Aggroed's Book

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 Hello Steemit!

This is my humorous attempt for the 55 word creative story contest by Aggroed. Check out the contest and other entries here: I hope you enjoy the short story. Thank you! 

Aggroed's Book                                                                                    

The book landed squarely on her head, making her see stars for a second. It was titled 'A Guide to Crypto Abundance' by Aggroed.

“I see you have Aggroed's book. Excellent choice. Even turned me around!” said a gruff voice behind her at the book store. She turned to see Warren Buffet!

 Image Source: Wikipedia


Word count of story: 55 (including title)

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Thank you @scottish01! :)

lol - love the book graphic!! I saw the story in his comment thread, but never saw the images over here... 😀


Lol... thank you @geke! Added it as an afterthought. :D