1:30 pm. There I review and vote until I have time if I can make a post.
And when I leave the job I sell spare parts for a washing machine, fridge, I come home to dinner and to the computer again. I stop between one and another review, I put the dishes to scrub, I am a housewife too and clothes to the washing machine. I will be outstanding and luck to all. I'm going to see the clothes in the washing machine, they're wanted.

Saludos y gracias por la oportunidad cheverisimo cualquiera que gane.
En la mañana 6 am reviso rapidamente steemit via celular mi grupo de apoyo de steemfamilyhi con los los cinco post del dia.
Al regresar del trabajo medio dia mientras almuerzo reviso desde la computadora, solo tengo hora y media de 12 a 1:30 pm. Alli reviso y voto hasta donde me de tiempo si puedo realizo un post.
Y al salir del trabajo que vendo repuestos de lavadora, nevera, llego a casa ceno y para la computadora otra vez. Me paro entre una y otra revisiòn, pongo los platos a fregar soy ama de casa tambien y ropa a la lavadora. Estare pendiente y suerte a todos. Voy a ver la ropa en la lavadora, se les quiere.

Esa rutina es muy parecida a la mia... Todo un reto trabajar con Steemit pero con organización todo se puede. :)

Si ¿verdad? yo trabajo todo el día, sentarme a escribir en steemit es una diversión para mi, contarles mis historias, experiencias me encanta, es relajante, lo malo es tenerme que parar por que hay actividades de casa que no puedo dejar de hacer, ja ja ja. Pero hay tiempo para todo es solo organizarlo.

Yes right? I work all day, sit down to write in steemit is a fun for me, tell my stories, I love experiences, it's relaxing, the bad thing is having to stop because there are activities from home that I can not stop doing, ha ha ha . But there is time for everything, it is just to organize it.
God bless you all.
Dios me los bendiga a todos.

steem always and every time
bdw best time being early in the morning
and making some good comments on some posts of selected authors (you included)
and expecting some surprise every morning
which i never got so far!

I tend to only find bigger blocks of time late at night. I use a phone/netbook/laptop alternately. Other than that it is whenever, a few minutes here and there. Very haphazard!

Well I love being in Steemit and you can say it is a relief from all days work and I get to learn many new things everyday , well at first I used to be in Steemit from my office via a Laptop while after some time I got my own thanks to Steemit.

And now I spend 5 to 7 hours in Steemit after I get back from my office.As the Ramadan is going on so time is little fluctuating.As for now my schedule is 10 pm to 3 am everyday.I use Laptop to go through Steemit.

Basically I like it at the evening and that is where it becomes interesting all along .

06:00 PM GMT 11:00 PM GMT (Favorite time but not fixed, I use steemit in other timings as well.)
4 to 5 hours.
From home
For couple of days I'm feeling addicted to steemit

My steemit routine: when i get up from bed in the morning around 5a.m. : that's the time my alarm is set on weekly working days. After my morning prayers, i quickly rush to take my bath and put on my work clothes - that usually takes between 20 - 25mins. Then i get my phone and log into steemit. The first thing i do is to check my posts for any comments. If there comments, i reply to the comments and also check the blog of those that made reasonable comments. I upvote any of their recent posts i find interesting and follow some of them. Then I'll go to my feed and click the new tab from the drop down list to see the recent posts of those I'm following. I drop comments on the ones i love and also upvote them. I do this morning routine for close to an one and a half everyday. I do compose my posts down on a word processing program in my phone. Whenever i have any free time at work, i try to share my posts and also check out other's post. I do spend more time on steemit in the evening about 3hours replying and commenting on the posts of others. It's been a nice experience thus far

I spend most of my time in steemit commenting on other people's blog and taking part in contest. I spend every free time I have in the day doing this. Since my reputation and Sp are very low, I want to build them up first before I start creating more blogs. The few blogs I created didn't get any upvote so I advised myself to connect with fellow steemians first by commenting on their blogs, hoping that some of the would upvote my comments. And it's really working. That's my steemit daily routine for now

Hello i am very happy and thankful to be the winner of the previous round.... @shubaca430 Thank you and i love your initiative of 24 hours contests. Congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners

I'm trying to use steemit every day in the evening to post my regular updates 9n my fitness journey

Except that I'm trying to post some cool pictures I have taken to get more followers and expand my audience!

I'm using esteem in phone and steepshot too
And from my PC using steemit

Work with STEEMIT is a great challenge because I do not have a computer or Internet in my house, he was able to access the platform in the place where I work as an architect, but I can only enter STEEMIT in my time of rest, but with certain technological constraints imposed by the company.

I perform a work plan with STEEMIT, in such a way that my time of rest dedicated it to interact in the social network, how to read, vote, comment, reestimiar.

A half-day 11:30 am to 1:00 pm i publish my post

on the afternoon of 4:00 to 5:00 pm took note of the competitions and challenges i want to participate.

During the evenings, prepared the publications that i can do the following day, also drew up a plan for publications for the week, such as drawings, writings, among other themes that does not require the use of the computer.

I take every opportunity to take pictures with my cell phone, and this is my material for my publications.

Waw,since I joined steemit,I don't think I give my phone breathing space anymore. I don't have any routine for steemit,I steem at my convinience time and I didn't allow it distract my daily work.

  • When I am eating,I steem.
  • When I am cooking,I steem
  • When I am in the bathroom/toilet,I steem
  • When I am at work,I steem

I love being here always and the only time I don't steem is when I don't have battery on my phone and the time I drop my phone to rest from steemit is around 1-2am in the midnight.

I steem with my #android phone.

Steemit became my day to day. I do not have formal employment, so I can devote as much time as I want. At 8am I'm already sitting in front of my laptop checking my feed to check which activities I can participate in. At noon, I stop and go to lunch. I take an hour to rest and at 2pm I am sitting again in front of the laptop until midnight.

It's that Steemit is my new job, so I take it seriously and with commitment. Since I am at home, I can stay late if necessary.

I love the dynamics and I enjoy it a lot.

I spend a lot of time in Steemit, late at night sometimes I'm still able to play with my tablet, I just want to prove how much income I can get from this platform ..

I am thinking how to get a lot of SBD, I will use it to hire Steem Power ,,
So, I will be independent no longer troublesome because it is difficult to develop my steemit account, every day I just enter the contest to get a prize even though it is very difficult to win ..

I will try to the point of my final blood, I will never give up even though I have sacrificed a lot of time in vain ..
Thank you.

Often spend a lot of time playing Steemit although lately there is not much hope I can get except by following some contests that have big hopes to win it ..
I do not have a computer, I just play steemit by relying on my android phone .. my usually spend up to hours time in the stalls that provide wifi networks to play steemit ..
That's my story.

Many of my friends already have macro cameras to photograph material that will be uploaded to the her post, but I just rely on my camera phone even though the picture is a little bad ,, that's not why than having a good camera but no can the vote ..😂

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks @shubaca430 for holding this type of contest where you help us use our imagination and ingenuity to create content that catches your attention.
This is my entry to the contest:
Steemit is a platform that allows us the freedom to choose our schedules, in particular I am a housewife, but in all my routine I have created a schedule that allows me to be the hours that I need in my blog. I usually like to participate a lot in drawing contests, where basically I took my first steps on the platform, the competitions, where they challenge our search capabilities and encourage us to improve each one through comments or publications, and so many more, and although never I have won, I consider that the learning I get through them is my best gain. My current routine, is to read a lot, the hours where I can relax and be the longest is from 12:00 am to 4:00 pm, and from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am, so I can take note of what it takes to the summit to many and commented on the publications in order to create a communication link between the users of Steemit, and so I can make myself known in it.

My habit of playing steemit is between the hours of 20:00 until 02:00 dawn, because this time is better network than other than the clock it... during the day I just sleep in the room waiting for the night, so on .. hehe

Hello dear @shubaca430, I hope you are having a nice day.
Very interesting question, I get to steemit thanks to my son who in his workplace a traumatology told him the good thing about the platform. He started in this world of steemit at the beginning of the year, after seeing how thing goes, andhe always told me the interesting thing about the page. So I decided to join Steemit on April, after a few days of waiting for approval, the day came so I decided to sit and read and see how the page was handled, initially I could sit a few hours in the evenings while he was on work. Start reading introductory post and how to make adjustments for a good format. Then I started reading the post and the variety of topics there. That's what I like that in addition to expressing what you want, there is also the possibility of enriching knowledge learning from others.

  • What time of the day is your favourite steemit time? At first I used to sit in the evenings when the laptop was available, now every time I have some time after doing my occupations in the house, cooking, making breakfast and sweeping, it's time to see what's new in Steemit. So ultimately it's an hour in the morning, in the afternoon and being the quietest at night.

  • How much time do you spend in it? I could say that about 8 hours a day, 2 hours in the morning, 3 afternoon and 3 night before bed.

  • Do you steem from work? from home? Steemit start at home and I'm at home. The truth this platform has been a lot of help for the Venezuelan people I imagine you have read a thousand and a comment on that. As an anecdote my son sometimes prefers to give his 12 hours of work as a doctor, since the payment is 400,000 BSF (0.123 SBD). A lot of responsibility and low pay being a health worker.

  • Do you steem from computer/smartphone/tablet? I use steemit from my sons computer as I don't have a smartphone. I give thanks for getting users like you who are willing to help other users.

I hope God multiplies everything in you.

Have a good day

¡Hola! @shubaca430 ¿que tal? my university is in another nearby city where I live and I must travel daily to attend. I live in Venezuela and the situation is hard and strong and steemit helps me pay for my studies. So every free time I use it to check steemit and find contests in which I can participate, usually those free times are in the afternoon or at night. Daily use steemit like for 2 or 3 hours. I wish they were more but I do not have so much free time. On weekends if I have more time and I can spend more time having fun here! Drawing is something that I love and steemit helps me pay for my university while doing what I like the most! Although sometimes due to exams, I miss a little but always with the desire to participate! I take this opportunity to ask them to visit my blog and see some of my drawings <3 I say goodbye! Much love to all! <3

Hello @shubaca430 , hello everyone...

Since I knew the world steemit, this became part of my life, therefore, My routine steemit is part of my routine of daily life, it is not a separate activity, but it is integrated with all the daily accretions that I must attend, because in one way or another, they are intertwined; either because I observe something beautiful around me and I capture the image with the camera, and immediately think about what issue to publish it, or in which contest I can participate, or simply I have a theme in mind that I want to share, or a reflection, or an experience . In short, the circumstances are varied, however, next I will try to make a summary of my routine.

Summing up my steemit routine from Monday to Friday is as follows:

  • Awake and I thank God for the new day,
  • I check my laptop that is next to my bed to see how it went with my last post.
  • I bathe and get ready to go out to work
  • If you give me time, breakfast something light;
  • at 8:30 am I go to the office and once there I sit in front of the computer to work and from time to time I check steemit to read the publications, see the trends and if I have comments, I answer them. I also check the price of steem and SBD.
  • At 12 noon I go out to eat;
  • At 1:30 p.m., I return to the office and start to realize my first post of the day, it usually takes me from an hour to an hour and a half. Then I continue with my work.
  • At 4pm I leave my job, and before I get home, I stop by the supermarket or the bakery and arrive home at around 6pm.
  • From 6 pm to 9:00 pm, I fix my house, prepare dinner, water the garden plants, call the family by phone
  • At 9 pm I go to bed with my laptop and finish making my publication in steemit. I read publications that capture my attention and I take the opportunity to learn a little more through some more advanced in steemit. I check my emails, I read news and before sleeping I thank God for the day I lived and to sleep ...

what time of the day is your favourite steemit time? how much time do you spend in it? do you steem from work? from home? computer/smartphone/tablet? and mabe other facts about your stemit routine.

Steemit has become part of my life is more than a hobby, it is a place where I share all my experiences and knowledge. Something like a newspaper but more special.

Steemit is the world where I meet every day, in my normal life I am always thinking what to do to share it in steemit, I love contests so whenever I can I participate in several.

In the morning almost always rest more because I usually sleep until 10am haha. When I wake up I get in touch with some friends, but during the afternoon and evening I am more active.

Steemit covers about 8 hours in my day to day. I try to use it more on my laptop but I also have it on the tablet for when I want to do other activities in a more comfortable way.

I currently carry out a project called @apoyolatino and this is one reason to be more active in steemit. I am trying to get up earlier and also to sleep early so as not to exhaust myself to be more efficient and be with all my energy during the course of the day. The project is just beginning, we have a small trail and soon we will start with the cures.

Steemit is part of my daily life!

My Steemit routine starts at 7:30 a.m., after I drop off my two kids at school, I go home and..:

  1. I review the pages of the members of steemit who hold competitions on different aspects or topics of my interest: cooking, drawing, economics, tips for daily life, or competitions of different kinds......
    2.- I check my Blog to see what is the interest that could have awakened in others the work done by me.
  2. I review the results of the competitions in which I participate
    4.- I also review the comments and answers given by friends who are doing the contest regarding the work I have submitted, to give answers or make comments.
    5.- I comment on the different pages that interest me
    6.- I prepare the post for the different competitions in which I decide to participate.
  3. I am making lunch and doing the documents requested by clients or users at work, I leave at 11.30 to pick up my children for school.
    8.- We arrived home, fed the children, checked the notebooks and at 2:00 p.m., sat on the computer and continued to monitor and respond in steemit.
    9.- At 5:00 a.m. I close my session and take the kids to karate class, arrive at 7:00 p.m., prepare dinner, check my notebook to correct homework and do homework.
  4. 9:00 pm I resume my review on steemit, trend review, new post, contest,
    11.- 12:00, it's time for bed.

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